Friday, May 24, 2013

Chained to Me

I finished up my work for the day to get online and see this picture from my beloved girlfriend, Sinister Wolfy, on FetLife with the caption:

If She Will Have Me

I immediately began blushing and was wonderfully flustered. She and I have been talking for a little while now about what it would mean for her to be chained. This is similar to a collared D/s relationship, however, since Sinister is a Wolf and has the same wildness as the animal, I cannot bear to have her turn into some house pet.

I'll have Wolfy help me write up a little about what it means to have a chained wolf later. For now, I simply wanted ot share my excitement.

If you couldn't guess, I said YES!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

LELO Ogden 2 - review

LELO Oden 2
When my friend Alaskanson offered to let me try out the LELO Oden 2, I was as giddy as a school girl. Lelo makes some of the best toys in the industry and their innovations have been remarked upon by many of my fellow reviewers and friends.

I first saw this to at a BDSM coffee. A friend of mine had the controller and offered it to me to play with. I had no idea what the vibrator looked like but I could see the reactions on his girlfriend's face as a group of us proceeded to play table hockey with the remote control. She was certainly having a tortured yet pleasurable time.

Lelo Toy Shop describes the Oden 2 thus:

Oden™ 2 Design Edition is the upgraded version of the world’s most advanced couples’ ring, designed for men to wear when making love. Like its predecessor, Oden™ 2 features an industry-first SenseMotion™ remote control, allowing you to change vibrations with a tilt of your hand - now with a 3X greater wireless range and a 50% stronger motor for more intense sensations. The fully-waterproof and rechargeable design now also offers the option to play without remote and comes with a new additional closed-ring attachment of flexible silicone, to offer increased presence and stamina for him and intense pleasures for her.

I like the caption "For Men To Wear When Making Love"
and would like to add -
or masturbating or for your favorite dildo or...

Eden Fantasys praises the Oden 2:

The Lelo Oden 2 is a fantastic example of using new technology to bring pleasure and ease of use into the bedroom. The quality of the build, the effectiveness of the toy, and the intuitive controls all combine to make an excellently conceived and constructed toy for couples or individuals to use.

I have to agree with the excellence in the Oden 2 conception and construction.

It's like those boxes expensive jewelry comes it! So pretty!
The Toy Box

The Lelo Oden 2 comes in a beautiful box that holds all of its parts like strange jewelry. The toy comes with two attachments  the vibrator, wireless remote control, manual, lube, warranty, a tool to open the remote for battery change, and a pin with the Insignia logo.

The logo pin is adorable. It makes me think of a pin that one would wear when entering a secret club. I would imagine that it is worn to signal the fact that the wearer has the Oden 2 on them, and only those who have the same toy would recognize. It's like secret exhibitionism.

The sample of lube is the same as the Lelo personal moisturizer I reviewed previously, complete with pictures of my feet for those foot fetishists out there.

The Oden 2 warranty is for 1 year and also has a 10 year quality guarantee. Both it and the manual are little booklets that fit in a space under the toy box and are printed in several languages including English, German, Swedish, Spanish, and Russian. The manual, along with tips and instructions, is also illustrated for ease of use.

The entirety could be kept in the pretty box or be slipped into the included silky bag to keep dark and discreet in a purse or toy drawer.

Such a sleek look and velvety-soft!
The Oden 2

This toy is very basically a vibrating cock-ring. However, there is nothing basic about this high-tech sex gear! The vibrator and ring are made of body-safe silicone that is velvety-smooth to the touch.

Then there is the Sense Motion wireless remote control. The controller with the Oden 2 is what sets it apart from the original Oden.
Erotic Toy Town says of the Oden's remote control use:
No fumbling in the dark when you want a bit more power, just move your remote and enjoy the ride.

The sequel has 3x the wireless range than its predecessor  a great advancement for partners wanting to really tease their significant other.

The vibration alone is quiet, strong and can be felt through the ring marvelously!

Distance and Discretion

When we brought the Oden 2 home, I slide the vibrator in my panties and watched as Sir Phryxus shook the remote, walked around the room with it then promptly left the room, shut the door and tested the range of the wireless remote. He can use it in any room of the apartment and the signal is as strong as it is when he's sitting next to me.

The next test was to see how noticeable it would be if I wore it in public. While it was in my panties, pressed solidly against my clitoris and the remote safely in Sir's pocket, he and I headed to Anchorage to have coffee at Modern Dwellers with local kinksters.

We picked up my girlfriend, Wolfy, after five orgasms on the trip between Wasilla and Anchorage. I hugged her tightly and we let her guess why in the world I would look blushed and flustered. She could not hear the vibrator and if it wasn't for the sanguine look on my face, she would never have guessed I had a vibrator rumbling between my legs.

