Monday, April 29, 2013

My Leather Vest

I recently received my first piece of leather - a vest from International Ms. Leather 2013, Sarha Shaubach! She gave me this pretty piece the week before leaving for IMsL while I was helping her box up gay porn VHS's for the Shitty Sunday Show.

Just a little about me - I don't know a thing about any sense of the word. I don't know how to care for it, I don't know a thing about what Leather Community is, the lifestyle, the culture, etc. This gift blew my mind and fired up my curiosity...

Lady Phryxus and SinisterWolfy
@ Celebration for IMsL2013 at The Raven
I have been asking a few members of the Leather Community I know about what Leather is and other questions. I will be sharing some of my epiphanies with you all as I come upon them.

My vest was cleaned, conditioned and thoroughly loved on by a new friend of mine, RedWarrior who was Pantheon of Leather Woman of the Year 2011, International Community Bootblack 2010, and SouthEast Community Bootblack 2010 at the Celebration for IMsL2013 at The Raven.

I have no pins or patches on my vest yet, though I am looking for an Age Play Pride patch right now. The vest was given to me with blue lacing but I wanted something a bit, so I replaced them with pink ribbons printed with ballet slippers and hearts. I received lots of happy comments about the change, so I think I'll keep them for now.

I also wanted to ask you, my darling readers, what do you know about Leather that you would like to share? I'm looking for anything from knowledge of the Leather Culture to how and where to wear pins and patches on a vest.

Lady Phryxus

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Celebrating International Ms. Leather 2013

Last night, April 27th, House Phryxus went to The Raven in Anchorage and celebrated with other members of the community our very own Sarha Shaubach winning International Ms. Leather 2013.

Photo taken by employee of The Raven
My heart is black and blue for this woman! She will be traveling all over the US, Canada, and even Berlin and Amsterdam with her title and experiencing all this kinky world has to offer all while representing Alaska and Leather Women!

The celebration included gifts being made to Sarha for her actions and leather love as well as aid for her travel fund. Gifts included a pair of leather pants worn all over the US by our own community boot black, International Community Boot Black 2010, RedWarrior. Sarha was also awarded the Golgi Apparatus "Dirty Dick" Award from Sir Phryxus who received it last at the Shitty Sunday Show.
We also all enjoyed a celebratory cake, conversation and RedWarrior's boot blacking skills.

RedWarrior was the first to condition and polish up by very first leather vest last night. The experience was luxurious and sensual and smelled soooo fucking good!
She also polished up Sir Phryxus' boots...while he was wearing a kilt...traditionally ^_~
His traditional/regimental kilt wearing also resulted in a number of celebrants 'kilt-checking' him. He said at one point he felt like the center of a jerk-off circle. I am also proud to say that a previous Mr. Alaska Leather (2001) kilt-checked my husband...thoroughly! He asked Sir what I would say if I were to walk by and see this, and Sir, knowing me so well, said I would probably giggle and keep walking.

My little sister, Devious Kitty, won the raffle taking place and her reward was a leather-covered, wooden paddle that I was honored to have the first whack's on her bottom with. It was a lot of fun, to say the least.

not looking so Sinister
Sir Phryxus also was able to show off a little bit of rope-work on SinisterWolfy's arms last night, which was nice to watch just as Wolfy's corseting on PunkyPup and coming soon.
PunkyPup...being herself...
I was also happy to see SinisterWolfy's Glacier Pack out in force last night.

In all, I had a ton of fun and am so proud of my community for coming out and celebrating.

Black and Blue for You
Lady Phryxus

Kink of the Week: Roleplay

Kink of the Week

Does roleplaying have a place in your kink, either play or relationships? If so, is there one particular type of roleplay you do, or many? 
Roleplay has a huge place in my kink/play/relationships - all together. I started out in the BDSM scene online in roleplaying forums and chatrooms. From there I found my space in vampire, furry, littlegirl/DaddyDom roleplay arenas and later even started out as a Domme/Switch in the same sites.

My Roleplay character, Loli,
on IMVU with SirPhryxus
Do you roleplay online or in the flesh, or both? 

Do you roleplay with certain people and not others, or only in a certain kind of scene? 
Offline- I am very particular about who I play with. The play can be intense (Bondage, impact play, sex) and I only play with people I am in a relationship of some sort with.
Online- the anonymity of online play and the lack of physical connection frees me up to play with others a little more. Even then, though, I am very particular - I won't cybersex with men, the use of proper spelling and grammar is a must, and I won't do certain rp scenes like incest or anything that breeches my hard-limits.

