Friday, March 23, 2012

Cute Poly Moments

Sorry I've been lame and not blogging much. Getting ready to move is making me very tired and very busy. I still have 3 more reviews coming for you all and will try my best to get at least 1 up today.

Part of the stress is making me and Sir Phryxus bicker A LOT. Not really fight, just a lot of mean words said here and there then cuddles after to let each other know we didn't really mean that.
So last night I was getting frustrated as I was talking to him about something I was reading online and he was watching tv. Footloose came on and he got super excited (he LOVES teen movies like Footloose, 10 Things I Hate About You, stuff like that, its really funny to me). He was laughing at himself because he knew the movie immediately by the main song. I shook my head and told him he was gay.
He gave me 'the look' and said, "yeah, I'm with the two hottest women in the world, but I'm gay."
I looked up and couldn't help but smile. He could have been mean, or overly-snarky, but instead he called me one of the hottest women in the world. I immediately crawled up next to him for a cuddle.

I love cute poly moments!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

St Patrick's Day Weekend

SirPhryxus' birthday is on St. Patrick's Day - he's such a lucky leprechaun.
To celebrate, we grabbed the vodka and headed to Knoxville to see the darling Mistress Fenreya who was sweet enough to make us dinner. It's always great to see her and I miss her in between visits.
She even gave Sir his birthday spankings - Oh I love to see him beat! I dunno what it is about it but, watching him get beat is probably my favorite thing in the whole world ^_^
He of course reciprocated with lots of spankings in return!

We stayed the night and woke up late the next day, ready for lunch. SirPhryxus love, Loves, LOVES Mexican food and can be very picky about it as he's had some authentic Mexican cuisine at friends' homes and whatnot. Fen took us just down the road to the Mexican Flea Market. It was rainy so it wasn't nearly as busy as normal.
Walking around, we bought some beads and a stamp at one stall and gushed over the Quinceniera dresses (Oh I wish I had had a party like that when I turned 15!).
While Fen was looking at one dress with Sir, he handed me some money and pointed at a big fluffy bunny she was admiring previously. I ran in, unfortunately interrupting the shop owner and what seemed like all the women in her family having lunch. They were happy to sell it to me and I wish I had taken a picture of Fen's face when I gave it to her - much cuter than the bunny.
Fen's cat liked the bunny too ^_^
We then grabbed tacos, gorditas and tamales from a vendor just outside - we watched one of the ladies make fresh tortillas by hand while we waited. That with some Jarritos sodas was lunch. I can't remember the last time I had such a good impromptu meal - now I'm craving tamales :(

Sunday, we relaxed with Sir's family and loved on the stray cat that has taken ownership of his grandmother's porch. 

He looks like he could be Fen's cat's brother
We're gonna see if we can't find someone who would like to take this sweet boy in. He's not fixed but we put flea medicine on him and he's soooo cuddly! We'd keep him ourselves if we weren't moving in a matter of weeks.

Review: 52 Weeks of Romance

If you want your partner to participate in your idea of cute, sweet, romantic dates or evenings together and make your life feel a bit more like a modern romantic comedy, try 52 Weeks of Romance (2nd Edition). This deck of cards is made up for little tasks for the couple scratch off, read and complete at some point in the week as a surprise for their partner.

I received my deck from EdenFantasys in a discreet package, as normal, and found that the box of cards inside were almost as discreet. There's nothing inherently sexual or naughty about the package. In fact, it looks like something a woman might receive form a friend on Valentines Day. I think it makes for a cute little gift for that bachelorette that you're not really wanting to buy something naughty for but still want to get something for her to enjoy with her partner.

Inside the box are 2 sheets of cards with perforated edges to rip off. Each card is labeled on the back with black or pink as a His or Her card. On the other side is a silver sheet of latex covering the task for him or her. Instructions and wording on the cards and box are in English and French for that added touch of romance.

