Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ben Wa Balls

Psst...I have my Ben Wa Balls in ^_^

I put them in first thing this morning (after my morning hygiene routine) and mmmm, heh
After making breakfast and watching Supernatural (mmm Dean) I then experimented with wiggling and kegels...and had an orgasm. Daddy watched and was greatly amused because it looks like I'm just spontaneous orgasming.

I texted Mistress Fenreya good morning and told her I had my Ben Wa Balls in. I'm sure she too is amused lol.

While the sensation is not at all what you expect it is nice once you get used to it.
I didn't feel the balls at first, just a slight pressure of being "full" as the balls weighed down on my opening when I stood and walked. Keeping them in seemed pretty easy at first until I started coughing and sneezing, which causes vaginal muscles to clench around the balls in a way that I almost felt like I was going to push them out and orgasm at the same time.
When I did orgasm on the couch, the balls felt like they were moving around to press against my g-spot for a brief moment, so I squeezed until they were back in that general area. I say this like I know what I'm doing but it does take a lot of guess work.
I then wore them down to storage to move some boxes. Had no issues keeping them in, did sneeze a few times, and that was stimulating, but no spontaneous orgasm again.
Now just relaxing with them and doing kegels.

The fun part is Daddy knowing I have them in so he keeps watching me when I move or sneeze with this curious look on his face, like he's expecting me to have an orgasmic seizure or something lol.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh I forgot!

I forgot!
I gots a present from Mistress Fenreya!!!

Aren't they pretty?

Ben Wa Balls!

They're to practice my kegel exercises. I'm trying them out for the first time tonight after I shower.
I can't wait to see how they feel >.<

Crazy Weekend Pt. 4

What a weekend…like I said, Wow!

Thanks go out to Mistress Fenreya who was awesome enough to have us over and to do my nose piercing and talk to Cari about my tattoo with me.
She is such an amazing Dominatrix, I can totally believe she used to do this professionally.
I can’t wait to go back and see her soon, even if its just for snuggles and hanging out.

Hope you all enjoyed reading about my weekend.

More coming up:

Sir and I have been invited to do a shibari and suspension demo for the Greeneville Tennessee Kinkster group.
I am soooo nervous but not as nervous as Sir. We go down on the 4th of February to do the demo. Going earlier that day to check the installed rigging and weight test it.
Will definitely post pics of the event very exciting ^_^

Here are some pics of the weekend:

Guinness chocolate cupcakes

Sir didn't wanna wake up Sunday morning

Panetonne French Toast!

Crazy Weekend Pt.3 Playing with Toys

After the wax play Fen and Sir and I just sat around and talked mostly. We snuggled in bed and talked about everything from exes and cupcakes to old events we went to and piercings.

When we did go to sleep I think we all slept really well.
The next morning, we snuggled some more and debated not leaving the bed that day >.<
When we finally did, Fen made us breakfast!

She made Panetonne French Toast! Yum!
I don’t remember what all was in it but there was Panetonne, milk, free range eggs, Vietnamese cinnamon, organic sugar, cocoa chili powder, vanilla, and salt…I think that was it but I could be wrong.
She fried up the French toast then baked it in the oven with the remaining milk/egg mix until yummy. It was delicious and didn’t even use syrup or jam!

After eating we mostly just sat around and kept talking…this happens when friends haven’t seen each other in a long time I think lol.

We did some light impact play, mostly spanking and palming.
I got to test drive her dildos too!

I tried out Umiko the Dolphin and her knotted kitsune and her kegle egg. I even tried her equine dildo…yea there was no way that thing was fitting past the labia.

I love the dolphin from Bad Dragon and have been considering getting one. Now I definitely want one and will be saving up for it. It feels so good and there’s so many ways to ride it for different sensations and nerve stimulation.

The knotted fox dildo was FANTASTIC! I’ve never been knotted before and had no idea how good it was! Fen is considering selling it and I told her let me know how much she wants for it. I will definitely buy that baby from her.
She was mean enough to suggest to Sir that since the knot secured the dildo inside, it could be fitted in, then pull some panties or pants on then I could go around all day doing housework of going out and about and it would be like ceaseless fucking on my part. I just think I would be exhausted by that…

The egg was also something I’ve been considering and never tried. It helps strengthen vaginal muscles so that you can pull it in and out. Eventually you can also add weights to the egg’s string to continue strengthening. By that point you could take any size dildo (or fist or whatever) and you could still tighten around a smaller insertion.