When Sir told Wolfy what was going on, they proceeded to play a game of catch with the remote that left me squirming. They at least took pity on me and allowed me to leave the vibrator and remote in the car during coffee. By that point I had delightfully suffered six orgasms and not sure how quiet I could be about a seventh.

Lelo Oden 2 on my big purple cock
For Couples' Use

The Oden 2 Insignia Uner Manual states:

Oden 2 is often most enjoyable with the vibrating pleasure point worn upwards to stmulate the clitoris when the woman is on top, or rotated downwards and facing the testicles for extra stimulation...Oden 2 also makes an amazing addition to foreplay.

The first base attachment is an open loop that is meant to be slid around the erect penis with the pleasure point (the vibrator) facing out.

The second base attachment is a closed ring that "offers greater constriction." The manual instructs to stretch the ring around the erect penis and wear above the scrotum or below. Upon closer examination of how far this ring stretches, there is no way possible for us to stretch the ring around both Sir's penis and scrotum without hurting him badly. His balls just won't fit that tiny ring.

We felt that the open ring would better fit an erect penis and scrotum and are still curious why that wasn't recommended instead.

During sex, the vibration is not only strong against the Oden 2 but can also be felt through the penis and into the vagina during penetration. This was a pleasant surprise that was easily replicated with use on a dildo.

Muwahahaha! I have the control!
Sir Phryxus Reviews

My husband, Sir Phryxus, used this toy with me enthusiastically. He too had played with the remote control of our friend's toy and had been talking about using this toy on me for some time now like a threat that we both were salivating over.

We've used cock-rings together before, and have had hit and miss on them as Sir has a decently sized penis with considerable girth. This one was also hit and miss.

While the open styled ring was comfortable enough for Sir to wear the Oden 2 while playing video games and just messing around on the computer, the closed ring was a very different story. The ring is supposed to be large enough to stretch over both penis and scrotum, however, while it was only on Sir's penis, it was tight enough to cut of circulation very quickly.

This toy as a closed cock ring is not for big boys!

He did enjoy the vibrational settings and felt very comfortable wearing it and positioning it during sex.

Is your cock in an open or closed relationship with the Oden 2?
The Oden 2 comes with other attachments available for separate order. These are the Lyla 2, which turns the Oden into a kegel exerciser with an extraction cord, and the Tiana 2 that allows the woman to wear the Oden during sex similarly to the We-Vibe.

Final Thoughts

I give the Oden 2 from Lelo a 4 out of 5 stars! The only negative aspects is that the closed ring isn't stretchy or comfortable enough for Sir to wear without cutting off circulation, however the open ring was comfortable and the toy so fun we couldn't count this one negative thing against them too strongly.

I love this toy as a wear-in-panties discreet vibrator to play with in a secretly exhibitionist sort of way!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why Nerds Don't Get Laid 3

For those of you who are not in the know,

There are two other blog posts on here called

And...thanks to my new girlfriend, Sinister Wolfy, I have a third installment for you in this series of posts...

While having girlfriend, who is asthmatic and a lil worn after a long bout of sex, was gracing me with her talented tongue. Whilst between my legs, I could hear her hot breath against my thighs and sex and the sound...

well it was similar to a very famous character in cinema

Darth Vader Dildo from GespenstsFantasyGear
Well...once this realization hit me, I broke into a fit of giggles that couldn't be consoled or repressed. My poor Wolfy, bewildered, held me until they were done and I told her what had happened...and she also broke into a fit of giggles - I am so happy she didn't take offense. 

So now, Wolfy has taken to catching me off guard, holding her hands over her nose and mouth and mimicking the scene in which Vader says the line, "Luke, I am your father."
At least this post will let you in on our lil joke ^_^

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kink of the Week: Panties

Kink of the Week

"What’s kinky about panties?” But let me assure you, there is a serious fetish out there for panties! Frilly, lacy, sexy…thongs, boyshorts, bikinis…high-leg, tanga, barely there, seamless…just take a look at your local department store and you’ll see a billion dollar industry devoted to women’s underwear.

Do you have a panty fetish? Do certain panties signify certain things to you/about you? If you are in a D/s relationship, do you have or do you impose rules about the wearing of panties? Are panties even kinky, or just another piece of clothing – sure, they can be sexy, but kinky? Not so much…

While I do not have a panty fetish, panties do play a role in my kinky life.

As Sir Phryxus' sub, there are certain rules in place.
At home, I am usually pretty free to dress, or undress, as I wish. I celebrate topless Tuesday religiously, I usually enter the apartment, strip to my birthday suit and stay that way unless there is a need to put on the simplest of thin sun-dresses.

