Wednesday, February 8, 2012


While not a personal interest of mine, I do have some friends who are very interested in Sissification and wanted to do a blog post about it for them as well as for you, dear reader, should you be curious about this concept or maybe have never heard of it before.

A great article on the topic is by Chaos Fox, Feminization and Sissification on The Sexpert's Lounge. Chaos Fox explains the terms and the basic concepts of this fetish pretty thoroughly and without much confusion (I like that). I also like that the article explains that while the male participating in sissification is experimenting with gender roles, he is not necessarily switching or effecting his sexual orientation (translation: sissies aren't necessarily gay, they can be straight or bi as well).

From the Age Play point of view, The Big Little Podcast interviewed some Littles who participate in Sissification in Episode 51.
I personally would love to know if there are any Sissy Daddies or Uncles out there who become feminized for their Little's enjoyment.

When shopping for sissification clothes, which I love to do because their clothes are so over-the-top sometimes and I love that, I find that SissyKiss Boutique has a great selection!

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