There is also a black How-to card that explains that one of the partners should select a card and scratch it off to reveal their surprise instructions. The next week, the other partner should do the same to keep things fair. The how-to card also suggests doing this at the same time each week with the example of Friday morning at breakfast.

 Also inside is a black polyester bag with a satin look that holds the cards so that the couple can discard the box, if they so choose, and keep the cards discretely in a bag in their lingerie drawer or toy box.

The cards, even though they say "For Him" or "For Her" to read, are very gender neutral and either partner can follow the secret instructions.

Instructions include such tasks as:
  • "Set up a camera and film a commercial promoting yourself as a great mate. Make it like a shopping channel sales pitch. She'll be sure to buy after watching."
  • "Recreate a classic movie scene by wearing a trench coat over a skimpy outfit. Even if its a quick trip to get the mail, leave the house in your coat and flash your mate before you leave. He won't believe his eyes! Be ready for more than a warm welcome!"
  • "Routines dull the senses. Change them up this week. Start with household chores and switch up who does what. See if you can do something different each day for a week."
  • "Grab a cape or freestyle with a towel and announce that you are Super Lover for the night. Ask her which super power she would like you to demonstrate."

My Opinion:

I have to say that despite how much I looked forward to these cards, I was disappointed left and right by them.

My first issue was the immediate smell of the cards when I opened the box. I am so happy these don't go on the body and I'll be storing them away from my toys because it's noxious. My only guess is that the scratch-off latex is giving off the odor.
The latex, as well as being smelly, is very messy to scratch off. I would not suggest doing this in bed at all as, when we did, it got latex shavings all over the sheets. These cards could have easily been non-scratch offs and just simple instruction cards shuffled about to pull out at random by the partner.

Second issue was the black bag. It looks silky but it's actually made of super cheap and super scratchy fabric. If the makers of 52 Weeks didn't want to spend the money on nicer fabric they could have opted out on making a bag at all as the cards can easily be tossed back into the box.

Reading the front of the box, there is no note that these cards are for male/female couples. If I had bought these at a store I would have been sorely disappointed as each card is labeled 'For Him' or 'For Her' to read. After reading the instructions on the cards, and finding that they are actually quite gender-neutral, I couldn't understand why the company bothered with the "His" and "Hers" labeling. I could just as easily perform these tasks for my husband just, as easily as I could for my girlfriend. The makers could definitely make these a little more GLBT friendly, and I think that would make the product appeal to more customers.

Then there were the instructions themselves. My husband, myself and my girlfriend all thought the instructions were somewhat ridiculous. We thought the idea of Super Lover was laughable and if I tried the trench coat with the skimpy outfit, there's no way my husband would allow me to leave the house for fear that something would happen and there I would be in lingerie and a little covering.

In all, I think these would be a cute idea for a bachelorette gift for those friends of mine that I couldn't imagine buying kinky gifts or lingerie for. However, for myself or those kinksters I'm friends with, I'll continue my search for something a bit more grown-up and naughty.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Erotomancy: Female Domination Hoodoo

So I've been working a little on a project involving Sex Magic and I might share my project in total in the form of a paper or e-book later down the line but for now you may just have to put up with me posting some tidbits here and there as I get the notion to do so.

When looking at some hoodoo and voodoo articles I came across a Female Domination Spell and it was just too interesting not to share.

Lucky Mojo is a site/shop run by Catherine Yronwood. I've met several people who have read her book and taken her class and are very impressed. I might one day take her class myself but that'll be after I finish paying for the umpteen different things that still demand my money and time...-sighs-

According to Yronwood, the Hoodoo tradition "consider such female domination normal, common, and even necessary to ensure a satisfactory relationship." I know a few subbies that would agree ^_^

This Female Domination charm is called a Nation Sack and originates from Memphis, TN (not far from where I live now, coincidentally).