However, when I do leave the apartment, the rules apply. I dress, sometimes Sir picks out my clothing sometimes I do, and get ready to face the public. Before I head out the door, Sir does a panty check.
I am to wear panties when leaving the apartment. Period.
If I am caught without panties in public, discipline ensues.

Sir enjoys knowing that I am his woman, that there isn't a chance of seeing what is mine. This is why, despite the risque attitude I have online and when speaking to others, pictures bearing nipples or genitalia or the exhibition of them are prohibited.

As for the kinds of panties I own and wear...

Sir likes my black lace thong while Wolfy likes the black and red pair with the lacing in front. I like boyshorts...I know...a lil boring...but hey, they're purple tie-dye!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Outlaw's Gamble Cover Reveal

Slade is a half Native American man with nothing to lose and wants to sell his ranch. Jess is a stubborn, resourceful woman with everything to lose who is determined to buy it. What neither expected was to face was the biggest gamble of their lives.

Slade Blackclaw was a drifter with no desire to settle down and even less to become a rancher. However, with the death of his father he inherited the ranch that his cherished mother had adored until her death. Being half Native American afforded Slade no luxury in life and he's learned to take what he needs when he has to.
Jess Logan needed to work. Her father, William "Sly Bill" Logan, was growing deeper in gambling debt as each day passed. The last beating left him bedridden for more than a week. Though she hated him for all but selling her off to pay his latest debt, losing her mother at the age of six made Sly Bill her only remaining family and someone she would not turn her back on. She had less than three months to come up with the money owed or she'd have to marry the dirty, foul smelling Otis Grayson in order to settle her father's debt.
After returning to Blueridge, Montana to survey the ranch, Slade decided he wouldn’t stay. Having a permanent home was not in his cards. Taking out an ad at the local saloon, he acquiesces and meets the only person who replied. Little did he know, Jess was nothing like what he expected.
Jess knows she isn't what Slade had hoped for...let alone what he wanted. But with debtors closing in on her father, and very possibly her virginity, Jess will do anything or be anyone for Slade to save her father and, more importantly, herself.

Release is scheduled for late October with a full book tour beginning in November. To keep up on Slade, Jess, Sly Bill and the release of Outlaw’s Gamble, please visit any or all of the following: Website – Blog – Facebook - Twitter

To enter the tour wide giveaway, enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Years ago, Kharisma traded in snow, ice and tornadoes for sun, heat, sand and mountains. She now lives in beautiful Arizona with her husband, kids & rescue dogs and goats.
Now, in her eleventh year in Arizona, she is once again braving new terrain and has moved up into the White Mountains.  This will be the first year that she will see freezing temperatures and snow.
Her love for nature and animals is well known and she gets to indulge it in her new home with wolves, coyotes, snakes, and various other creatures as her nearest neighbors. Living in the middle of nowhere is something she wouldn’t change for the world.

Dabbling in writing through Junior High and High School, Kharisma officially got her start writing LGBT, BDSM and erotica. Never one to slow down, she started writing several additional genres including crime, medical, historical and paranormal. Her latest adventure is a dark horror. Her Highlander Mine serial is an unexpected success of which she hopes to have more of.
When you pick up one of her books, she wants you to walk away turned on and inspired! Come take a stroll into Kharisma’s worlds of ecstasy, love, adventure and fear. Her website is here: and you can also find her on Facebook:

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Submissive Journal Prompt: Food Play

Submissive Journal Prompt: Food Play
Do you enjoy food play? What would you tell someone interested in the subject?

Food play is actually a common fetish I've run across. It has many levels and variations so that it easily fit into every person's lifestyle, even the muggles or vanilla's who are looking for a light hearted way to shake things up.

Food play can be as simple as teasing a man by sucking seductively on a lollipop or a popsicle. It can also be as elaborate as a human buffet - a person laid out, usually nude or with the slightest of coverings, with food placed all over them for others to eat off of; also a form of objectification. There is also the sort of food play that can involve the use of phallic shaped vegetables used for insertion.

I greatly enjoy food play. I love human buffets, as a buffet and as a person that eats the food off of the person. There is simply something carnal and delicious about combining food and sexuality. Looking into the eyes of my lover as I pick a strawberry off of their flesh and slide my tongue and teeth and lips over it before biting down as I look into their eyes...

Friday, May 17, 2013

Nikki Haze Sexy DJ No Cost Extravaganza!!!

I'm excited to inform you that 9 of the Sexy DJ books are available at NO COST all week!  
Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to catch up on this steamy, debauched series of shorts. 
Snag them all RIGHT HERE

Reviews Coming Soon!!!!

