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House Phryxus welcomes all book and product review requests!
Lady Phryxus is the main author of the blog and the main reviewer. However, reviews from other members of House Phryxus may be posted or their input may be used in Lady Phryxus' posts.

Where will the Review be Seen?
Reviews are displayed on the House Phryxus blog and Sex Toy Society reviews. Books that are reviewed if available on Amazon will have reviews posts on Amazon. All review links are shared on various social network sites such as Twitter and FetLife. Reviews will be available on the blog forever, with each review having its own direct link.

All Rights Reserved
Reviewing your book or product does not guarantee a glowing write-up. However, we do offer reviews which are honest and frank and represent our unvarnished opinion of the book.
We will inform you when the review is posted.
We value and respect the authors’ copyright to their work and we would never violate this in any way, including giving away e-books we have not been given permission to share. The same goes for products - all rights are respected here.

Details Details Details...
Send the following book details to Lady Phryxus at nekomimiloli at yahoo dot com. Thank you!
  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Publication Date (month and year)
  • Genre
  • Format of Review copy (ebook or print book)
  • Summary
  • Press kit and/or associated links for book

We accept books in PDF format or print format. If print, please add this to your e-mail so we can discuss shipping options.

If you have a product that you would like for us to review please email Lady Phryxus at nekomimiloli at yahoo dot com with product details and to discuss shipment.
Please also send all press kit and associated links related to the product so that we can accurately link to the product for anyone who reads the review and wants to buy it for themselves.

Other options
 If you would like to offer your product or book for a give-a-way on the blog or at one of the many events the members of House Phryxus attend, please e-mail Lady Phryxus again at nekomimiloli at yahoo dot com. Give-a-ways are a great way to get your name out there, promote products, and advertise for upcoming events/products/books.

Hope to hear from you soon
Lady Phryxus

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