  • A piece of red flannel and red string or a red mojo bag
  • A small red candle
  • A dime from each of your birth years (i.e. my dime would be from 1988, the year I was born)
  • High John the Conqueror Root
  • Queen Elizabeth root
  • A saucer or offering plate
  • Something personal or biological belonging to the man (a scrap of cloth with his sweat on it, his hair or best yet his semen)
  • Dressing oil such as Follow Me Boy
  • A scrap of paper with his name written on it 9 times

The day you start your period or during the full moon

Place the paper with the man's name under the overturned saucer.
Carve his name 9 times on the red candle going in a spiral down the candle (I want to add that doing this clockwise would be best)
Dress (rub down) the candle with your menstrual blood (or vaginal fluid) and the dressing oil
Place the candle on the overturned saucer and say "[Man's Name] come under my command."
Light the candle.
Dress the dime of your birth year with your mentrual blood (vaginal fluid) and say "This is [Your Name]" and the dime from his with the dressing oil saying "This is [Man's Name]" and set them before the candle.
Dress the High John the Conqueror Root with your menstrual blood and the dressing oil and say "This is [Man's Name]" and set it on his dime.
Dress the Queen Elizabeth Root with your menstrual blood and the dressing oil saying "This is [Your Name]" and set it on your dime.
Set his personal item on the flannel or in the red mojo bag.
Dress the bad with the dressing oil and stroke 9 times saying "[Man's Name], follow me."
Pass bag through candle smoke saying "[Man's Name], come to me."
Place dimes and roots into the bag saying "[Man's Name], stay with me."
When the candle is done burning, take the paper out from under the saucer and fold it towards you saying, "[Man's Name], follow me."
Turn it and fold it towards you saying, "[Man's Name], come to me."
Place the paper in the bag and say, "[Man's Name], stay with me."
Dispose of left over candle wax at a crossroads, throwing it East over your left shoulder and walk away without looking back.
Wear the bag when you're with the man or place it in the bedroom where he will not see or touch it.

Yronwood has a few other Female Domination spells on her site that I recommend reading. Even if you don't believe in this sort of thing, it is certainly interesting to think about dominating men or women through magic.

Dressing oils like Follow Me Boy and other items mentioned in this spell can be found on Yronwood's website as well as other hoodoo and curio shops like Conjured Cardea on Etsy.

(for more on magick, see my witchcraft blog

I'm sorry

I'm sorry to you, my loving readers, if you had any problems getting onto the site today due to a message from Google stating the blog might have Malware.

I did a diagnostic and there was no malware. My darling husband and webmaster, with an emphasis on Master,
removed a couple of things that might have caused the problem and now all is well.

I hope no one received any malware of malicious critters on their computers from my site. -gives you Hello Kitty band aids and a kiss to make it all better-

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I love the smell of new leather

I just got my new flogger in today ^_^

MzBitch made it. You can see more of her and her Master's work on their Etsy Shop: Sensuous Bliss

I can't wait to try this beauty out. SirPhryxus and I have tried it out briefly to feel the sting and what not and it can be a sweet whisper or make you scream Hallelujah, lol.  My lil bro, Synn, has already lines up to feel this beauty. It'll be my first real flogging (giving) ^_^

I'll give a proper review after I've used it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Footsie Review LELO Lube

I received a packet of water-based LELO lube with my Onye Gallerie Petite vibe from Sex Toy Geek and as I'm not comfortable using unnatural lube during sex I decided to have some fun and make a little photo shoot for those loving foot fetishists in my life, especially lil Bro SynnfulMeeko.

Freshly pedicured piggies ^_^ in Honeymoon Red

Lelo water-based lube is slippery and slick without being gummy or too thick. It dripped out easily but was thick enough to be manageable even in this packet.

 Just the little bit covered both feet quickly. Would be perfect for a foot-job. Both top and bottom were completely slick.