Available at NO COST May 15th-May19th 

“Enough.” Nikki grabbed the whip from her hand and tossed it aside, pulling Redd forward with her. Indigo’s legs were spread so impossibly wide and Redd watched as Nikki slide her finger into her dripping cunt. She ordered Redd to kneel and finger her ass.

“Good girls,” she mumbled to both of them just as Indigo screamed, her orgasm louder and more terrifying than when she was beaten. It seemed endless and Nikki ordered her to keep her fingers in Indigo’s ass as she ran her hands over the hot red marks. Redd’s cunt prickled at the thought of that edgy feel of an orgasm wracking you with the fresh burn of the whip on your skin. A good beating like this, not the few licks she’d earned earlier. Redd used to crave a good punishment from Nikki. It made her almost pass out until she came again and again form.
Available at NO COST May 15th-May19th

“I’m not nearly done apologizing, baby.” 

“Really?...oh.” Indigo moaned and held onto Redd’s hair as she tongued one of her nipples, pinching the other between her fingers. Redd felt her own naked cunt, slick, sliding up and down Indigo’s belly as she worked her nipples. She could make Grey, back in Ibiza, cum from just this, and she hoped Indigo was the same. There was nothing hotter than being able to cum without any direct stimulation.Indigo bucked wildly underneath Redd, who switched to her other breast biting down hard on her nipple as she felt Indigo go completely liquid beneath her. Her second orgasm was slow and lazy as she moved her hips up and down in the air. She pulled Redd’s lips to her mouth and kissed her as the last rush of her orgasm left her lungs, shooting down Redd’s throat.Redd pouted, she didn’t get to watch that pretty pussy cum for her that time. She was crawling back down the bed. “I need a minute, come here.” She pulled Redd back in her arms and kissed her again. “Why are you so good at getting me off?”

Available at NO COST May 16th and 17th only 

Redd spread her legs wide to allow for fingers in her cunt and ass. Before Grey even lowered her face to Redd’s pussy she’d come again. “I love how you cum for me.” Grey trailed a finger up to length of her sopping wet cunt lips. 

“I love how you make me cum,” she heard Redd say before her lips came down on her cunt, with four hard pulls of her clit, Redd came again, squirting her juices down the back of Grey’s throat. She lapped at her thighs and then kissed her way up her body.

Please take a moment to review the books on Amazon afterwards and let Nikki know what you think!

Get them all RIGHT HERE!

Submissive Journal Prompt: Mono or Poly?

Submissive Journal Prompt:
Do you consider yourself monogamous or polyamorous or some other category which cannot be defined? Is there such a thing as “no preference”? What makes your preference work for you?

I am Polyamorous.

I was drawn to polyamory when my husband and I discussed my bisexuality and desire to explore that beyond our marriage.
When I started reading about and looking into poly lifestyle and poly relationships, one of the key factors that helped me was the pagan community that was poly.

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart and the Ravenheart clan actually titled this open style of relationship polyamory, drawing from terms in Greek and Latin to create a term that is now used everywhere from FetLife to Cosmo.

My favorite book on the subject is Raven Kaldera's Pagan Polyamory. It is the first book I read on the subject and one that helped me with the configuration and conflicts that are seen in poly.

My relationship is a simple one as far as poly goes, but complicated if compared to a basic monogamous relationship.

I am married to my husband, Sir Phryxus. We started out with polyamorous relationships not long after we were married. We started out with closed, trinogamous (three people in a closed, committed relationship) and worked that way for 2 years.
Recently, after a breakup, we decided to open our relationship up to date separately.

I am now dating my girlfriend, SinisterWolfy. Her and I have an understanding that we are currently building our relationship right now but if at some point we have an interest in playing with or seeing another person, we would simply sit down and discuss it.

Sir Phryxus is enjoying dating and very much in his element of not jumping into another relationship too soon.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Upcoming Events

Wow House Phryxus is a bunch of busy moths the next few weeks!

The 40 Below Munch

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 · 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Pizza Man
16410 Alaska 1, Eagle River, AK 99577

Come join the 40 Below community at our very first munch!
This munch event is NOT a Paid Munch so feel free to come in and have a slice with friends!
Bring a valid I.D. and please remember that 40 Below munches are for Alaskan Kinksters between the ages of 18 and 39
Don't know what 40 Below is? Check out our Group on FetLife

Fit To Be Tied Rope Workshop

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 · 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Mad Myrna's
530 E 5th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501

Come out and explore with rope @
Mad Myrna's
in the ball room.
This is a 21+ event, bring a valid picture I.D. to be checked at the door.
This is also a free event! So grab a drink at the bar (even if its soda or water), leave a friendly tip and come and enjoy some rope bondage!
The workshop ends at 9pm but feel free to stick around for free pool and karaoke!
Feel free to bring books on rope and some rope to practice with.