Sir and Lady Phryxus
July 14 2012
LP is roleplaying as a Kitten
What role(s) do you enjoy, and are there roles you’d like to explore?
I am a Switch and the roles I enjoy most vary depending on mood:
I like being a Dominant Little Girl - usually a big sister to a bad little boy or girl
I also love Vampire roleplaying
Recently I was introduced to the idea of being Little Red Riding Hood to a Big Bad Wolf

How does roleplaying fit in with your dynamic, and what do you get out of it?
What I get out of it and how it fits depends on the rp scene and my role.
If I am a bottom and the scene involves some sort of BDSM or sex, I get gratification of pleasing my top and of being thoroughly used.
If I'm a Top and say the scene is a nurturing or teaching one, I get the gratification of taking care of someone else.
The Top and bottom scenarios can be in any setting from Age Play to Vampire.

Her Wish, His Command Cover Reveal

If you liked His Need, Her Desire, which I reviewed recently, then you will be excited to know that the third book in the series, Her Wish, His command has just had the cover revealed on Malia Mallory's website.

She’d fantasized about him – fantasized that he clasped her wrists in one hand and bore her down to the ground, his body crushing her beneath him. His lips, hot against her skin, would explore every soft curve as his free hand roamed unchecked over her body. Just thinking of it now brought it all back in a rush that made her wish she were at home alone. Jonah had figured prominently in her solo sex life for years. On occasion, he’d even invaded her thoughts when she was with other men. She learned about her desires and her needs in other relationships, all the time wishing it were Jonah taking charge.

Want to see what I think of Mallory's other work? Check out the following reviews:

A is for Anal of the ABC's of Erotica collection
B is for Beach
D is for Domination (Spoiler - I gave it 5 of 5 stars!)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Age Play Fashion Pt. 2 Lolita

The connection between Age Play and Japanese Lolita Fashion is one that is debated all over the internet. Many Lolitas absolutely refuse any connection to any sort of kink, arguing that kink is not the purpose of the fashion. The other argument is that shoes were not made for kink but shoe fetish is one of the most popular and well known fetishes; the same goes for clothing of any kind, including Lolita style clothes.

The connection I made between Age Play and Japanese Lolita Fashion was almost immediate. My regression age for me is 8 years old and two of my favorite activities include tea parties and playing with dolls - both of which go along very well with the stylized look of Japanese Lolita.

What is Lolita?
Lolita Fashion, in my own words, is a modern look taken on by those who desire to be seen a females and wear clothes that originally are patterned on Victorian England styles for young girls.
Wikipedia states:
The Lolita look began primarily as one of modesty with a focus on quality in both material and manufacture of garments. The original silhouette is of a knee length skirt or dress with a "cupcake" shape assisted by petticoats, but has expanded into various types of garments including corsets and floor length skirts. Blouses, knee high socks or stockings and headdresses are also worn.
Although many people point to Japan for the Lolita trend especially with the influence of Anime media, which made it more popular, as the creator of the "Lolita Fashion", the origin of its meaning is complex, and remains unclear.

Styles of Lolita
There are various styles of Lolita Fashion including:

  • Aristocratic Lolita
  • Gothic Lolita
  • Punk Lolita
  • Cosplay Lolita
  • Country Lolita
  • Sailor Lolita
  • Sweet Lolita 
The Look
The following are looks that I think lend well to Age Play, specifically for girls:

Infanta Dolly House Cotton Sweet Short Sleeve Girls Dress from Lolita Dress Shop

This look is part of Lolita Dress Shop's Sweet Lolita selection.
I like this look because it is a perfect child-like pose, model, dress, setting, etc. The dress' print features teddy bears and kittens in strollers and bonnets like a child's play-set. Bows, candies and cookies decorate the rest of the print.

Cherry Cupcake OnePiece - Lolita dress pink with white dot cute with lace and little bows from Sulture Clothing on Etsy

I love this look for Age Play all together. The clothes, photography, tea set and balloons look like a perfect Little's play day or birthday. The only thing missing in my mind is a Mommy or Daddy to make sure this little princess uses her table manners.

If you like the Sweet Lolita look, be sure to check out Sweet, Sweet, Sweet! The Guide to Over-the-Top Sweet Lolita by Parfait Doll, Victoria Suzanne.

Classic Black And White Cotton Turndown Collar Short Sleeves Knee-length Bow Ruffles Sweet Lolita Dress also from Lolita Dress Shop

This look is part of Lolita Dress Shop's Classic Lolita selection but could also easily be part of their Gothic Lolita selection.
I picked this look because it is very classically doll-like. I could see this dress also done in miniature for a matching doll to the little girl just like was done in the Victorian era complete with using the child's hair. The black and white look along with classical collar also is reminiscent of characters like Wednesday Addams; perfect for the Dark or Goth Age Player.