Sir and Fen were so sweet to me while I tried these toys out. 
At first I was just gonna do this alone but I'm glad I didn't as they both massaged my arms and chest, gave me position ideas, and so on. Plus there was some discussion about my boobs and the noises I made...-blushes crimson-

I don’t have any in-use pics but hopefully you can get a pretty good idea from the links provided lol. 

Crazy Weekend Pt. 2: Wax Play

After that we left the shop and went to get drinks, turns out Fen and I have similar taste in beer. The liquor store was closed so we went on to her apartment where we met her snake and lizard and wonderful cat.
After a fuss about pizza and having a beer and a cupcake we had a look at Fen’s toy chests.
I love her collection of floggers, dildos, and more. One toy in particular, her rabbit fur vampire glove gave Sir the heebie-jeebies lol.
After the perusal we did some wax play.

The Cheap Way to do Wax Play
You will need:
1 mini/small crockpot (really cheap at places like Walmart)
A pack or 2 of Gulf paraffin wax
Some oil (you can get whatever kind you like but I use coconut oil from Mountain Rose Herbs)
1 dollar store shower curtain (I just lay on the linoleum floor of the kitchen)

Mistress Fenreya had me undress completely (even took off my collar) and lay on the floor (she was nice enough to use a space heater on the floor to keep me from freezing to death). She sat beside me and oiled me down (mmmm yummy massage) then the wax play fun began. Along with her hands, Mistress Fen used a little purple wandy-think that had lots of plastic strands to apply some of the wax and do some like impact play.

Sadly the Gulf wax wasn’t melting properly that night (we think there might be something going on with the crock pot) so she tried 2 tallow candles. O.o those things can burn sort of hot and I did use my slow down safe word – Yellow – when some tallow wax got on my butt…ouch.

The use of the cold knife to remove the hardening warm wax was intense. Mistress Fen said sometimes she uses a wax dipped in ice water and a knife warmed in hot water to play with the sensations. At one point she was using her knife to remove wax from my butt and it tickled so bad I squirmed. She said “you better school yourself little girl, you have a knife on your ass” and I stopped moving completely. “Good girl.”

She also used mini ice packs and had them set on my butt to hold them while she dripped more wax 
Yes Mistress Fenreya has a sense of humor.

Also no pics of this because we, Fen and I, were nude and not in the mood for exhibitionism heh. 

Crazy Weekend Part 1

Wow…what a weekend.

Saturday I baked Guinness cupcakes and Sir and I went to see Mistress Fenreya.

First stop was at Synergy tattoo shop where Fen works as head piercing artist. The idea had initially been to go by, get my traygus piercing adjusted (the ring I previously had in it was either too tight or not quality metal) and talk to a tattoo artist, Cari, about a tattoo idea I had (a teddy bear with a gas mask as a shoulder cap to begin a sleeve concept I have) and get a price for it.

I got my nose pierced while I was there.

I’ve wanted a nose piercing since I was 13 years old. When I told my mom, her response was I could dye my hair any color I liked as long as my face stayed piercing free. I then asked to dye my hair purple. ^_^
So 10 years later, my nose is pierced with a pretty purple post and I couldn’t be happier with it.

I’m sure the people in the shop thought I was a huge baby because I squealed when my traygus piercing was changed - the ring that was in it before was soooo small and it took forever to get it out it seemed then the post she wanted to put in it wouldn’t fit…finally settled on a larger ring and already the swelling is down and it looks great.

I’d post a pic of the piercings but the nose ring is very small and looks like a freckle in the picture. When I buy another post with a larger head once this heals I’ll take a pic. 

(a lot happened so its going to be in parts)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Going to see Mistress Fenreya

I get to visit Mistress Fenreya tonight!!!

I made her special Guinness Cupcakes ^_^ and we're bringing farm raised beef steaks, home made sweet corn, potatoes, and some broccoli to make her dinner...oh and the rest of the Guinness and probably a pack of Sir's desired beer lol.

We're meeting her at where she works as the head piercing artist at Synergy Ink. She's supposed to take a look at my traygus and figure out why its not healing faster, we think I might be allergic to the metal ring in it and all I need is a hypo-allergenic ring (she has a black one with a pinky-purple-blue stone for me ^_^) and then staying the night at her house and just plan on hanging out with her, which we haven't done in FOREVER!
There was talk of eating cupcakes off my boobs...and a perusal of her extensive toy chest ^_^

Mostly I'm just happy to see her -bounces happily- today is taking forever until we leave tonight...ugh the impatience of me...

Thursday, January 26, 2012


So we got asked at the munch who made our floggers and couldn't remember. We came home found the card:

On top is my flogger: its black and purple and thumpier than the bottom one, which I like thumpy so YAY By my flogger I mean Sir Phryxus got it for me but he still uses it on me...I've never hit anyone with a flogger so...yea...