Community Yard Sale

Saturday, June 08, 2013 ·10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Hampstead Heath Complex
Follow the signs near Old Seward and Sylvan

This year, the Northern Exposure Community Yard Sale is teaming up with Lemonade for Love for the LGBT community.
We will have a stand alongside our yard sale so come out, rummage, and have a glass of refreshing lemonade.
All loot not sold during the yard sale will be donated!
Want to contribute some Loot?
Feel free to contact Lady Phryxus for drop off sites in Anchorage and Wasilla.
Look forward to see you all and rummaging with you!

Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure is a week long, kick ass kink flavored event full of education, parties, meals, shows and vendors! All hosted in a private venue for only 130 Alaskans. More than 30 classes and workshops are be taught by educators from all over North America.

Gather Friday morning for a catered registration brunch, wander our kinky vendor market, enjoy two night time parties, midnight snacks, brown bag lunches, and finish the weekend off with the Northern Exposure Wrap-up and Award Dinner Show, plus all of the classes in between!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kink of the Week: Collars

Kink of the Week

This collar I made out of a vintage choker I found at a thrift store for $4
Have you ever seen a woman or a man in the grocery store with a beautiful, choker-style necklace, and wondered, “Is he/she kinky?” I know I have. What is it that makes this such a recognizable and enduring symbol of the BDSM lifestyle?

Collars hold a very romantic place in my heart, ironically. For me, a collar is a symbol of so many things
It symbolizes the BDSM lifestyle as fetish wear; ownership; the love of a Dom or Master; the submission and devotion of a sub or slave.
It is a badge of honor, of being proven worthy of ownership for many.
It is a form of commitment between a Master and slave as much as a wedding band.

Do you have or have you ever worn a collar as a symbol, or had a partner you had “collared” or to whom you were “collared”? 

I have never been formally collared as a slave but I wear a collar periodically for my Dom as part of my submission. I do not have a permanent or locked collar.

What about different “levels” of collars (training, play, consideration, ownership, etc.)?

I certainly believe there are different levels of collars.
Many submissives I know, even ones not owned or do not have a Top, wear a collar for fashion or play or just as a badge of being part of the BDSM community. I have recommended to a few un-owned subs, however, not to do this so much if they are looking for a Dom because it tends to make them look unavailable.

There are also training or Under Consideration collars. These collars tend to be less formal and usually of the traditional leather with ring look (like the one above). They are usually worn in preparation for a formal collaring much like an engagement ring is worn before a wedding band.

Of course, there's the formal collar. This, to me, is a locked or permanent collar given to a slave as a sign of ownership by a Master or Mistress that is as permanent and lasting as a wedding band. They are usually more formal looking as well - metal, chainmail, and even embroidered cloth are common materials. Many even come with beautiful matching locks. These sorts of collars are usually given in a ceremony that can be as elegant and large or private and intimate as the couple desires...also much like a wedding as well.

Or maybe you or your partner(s) only use them as part of a scene, as another toy in your kinky toybox? 
Perhaps it isn’t about symbolism, but the feel of leather or steel under your hand or around your throat that excites you and sets a scene.

In the picture on the left, Sir and I are shown at a play party. The collar I am wearing is a pink nylon dog collar used exclusively for play. 

Wearing a collar to play parties, scenes, in the bedroom or even just around the house certainly sets the tone and mood. I relate it to using magical tools on a pagan altar. They aid in a shift in consciousness and make me feel the hand of my owner even if he is not physically near. When he is near, the collar is something he can see around my next and feel his Domination of me even more. 

What about collars in public? 

Wearing a collar, or any other fetish wear, in public is up to the person wearing it and where they are going to be, in my opinion. I say that if you're not dragging another person non-consensually into your scene or lifestyle AND it is appropriate for the location (i.e. not wearing a neon-green dog collar to granny-molly's funeral or a rubber collar that says BITCH on it to pick up your niece from daycare) then go for it.

Also, not all collars are obvious. Some look like jewelry (like the one at the top of the page).
The collar I wear in the goofy picture to the right is a rather blatant piece of chainmail jewelry. However, dispite it being a lot of "bling" it does not have the stigma of a leather, ringed collar or a dog-collar. I could wear this with ease to a club or concert or even into town and the only looks of disapproval I would get would be the same as if I was wearing a Slayer t-shirt or because of my somewhat wild haircut.

Have you or do you wear a collar in public, or have a partner that does, as a symbol or as part of a scene? 

I have, yes. I've worn them walking around in public among the 'muggles' and at play parties when I've been going as a submissive and, usually, when I have no intentions of Dominating anyone.