Hello Kitty Heart JSK from Rocking Horse Design on Etsy

This scene of two girls playing in their Hello Kitty cupcake-looking dresses is just too precious. Everything from the location to the dresses to the wigs looks like a really fun play-date.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Age Play Fashion Part 1

Age Play, like any other fetish, has a collection of tools, toys, and clothing that go hand in hand with the play and are keys to the psyche that help give the players that little push that is sometimes needed to get into the right head-space for the scene.
Clothing and Fashion are a great key for this as it is something that can be super simple and understated like a vintage cartoon t-shirt out for a day of relaxed play to something so elaborate that it can make up the scene itself; like turning a grown man into a sissy little girl all with the change from street clothes to the frilliest tulle and satin dress available.

Fashion in the Age Play and AB/DL world is as varied as the players involved. There is just so much that can be shown and said. This is why I decided to break this post up into a series of posts including Dark Age Play and Babydolls and Boytoys. I'll mostly be focusing on clothing but I'll throw a few toys and things into the game because what is a cute outfit without the right accessories?

I mostly wanted to start off the posts with a listing of shops that I recommend and that have been recommended to me from other age players and age plays sites. These are in no particular order:

Sissy Kiss Boutique
"Simply the ultimate range of sissy dresses french maids sissy lingerie panties garters and accessories anywhere on the planet"

Eden Fantasys
An adult novelty and sex shop that carries a variety of toys as well as several styles of school girl and other costumes appropriate for age play.

Jumpin Jammers 
Footsie Pajamas in a variety of prints - includes hooded, non-hooded, and even costumes.

Cosy N Dry
"CosynDry is a leading store for Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers around the world. Its run by a real Nanny who wants to find and make the best products for her babies."

Very Special Clothes
A shop selling Custom Adult Baby Clothes from dresses to jammies and more.

Etsy has a variety of Age Play and AB/DL shops including:

Never Grow Up
Carries diaper covers and booster in a variety of prints

AB Playground
Carries diaper covers and other clothes

Adult Baby Sissy
Has all kinds of ruffles and frills to make you smile

This is of course not a concise list and if you have a shop you would like to recommend I would love to see it. Please leave shop name and link and even why you recommend it in comments. Thank you!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Zado Leather Ankle Cuffs - a review

I love that new leather smell! I was so excited to receive these beauties as they are the third set of cuffs I've reviewed and, after two bad reviews, I figured third time's a charm. I figured correctly as these were exactly what I wanted  in a pair of ankle cuffs.


The package (which was promptly eaten by my roommate's dog and thus not pictured) lists the following traits of the cuffs:

  • Restricts free movement for extra excitement!
  • Two ankle cuffs with a detachable metal chain with two karabiner hooks. 
  • Cuffs made of black leather, softly padded inside. 
  • Each approx. 6 cm wide, adjustable size with buckle between approx. 18 and 30 cm. 
  • Metal chain including karabiner approx. 60 cm long.
  • Material: split leather/metal.

About the materials, I will say that the leather is genuine and gorgeous to look and feel. It's not that bad-quality, thin crap that I often see at many adult novelty stores that frays and rips easily. This leather is thick and sturdy enough for aggressive use in bondage play.

The metal chain was also a surprise. When seeing metal and not getting an in-depth description of the type of metal, I usually assume cheap aluminum and/or nickle. Instead, the chain is made of the same sturdy material used to make high end dog leashes for large and aggressive dogs (found this out through a friend of mine who has a large, aggressive breed of dog). I was impressed and do not have many worries about wearing these cuffs out any time soon.

Wear and Tear

I received these cuffs the day before the Anchorage Fetish Ball at Mad Myrnas. What a perfect event to try them out!
The cuffs were comfortable enough to wear the whole evening walking around the club and standing to watch various play scenes. I showed the cuffs off to friends and fellow kinksters at the event and everyone who saw them was impressed and wanting to know where to purchase a set of their own.

I have since Fetish Ball also worn them to a couple of smaller meet-up events that leather-gear was welcome at. They received the same interest and praise there as at the large event.
I have also worn them to sleep in. Their comfort and easy wear allowed me to sleep in them all night with no problems and woke without discomfort or any scratches to the leather from movement in my sleep.

Cleaning and Care

Since these cuffs are genuine leather, they can be cared for, conditioned and cleaned like any other leather gear. My first recommendation is to have them cleaned by your local boot black at an event. If you've never had this done, it is an experience that is sensual, instructional, and beneficial to the leather gear.

If there is no bootblack near you, then you can clean and condition your leather just as you would leather boots. In many cases all that is necessary to clean leather is a damp cloth or a store bought leather cleaner. For a deeper cleaning a leather soap or saddle soap can be used. This is followed by polishing with a good leather polish/conditioner.

The metal pieces will be fine when cleaning the leather. Simply make sure they are dried and wiped-down completely before storing.