On bottom is Sir's flogger and the first one we bought. Its blue and black and a bit more stingy.

Floggers are custom made by Toolworks Chicago, Inc. or, more specifically, Mark and Jeanine.
Our next buy from them will probably be an aluminum handle flogger...you can even get one that is rounded on the pommel of the handle...for creative use...heh

To Sir With Love 1

So I just added Nic Buxom's comics to my Kinky Entertainment list --->

And read this one and thought of my loving Husband/Daddy/Dom/Master/Sir/Slave...er...forget that last one.

to add to the list of reasons of why I have the bestest DaddyDom in the whole worlds
Last night we had sex ^_^
What? That's not enough you say?
Well how about I explain

I've had the shittiest 2 weeks in the world.
So to add to my despair I just got off my period...make that the second period I've had this month...yea I'm going to the clinic asap.
So, I haven't been having sex because I've been bleeding like a stuck pig and cramping like crazy. Normally, Sir Phryxus doesn't mind having sex with me on my period but we were both worried about my health so we didn't this time...which made me more stressed.
So last night we had sex ^_^ First time in little over a week and man did I need it! Oh and I want to add I had sex while sucking on my brand new pink paci ^_^

Also, Sir got me drunk last night.
Yup! We had drunken sex, which hasn't happened since our honeymoon lol.
I just want to thank him and the waiter at Amigos for my raspberry margarita and the people at Fridays for making bottled Mudslides that you just add ice to...you all are wonderful people.


What have I been up to on IMVU?

I've been playing with SirPhryxus ^_^ But he's not on there much...still its fun when he is.

Age Play. Yes they have rooms for that on IMVU as well though they are few and far between.

Furries furries everywhere. There are TONZ of furries on IMVU. So many fur skins to choose from too. I have a panda body skin with white and black neko ears and white cat tail. I love the little black hearts under my eyes ^_^

Blog Updates

Ok, so if you look to the right ----------->
You'll see lots of links and stuff, some of which are new!
I have a few new link categories, specifically Kinky Entertainment and Fetish Websites along with my Kinksters and Lolita Blogs.

I mostly wanted to post about the Entertainment part.
Right now there are 2 webcomics on that list: Nic Buxom's Trials of a Dominatrix and Girls with Sling Shots by Danielle Corsetto.

The first one is a little self explanatory. The comic is great and funny and I love the style. I just found it when I was writing my article on fetish jobs and couldn't help but start reading. I haven't gotten far so I don't have much of a review for you, sorry.

The second one is awesome!
The plot is pretty basic, just following the lives of a group of friends.
There's Hazel who is a tactless tomboy-ish aspiring writer who struggles with her career and relationships in a comical way...and may or may not be a complete alcoholi-em-drunk lol.
Then there's Jamie, my favorite ^_^ I was actually turned onto this comic by a friend saying I was like her. Shes a lesbian...er...bi...er...not sure chick lol. But she's bouncy and has great assets that get her free drinks ^_^
Other characters include a librarian dominatrix, a blog junky (and they thought Jamie was like me lol), a talking cactus, a mentally challenges and health challenged and expensive cat called Special K, and so much more! ^_^ Can't you see why I love this comic yet? lol

Oh and I will also be adding the artwork of Shiniez to the list, just hadn't thought about it until I started blogging away lol.

Kinky Jobs

With unemployment high and kinksters all over the US looking for jobs, I thought I would make a list of fetish jobs that kinksters might be interested in. Not included in this list is: stripping, porn industry, or prostitution but if this is legal in your area and of interest to you, have at it. ^_^

Doms and Dommes might be interested in going pro. While there is a term for Dommes who go pro, Dominatrix, there doesn't seem to be a similar term for men who do so they are normally termed Pro-Dom or Professional Dominant. Doms (I will be using the masculine version from here on just to make things simpler, sorry if you are offended) can do this 2 ways: solo or as part of a dungeon.

Fox News Sexpert (Yea, I know, of all the places to find a sexpert right?) covered the reasons women would become a Dominatrix (and I think these reasons are similar for men as well) "“It offers the convenience of early or nightshift work; It enables cute women with bodies bigger than the Barbie-esque figure desired of strippers to work in the sex industry; It provides a woman with the opportunity to flog some of the bankers responsible for the current financial mess."

Of course, the pay check of an average of $200 an hour helps as well.
Many Doms supplement their income with public demonstrations, conference appearances, even by writing for magazinese, websites and or authoring their own books.

