Friday, February 17, 2012

Onye Review Pt. 2

If it were not for Onye I wouldn't have experienced my first DP* today...

I used the Onye solo and with my anthro dildo today. I'm very happy my in-laws were not home because I made a hell of a lot of noise.
SirPhryxus helped a lot because I found that if I'm not in the right mindset the vibration in my hand becomes annoying. Once he got me worked up it was no problem for me to hold it and for him to work Kitsu (my fox dildo) into me.

The onye is wonderful solo. I put it in my panties and wore it for a little while today while I cooked lunch. It wasn't as orgasmic and using it with a dildo or during intercourse but still felt good. Also used it solo to work myself up before using the dildo.

With Dildo
This is a great addition to my knotted Boxie the Fox dildo. Wasn't long before I could knot myself as I was easily worked up and wet.

Today's session was amazing and long. I was quite worn out afterwards and simply laid there while SirPhryxus got a shower started for me to clean up.

The Onye is easily cleaned with a gentle dish soap and warm water. Dried it off and put it in its carrying case ^_^
Loving it.

Gonna write up a formal review tonight and try and post it to the websites tomorrow. I'll post it here as well with some new pics.

Lady Phryxus

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