I give these cuffs a 5 out of 5! They're comfortable enough all night, sturdy enough for intense play, and beautiful to behold!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Call for Reviewers: Erotic Toy Town

EroticToyTown is offering free sex toys to qualified bloggers and product reviewers!

Please email for approval. Tell 'em Lady Phryxus sent you ^_~

ETT is looking for reviewers that provide the following information:

  • Product URL or SKU that you would like to review from this selection or other similar priced product from the store or something you would like to review but they do not yet carry. Reach out and ETT will see if they can accommodate your desires.
  • URL of your blog, forum or review site with traffic statistics, social media presence, and other relevant information. The blog must be related in some way to either sex toys, or have erotic content or be related to health and beauty in some way.
  • Turn around time - i.e. how long will it take for a review to be completed and live after you receive an item. Please take into account your personal and professional time and any other possible situations like moving, medical and other issues.

There is also a Sex Toys for Bloggers YouTube clip from ETT.

EroticToyTown cooperates ONLY with responsible bloggers. The store maintains and shares with the industry a black list of bloggers who request items and disappear or do not produce them within a promised turn around time.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Kink of the Week: Foot Fetish

Kink of the Week
What an interesting fetish! Thankfully I had a number of photos I could post for this one...
 This photo is from a recent review I wrote for ZADO ankle cuffs. It is different than my other foot fetish photos because of the stockings and the bondage. I think it will appeal to those with niche foot fetishes.
 While I don't have a foot fetish myself, Sir Phryxus and a few of my past submissives do andI have done a variety of posts on this blog to give them a little fap-fodder.

This particular selection was from a review of LELO lube I did a while back. I am allergic/sensitive to most lube so I decided to review the sample on my feet.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blood Lust book review

Blood Lust: A Vampire Erotica Lesbian Short by Kandace Tunn

Short, smutty and to the point, this smut is about fledgling vampire, JoAnn and her maker, Sherilynn. The story has the same gritty feel of pulp vampire comics and movies like Dusk Till Dawn. The two had a very Thelma and Louise feel as they travel through the country, staying motels just off the highway, finding victims at seedy bars. I can totally visualize them with denim cut-offs, pink nails, a little too much lipstick, and fangs.

The sex was hot, though I felt there could have been a little more than oral going on between the two. Also, Tunn explained JoAnn's back story really well between erotic paragraphs without destroying the vibe, which was great.

This is not so much a pure lesbian fic as there is reference to sex with men and comparisons to heterosexuality such as comparing the tongue of her maker to a man's penis. This is not necessarily bad, just something that I know a few lesbian friends of mine find irritating when they look for lesbian erotica.

The only issue I had was the lack of editing in some places. There were times that I felt that a few of the sentences didn't make any sense due to comma location and sentence structure. This made for some choppy reading and caused me to lose focus on the characters.

You can purchase Blood Lust by Kandace Tunn on Amazon

Monday, April 1, 2013

Black Rose Mouth Bit

by Doc Johnson 
from The Adult Toy Shop

As my first toy from The Adult Toy Shop, I was very impressed by their online store and shipping process. The shipping was super fast and discreet (the mailer was labeled from Shipping Dept).

The Mouth Bit advertises comfort for long wear as well as beauty. I definitely got both of these things from this toy.

I wore the Mouth Bit to the Alaska Fetish Ball on March 30th after receiving it in the mail the morning of the event. It matched by purple and black outfit perfectly, looked beautiful with the purple silk ties and vinyl black roses, and could relax around my neck or fit comfortably in my mouth for the evening.

I have temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD/TMJ. This causes me to have difficulties in using gags that force my mouth open for an extended period of time as my jaw will lock up and become painful. Bit gags like the Black Rose Mouth Bit are perfect for me in that they don't force my mouth into an uncomfortable position but still perform the task of muffling speech.

As for the look of this Mouth Bit, I really love the style and the purple silk ribbons. They create the perfect comfort fit for the gag and I think that if the Bit had been made with leather or nylon straps, the comfort and beauty of this toy would have been lost.

The black rose detail of this Mouth Bit is adorable. I did have to work with the gag to place them properly as the plastic bit moves along the ribbon between the two roses.

As for the pthalates-free plastic bit, I was at first worried about the material not because of chemicals or comfort but because of durability. I have sharp little teeth. Sir has often whacked m for biting him because my teeth have been sharp enough to inflict marks and bring up blood. I was worried that my teeth would be able to tear the plastic but after biting on it hard and chewing on it, I found it to be both durable and without indentation from my front teeth.

After passing all the tests of aesthetics, comfort and durability, I give the Black Rose Mouth Bit a 5 out of 5 stars! I love this gag recommend it heartily.