What do you think of those who do?

If you can get by with it and are not bringing someone non-consensually into your scene, go for it!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pieces of You: Cover Reveal!

Pieces of You 
Book 1 of the In Pieces series.
Lacee is the perfect upper class mom and wife. She’s active at the schools of her children and is the perfect host with a great husband, at all the social gatherings. Seemingly destined to keep the peace that surrounded her childhood, when her grandparents died, she was left their farm property that was situated by a beautiful river. Though she had her home, it became her retreat.
As vacationers and other random people turn up missing within their city limits, the whole town becomes alarmed about what might be going on in their cozy world. Linc, Lacee’s husband and FBI agent, begins to worry for his own family due to how random the crimes, whatever they turned out to be, were. If someone was killing these people where were they putting the bodies? Who would want to destroy their little town?

Release is scheduled for late June with a full book tour beginning in July. To keep up on Lacee, Linc and the release of Pieces of You, please visit any or all of the following: WebsiteBlogFacebookPieces of You - Twitter

Years ago, Kharisma traded in snow, ice and tornadoes for sun, heat, sand and mountains. She now lives in beautiful Arizona with her husband, kids & rescue dogs and goats.

Now, in her eleventh year in Arizona, she is once again braving new terrain and has moved up into the White Mountains.  This will be the first year that she will see freezing temperatures and snow.

Her love for nature and animals is well known and she gets to indulge it in her new home with wolves, coyotes, snakes, and various other creatures as her nearest neighbors. Living in the middle of nowhere is something she wouldn’t change for the world.

Dabbling in writing through Junior High and High School, Kharisma officially got her start writing LGBT, BDSM and erotica. Never one to slow down, she started writing several additional genres including crime, medical, historical and paranormal. Her latest adventure is a dark horror. Her Highlander Mine serial is an unexpected success of which she hopes to have more of.

When you pick up one of her books, she wants you to walk away turned on and inspired! Come take a stroll into Kharisma’s worlds of ecstasy, love, adventure and fear. Her website is here: and you can also find her on Facebook:

Friday, May 10, 2013

Submissive Journal Prompt: Quiet or Playful Sub?

The Submissive Journal Prompt
Are you a quiet obedient submissive or is there an element of playful brattiness in your dynamic? How does your owner encourage or enhance who you are?

I am a quiet, sweet, timid little sub...ok, I can't even type that with a's right up there with saying I'm as innocent as the fresh fallen snow...sure, maybe with blood all over it!

I am loud and obnoxious and playful. Less so, maybe,with Sir Phryxus. However, even with him I've been known to come up behind him, tease a ticklish spot on him. I then enjoy a good chase around the apartment that ends up with me pinned down somewhere for tickles or a few swats on the bottom that leave me settled down and ready to beg for snuggles. 

I know of many Dom's that would see my playfulness as a sign of bad behavior but...
I relate it to our pet cat who is usually happy to snuggle and curl up and relax and do close to what he is told but will have his moments when he wants to run through the room like a mad-cat or bat at his owner's hand playfully but with claws. The owner doesn't give the cat up for bad behavior because of his playfulness but he might swat his paw or behind to get him to stop...worst case scenario, grab a water bottle.
For me, it's swats for playfulness and my water bottle could be corner-time or writing lines. 

I'm not sure if my playfulness and attitude are normal among submissives. I know that we seem to be a mixed bunch like a can of mixed nuts...I'd like to be a macadamia nut...they make good cookies...hmm

Thursday, May 9, 2013

National Masturbation Month

While I'm a little late posting this, I have been thoroughly celebrating this month's theme

National Masturbation Month
Great Articles to Encourage Your Self- Pleasure

Erotic Toy Town - Why Have Sex with Sex Toys?

Sex Is: Masturbation: It is Perfectly Fine!

I <3 a="" female="" orgasm=""> is a fantastic book that explains a lot more than just where a clit is. 

Need Some Erotic Encouragement?

Pages of Pornography - a shameless pimp of my new erotica blog

Or try out one of the many books I've reviewed recently

I gave D is for Domination 5 stars!
4 of 5 stars for Daddy's Tails by Tasia Winters
5 of 5 stars for Nymph, a little bitty book with a lot of heat

Sex in Words and Pages of Pornography

Amelia Bryant: Erotica Survey Seductress posted a survey a couple of weeks ago and then did an in-depth interview with Sex in Words about the survey and the results.

Trends that Amelia found included changes in the covers of erotic books to follow the Fifty Shades series. Scantily clad men, naked torsos, and highlanders are out and minimalism is in. While this is new, Amelia worries that the erotic section of the book store will soon be known as the "black cover section."

