Friday, February 10, 2012

Personals for Lubricant

My Newest Classifieds Ad reads:
Young white woman seeking Personal Lubricant
Must be hypo-allergenic, preferably natural and organic
It would be great if it smelled/tasted good too.
Please Apply...well...that might be TMI ^_^

Ok ok...I'm not very funny or ironic today but I still would love a good lube.
My issue with lube stems from the fact that I am allergic to the stuff at the local sex shop and KY makes me swollen and red in all the wrong places.

I found out about my allergy after breaking out in horrible red hives all over my vaginal (internally too). I thought for sure SirPhryxus had given me some sort of terrible STI, seeing as I had been a virgin before him and he had been a man-slut (^_^).
So I went to the doctor and she said I was fine and asked if I had been trying anything new, down there.
I told her that we had tried lube and she determined that I was allergic, to give up the lube and if the hives didn't go away, to call her back. They went away and we've shunned lube ever since.

But...I want lube! I have a knotted toy now I can only use if I'm worked up pretty good and wet to knot myself. And then there's anal! Well...we actually use coconut oil for anal. But still, I don't wanna use coconut oil vaginally because of the risk of yeast infection.

There are some products on EdenFantasys that are labeled hypoallergenic and organic. I'm a little worried about trying them and wish they had a sampler size. Their Sliquid organics does and I might get the sampler for it, but I really wanna try Good Clean Love as well.

I might be ordering the Sliquid sampler next week, I'll do a review of it and tell you all how it goes with my allergy.

I also ask you, dear readers, do you know of any good lubes I should try?

Oh, P.S. does anyone know if the Bad-Dragon cum lube is hypo allergenic? And if not is there any way I could test some of my friend's out on my body without putting it on my vagina? I had some on my hands and no reaction (it was fun to play with) but the KY also didn't have a reaction any other part of my body either...just down there.

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  1. I've heard really good things about Sylk lube,, though we haven't tried it might want to check that out ^_^