Monday, January 30, 2012

Crazy Weekend Pt.3 Playing with Toys

After the wax play Fen and Sir and I just sat around and talked mostly. We snuggled in bed and talked about everything from exes and cupcakes to old events we went to and piercings.

When we did go to sleep I think we all slept really well.
The next morning, we snuggled some more and debated not leaving the bed that day >.<
When we finally did, Fen made us breakfast!

She made Panetonne French Toast! Yum!
I don’t remember what all was in it but there was Panetonne, milk, free range eggs, Vietnamese cinnamon, organic sugar, cocoa chili powder, vanilla, and salt…I think that was it but I could be wrong.
She fried up the French toast then baked it in the oven with the remaining milk/egg mix until yummy. It was delicious and didn’t even use syrup or jam!

After eating we mostly just sat around and kept talking…this happens when friends haven’t seen each other in a long time I think lol.

We did some light impact play, mostly spanking and palming.
I got to test drive her dildos too!

I tried out Umiko the Dolphin and her knotted kitsune and her kegle egg. I even tried her equine dildo…yea there was no way that thing was fitting past the labia.

I love the dolphin from Bad Dragon and have been considering getting one. Now I definitely want one and will be saving up for it. It feels so good and there’s so many ways to ride it for different sensations and nerve stimulation.

The knotted fox dildo was FANTASTIC! I’ve never been knotted before and had no idea how good it was! Fen is considering selling it and I told her let me know how much she wants for it. I will definitely buy that baby from her.
She was mean enough to suggest to Sir that since the knot secured the dildo inside, it could be fitted in, then pull some panties or pants on then I could go around all day doing housework of going out and about and it would be like ceaseless fucking on my part. I just think I would be exhausted by that…

The egg was also something I’ve been considering and never tried. It helps strengthen vaginal muscles so that you can pull it in and out. Eventually you can also add weights to the egg’s string to continue strengthening. By that point you could take any size dildo (or fist or whatever) and you could still tighten around a smaller insertion.

Sir and Fen were so sweet to me while I tried these toys out. 
At first I was just gonna do this alone but I'm glad I didn't as they both massaged my arms and chest, gave me position ideas, and so on. Plus there was some discussion about my boobs and the noises I made...-blushes crimson-

I don’t have any in-use pics but hopefully you can get a pretty good idea from the links provided lol. 

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