All of the findings will be available on Amelia's blog site and hopefully erotic writers, and readers, will use the information to their advantage.

This article and story is also a great segway...

I've started a new blog that focuses entirely on my fiction and erotica!
Pages of Pornography will mostly be made up of my erotic shorts that I write sporadically. I've already moved the fiction that was available on this blog to that site to 1. showcase it as it tends to get lost in the reviews and event news on the House blog and 2. to keep it from cluttering up the House blog.
I hope my readers will enjoy another side of me than the day-to-day non-fiction and article.

Lady Phryxus

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rock Candy Whippersnapper

Last weekend was full of House Phryxus fun!

Sir Phryxus and I were able to see the whole house excepting 1 friend of the house, Aconita, from Friday to Monday.
Friday, Sir Phryxus, myself and Sinister Wolfy attended the Bike Wash and Boot Blacking at the Raven that was fund raising for International Ms. Leather. Wolfy and I aided by holding up signs and shaking our whole shivering bodies on the street corner in the cold wind and drizzle.
Later that night, the three of us met up with SmacksHerAss and DeviousKitty at Mad Myrna's to start off a weekend of slumber parties!

During my weekend with Smacks and Kitty, I had the joys of being Kitty's big sister and relaxing with best friends. I was able to do some paddling with Kitty's new lollipop paddle from The Kink Shop. I was also able to have my first lesson in who to use a single tail.

Sir Phryxus trained me in how to use a flogger and his training methods are similar in using a single tail or whip. A lot of it is correction in stance and movement followed by repetition until muscle memory is built as well as hand-eye coordination for aim.

Sir says I have a natural talent for this sort of thing and look hot doing it, Wolfy and the rest of the house agree lol.
I do know that I really enjoy learning how to use toys and become a better Domme under Sir's instruction. I think it is his favorite part of being my Dom is in making me into a Top he is proud of.

The rest of the weekend was taken up with Althena's graduation party - Congrats Althena!!!! - and a yummy steak dinner with Angela Abraxis. I don't know if I could have asked for a better weekend with House Phryxus.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Submissive Journal Prompt: Obstacles and Challenges

The Submissive Guide Journal Prompt:
How do you handle obstacles or challenges? Do you find it is the most effective way to handle them in this way?

I thought this journal prompt was appropriate given the not-so-fabulous insanity going on in my life and in my community lately.
Rather than go into the drama, I will skip to how I'm dealing with it.

Advice From Amazing People

My friends, house members, mentors and people in the community I look up to have given me some great advice over the months and years I've known them.

Take a Bath - my little sister, Devious Kitty takes a lot of baths. She has admitted to spending 8 hours in the bath one day. Every time something stresses her out, she is in that bath water, playing with her rubber duck and processing. I decided to give this a try and a lot of thinking is done about my life, House Phryxus, my job, events and more in that small apartment bathtub.

Think before you hit the send button - this is a piece of advice given to International Ms. Leather 2013 Sarha Shaubach and she has been kind enough to spread the word. This piece advice and others like it have kept many a bad and harmfully-worded e-mail from being sent. The sister advice of think before you post is also a good one fore all me.

When offended by another person in the community, play devil's advocate (or find someone else who will). Did they do that maliciously or did they simply not know better because they were new, drinking, or unaware of the situation? I have a few friends who happily play my devil's advocate, and I do it a lot with my House Members when we're discussing a situation wherein someone outside the house has offended someone. Sometimes the situation can be remedied with a kind and informative conversation with the offending person. Sometimes people simply have to agree to disagree and step away from each other. However, the best route is to be factual, level headed, and upfront with integrity.

Things to Remember

Integrity - this is a word I've been reading and hearing a lot lately.
Webster defines integrity as:

 firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : incorruptibility
: an unimpaired condition : soundness
: the quality or state of being complete or undivided

Sarha gave me a great definition to integrity not long ago that I think everyone can understand and adhere to:

Integrity is making a decision of how you feel and how you will react to something and reacting the same way each time no matter what AND manning up to admit that you're reaction and feelings on it have changed when they do and why (or admitting when you were wrong the first time).
This means that when I say that I don't like people who cheat on their spouses, I can't say its ok for Billy-Joe because he's my best bud but still hold that it's not ok for Joe-Bob because I don't like him. If I do change my mind about cheating then I have to admit that I have changed my views and not lie that I've always believed this new way.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Age Play Fashion Pt. 3 AB/DL

Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers are probably the most well known Age Play faction. When Age Play is portrayed in the media or on tv shows, it usually shown as a grown man dressed as an infant or toddler wearing fashion based on baby clothes and a diaper. This visual is partially based on shock-factor and partially based on the fact that the majority of Age Play identifiers are AB/DL.

