House Phryxus

Greetings from House Phryxus

We are a poly, BDSM-friendly household made up of various dynamics and philosophies seeking transformation and growth.

The Daddy of this House is Sir Damon Phryxus
He is my husband and a wonderful Dom who specializes in shibari, flogging, and the use of a crop followed by one-on-one nurturing.

I'm Lady Phryxus, the Big Sister of our House.
My littles age is 8 years, I'm into furries and I am a Switch. I am also the lead writer and creator for the House Phryxus blog

Our Wicked Aunty Flanna is a knowledgeable elder of the community, fantastic mentor in all things kinky.

Spleen is my other little brother.
His littles age is 3, so he's the baby. He's also into furries and I've mostly seen him as a puppy.
While he is not owned by Sir Phryxus, they often play together when they get the chance.
He's also the brat of the family though he's super sweet after...sort of like a Sour Patch Kid ^_^

SmacksHerAss is a dear friend of Sir and Lady Phryxus, a budding BDSM Toy Maker, and a seasoned Leather Worker. All pics and descriptions of Smack's Creations will be posted here at SmacksHerAss' Creations!

Devious Kitty is Lady Phryxus' little sister. She is an age player and a kitten. You can read more about her and her Daddy/Master, SmacksHerAss on her blog:
Devious Kitty Smacks Her Ass

Friends of House Phryxus

Here are some friends so dear to us we see them as part of our Kinky Family.

Aconita is a friend of ours that you will see off and on writing for the blog, especially when it comes to erotic book reviews.

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