Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why Nerds don't get laid

Alright, I now know why nerds don't get laid.

While Sir and I were participating in some manual foreplay he was being a little rough on my clit. I told him it wasn't a joy stick...and this was a queu for him to break into the Super Mario soundtrack and sound effects o.o
Yea I promptly told him Princess Peach was no longer interested in his toadstool play...

Now...before you judge Sir too quickly, this was sort of pay back.
While going down on him a while back I took the notion into my head and went "Rawr Rawr RAWR!"
He looked at me as if I was crazy and I explained by saying "Rawr Rawr RAWR Godzilla!"
This did not seem to explain well so I pointed to his erect penis and said "Tokyo Tower!"
He was not happy with my humor. ^_^


  1. lol You two sound adorable! ^-^ I just have to be curious, are you residents of Nerdfighteria, too?

    DFTBA <3

    1. Actually never heard of nerdfighteria before, just now checking it out ^_^ thanks