This PVC Adult Baby Romper is from Sissy Kiss Boutique and also comes in super shiny black.

Made in the very best high quality shiny PVC, it features a stand-up high collar. It has large pleated puff sleeves that are elasticated at the hem with a short frill.
The romper is so roomy and comfortable to wear, so perfect for that double diapering!
With elasticated leg openings and press-stud poppers between the legs for easy access.
The romper can be optionally made 'lockable', with two metal rings in the rear (padlock not supplied).
Get the romper lined in satin or PVC for the ultimate romper!
Get the optional PVC bonnet, mitts, and booties for the perfect set!
The romper can also optionally be made with a naughty rear hole!

Footsie Pajamas are a common theme in age play fashion and can be worn at any
Some, like the one shown from Pajama City, even come with a butt-flap for easy changing.

Navy Blue 100% cotton flannel footed pajamas - Never too hot or too cold. Always perfectly comfy!
Two kangaroo pockets - Perfect for cell phones or TV remotes.
Drop seat back - Keeps you warm when nature calls!
Full body zipper - Makes getting in & out a breeze.

Diapers are of course a necessity for many Adult Babies and of course a need for Diaper Lovers. Many like the look of a diaper on an AB butt but some like to cover it with an adorable diaper cover.

Adult bABy Sissy Diaper Cover Pink Gingham Diaper Cover pictured is from Adult Baby Sissy on Etsy.

Lots of space for that big, bulky diaper.
Has pink bow at the front waist and a pink satin bow on each side at hem. Plus, a big pink satin bow on the butt ruffles
legs are trimmed in pink satin and encased elastic for a perfect fit. 
(Matching pieces are available in my other listings)

Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

Hi everyone!

As you might have read in my post about my Leather Vest, I am diving into Leather Culture and learning as I stumble and twirl through.
One of the things I've come across in the leather world is the idea of flagging or the Hankie Code.

Haruka (Sailor Uranus) flagging red ^_^
The first person I ever saw as flagging, or recognized was flagging, was IMsL2013 Sarha and I've since spoken to her and a few other flaggers about various colors, sides, the differences in the Kink community and the LGBT community, etc. Flag History is just as in-depth as any other part of the kink and leather world and it has taken a while for me to wrap my head around it.

What is Flagging? How does it Work?

Flagging, for me, is like a secret handshake. Only people who know the secret handshake will understand the hankie code.

From what I was told, flagging started back in the 1940's-ish, when men came back from the war. Bikers and biker gangs started to pick up and Leather was beginning to form. Since being gay wasn't acceptable, and even illegal in many places, men would signal that they were up for a good time, with another man, by flagging their keys a certain way. A Top or Dominant type would wear his keys out on the left side and a Bottom or Submissive type would wear his keys out on the right side. This is how men would know if someone was available to talk to or just fuck.

The Hankie Code may have actually started out as a joke, when someone put together a color/kink code and sent it out for a laugh...laugh was on him/her as it actually was adopted, adapted and used!

For more on Flag history, check out Diary of a Leatherman

Finding My Flag

When I started looking at the hankie code and reading more about flagging, I of course started to consider what I would flag in accordance to my kinks.

My first flag search was for Age Play. I looked at pink (its for dildo users) and teddy bear (for cuddlers) and even My Little Pony (for pony play), and after weeks of searching I was at a loss. A few friends told me I should just come up with my own flag. However, I just knew there had to be something out there - there were just too many age players in the community for there to be nothing on it.
The closest I came was Hunter Green hanky for Daddy/little boy...but I'm a little girl...

Finally, after weeks of searching and asking questions, I came upon a post by Sarha on Facebook where a friend, Mark, posted that a safety pin was the flag for the ABDL and Littles. I practically jumped for joy as I sent Mark a message thanking him for giving me a clue on my search. Mark did more than give me a clue though, he gave me the link of where he saw it -
ADISC Universal Badge for TB AB DL
A forum discussion for those who want to flag ABDL and Little but don't necessarily want something as loud and proud as the Age Play Pride Flag hanging out their back pocket.

I also plan to flag Fuchsia for spanking...on both sides depending on my mood ^_^

Another Way I Flag

Another way I flag, than on my leather vest or with a hanky out of the pocket, is with the barrette/ribbon code.
This is a code that Uncle Bear came up with on FetLife that Sir Phryxus and I have adopted and use frequently.
I won't paste the code here but I do ask if you're interested, please check it out at The Ribbon Code on fetlife.

Hanky Code Links

Flagging Opinicus Rampant has a really good color chart
Boot Dog has a VERY extensive list
Evil Monk has a code used by the Alaska Leather Tribe in their resources