I finished off with a shower and surprised that I didn't fall from having slick feet. The lube washed off easily. I'd say that if I wasn't afraid of having an allergic reaction or completely turned off by the artificial ingredients of this lube I'd be happy to try it during sex. If these things don't bother you, feel free to grab some ^_^

Babeland Pasties

I just received my Burlesque Pasties made by bijoux indiscrets from Babeland.

They came in a UPS box with return address to Mail Order.
The box is lovely and discreet and fits easily in my lingerie drawer.
I look forward to wearing them ^_^

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kinky E-reads

According to Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews March 4-10 is E-book week. So I'll start off on here by posting some recent kinky e-reads I've downloaded for free on Amazon and read on my Google Chrome Cloud Reader.

Beauty Touched the Beast by Skye Warren is the tale of Erin, a college student who is paying for school by cleaning the house of retired soldier, Blake Morris. Blake is badly scarred from battle and now avoids society. Erin has a major crush on her employer but feels too young and naive to be of interest to him...that is until she walks in on him, fresh from the shower and masturbating with her name on his lips.

I loved how real the characters were and the feel of the awkward situation was almost tangible. Blake is a strong character for such a short story, and his fear of rejection and need to please the young and beautiful maid is heart-wrenching.

Inked by Everly Drummond is a scintillating tale of young, curvy blonde Avery Carmichael who, after getting her first tattoo, is overcome with desire for the muscled, hot tattoo artist, Brody. When Brody shows up at her apartment afterwards to return her credit card, the temptation is too much to bear.

While the story is super hot, I will say the situation is a little unnatural. I couldn't see myself or anyone I know jumping the bones of a guy they just met, especially when he shows up unannounced at her apartment and they're not even sure of each other's names. Other than that, the story was hot and Brody sounds like one yummy piece of man-meat. Gotta love a man with tats.

Loving the Alien by Katie Cramer is currently free this weekend only (March 3-4). Cargo carrier Caitlin stops at seemingly-abandoned space station Stratus 5 to recharge her ship and get some much needed rest. Little did she know that a creature in the dark gives her some very different but just as much needed relief with...TENTACLE SEX!

I am such a fan of tentacle hentai so finding a story with some well-written tent sex was such a treat. The sex was kinky without being gross. Caitlin's reactions and thoughts were believable. The suspense was just as arousing as the sex scene itself. Love this story.

Hope you all enjoy E-Book week. Send some reading suggestions my way if you like. I could always go for a good book. ^_^

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Love Female Orgasm

I just received my copy of I (Love) Female Orgasm in the mail this morning. I saw the mail lady drive up to the house and thought, "no way...sure it wouldn't come this early..." I just ordered this book Tuesday and it was shipped out Wednesday (yesterday) so I'm in shock to get it so fast. Thank you Eden Fantasys!

The box it was shipped in was a regular USPS box and the return address was to "Web Merchants Inc." Very discreet.
Packing was minimal but I do wonder if it could have come in a smaller box or even one of those large brown envelopes...I feel like every time I get something in the mail I rant about how it could have used minimal packaging...sorry, I'm a stickler for that sort of thing.

I first heard about I <3 Female Orgasm from Mistress Fenreya about...2-3 years ago. She was reading it and recommended the book highly to me.

I was a little unsure at first because I have orgasms easily...sometimes too easily. In fact, whenever I looked at anything to do with female orgasm in the past, it was always about how to have one, how it was normal to have difficulty having one, made me feel awkward that I could have ate least one every time I masturbated or had sex...I thought something was wrong or maybe I really didn't know what an orgasm was. I've since learned that I'm normal too and that having a bunch of orgasms is just as ok as having one after hours of trying (if not better). I have a lot of friends who envy me for this as well (sorry, I can't help that you don't have a sensitive lil girl down there).

So I finally got the book when I had saved enough Eden Points (read here about their points program). I'm really excited to read it and have already read the Introduction even though I said I would save it for a roadtrip book next month (I can't help it...receiving books is like Christmas for me).

For more information about this book and other I Love Female Orgasm merch visit the website ^_^