Pro-Doms in the field:
Alpha Malevolent
Master Kain
and soon Sir Phryxus? -giggles-

Pro Dommes in the field:
Elle ( a pro switch to be precise )
Mistress Milliscent

(I chose the 4 Doms here because they were the first ones I came across when searching that had websites that were still up and running...I know, great journalism huh? lol)

Alternatively, submissives can also go pro and, in most cases, are paid better. This job is more dangerous than its Dom counterpart due to use of restraints by the customer or, in some cases, use of extreme bondage.
This field, as far as what I've seen, is mostly employed with women but I'm sure there is a calling for male subs.

Pro-subs in the field:
Check out the International Directory of Professional Submissives

There are plenty of ways to be kinky online and make money if you have the abilities.

Host your own kinkster website. You can make money through advertisement, becoming an affiliate of adult stores, or reviewing products.

You can also blog...-looks around her own blog- and I know a lot of people make money on their blogs...and I could use the advice myself...hint hint.

Work for a kinkster website. Watch for job opening at your favorite site, social network, etc. I see them pop up all the time but sadly, I have no 1337 Sk1llz0rz...ehem.

And then there's always setting up a profile with some of the webcam and phone sex networks if you have the body and voice for that sort of thing.(I sound somewhat like a small child over the phone...so yea...not where I'm applying right now)

Work at your local adult store. Not only do you get to work in a field you are knowledgeable in but you get a discount on all those kinky toys!

Work for a company that makes toys!
Bad-Dragon is always taking applications on their site even when they aren't hiring.

Make your own toys. If you have a hobby in wood, leather or metal work - put that hobby to work. Make leather harnesses and floggers, wooden racks and vintage dildos, chainmaile or Gorean collars.
Sites like Etsy allow all creators to sell their stuff without having to create your own online store...though that's not a bad idea either. Or, if you don't want to sell online, try setting up a table at your local munch, fetish club, goth club, etc.

If you're a writer, then write. Plenty of websites allow you to create your own e-book without the hassle of agents and begging at the doors of publishing companies. Write some of your own experiences...changing any names of course, or write out your fantasies.
If you don't want to make your own e-book, submit your writing to kinkster magazines, blogs, websites and more. Who knows, you might be the go-to boy or girl in the kinky scene of journalism or fiction!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Past Haunts

I woke up to an anxiety attack this morning
So I might nit be my usual chipper self.
Just something else to add to the ever growing pile of bad stuff happening to me these 2 weeks.

I had a nightmare about my ex, the one that abused me, and woke up scared. I always feel that dreams mean something but...this is different. At first it was just a weird dream, he was opening up for my friend Revrin's band, Nightfalls, with his own band. Then it got weirder, I could see through his eyes and he was looking at old kinky pictures of me.

I woke up with Sir's alarm before it could get worse thankfully but confused. Why would I dream of him when I haven't even thought of him in a very long time...
Then I found out.

He e-mailed me last night.
2 e-mails.
1 threatening my little brother, Synn
2 talking about how he is in bad shape due to his diabetes.

I started to hyperventilate. So I called Sir Phryxus and he talked me down. He almost came home but I told him to go on to work.
I called Synn but no answer...it's still pretty early so I'm sure its just he hasn't woken up yet.
I'm almost betting the issue is my ex joined the kinkster group that Synn is part of and my loving brother has warned quite a few people of my ex's abusive nature.

The second part is his fucked up sociopathic passive aggressive attempt to make me feel bad for him. One of the ways he kept me with him for so long was talking about his health, how he was dying, etc. Its all from diabetes, well, I believe there is a cure for diabetes and a lot of his issues is he really doesn't give a shit about himself enough to be healthy.


So this is not a good way to be starting my day.
I now feel like crap but am afraid to go back to sleep and continue the dream I had.
I just want that bastard out of my life but he keeps finding ways to try and worm his way back in.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cant find the Porn!

Ok, this is driving me bonkers.
About 4-ish years ago I saw a porno on one of those late night movie channels while staying at a cabin in Gatlinburg. It was based on The Crucible and it was AWESOME!
There was an orgy of witches, the priests has sex with them to get them to talk and so on.

But I can't remember the name and I've done every search I can think of!

If you have any idea of what I'm talking about and know the name or better yet where I can buy it PLEASE Help ^_^

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Irreverent Shirts

I just found this site through FetLife ads today and LOVE IT! I plan to order a few shirts from them when we have the money to do so.

January Munch

Just got back from the local BDSM Munch ^_^

It was awesome!
We met at 6 at the China Buffet (which actually was crappy but oh well, I wasn't there for the food) and there was 14 of us total.

We told stories, did a raffle (the prizes were a set of cuffs and a mini flogger), and got some group business done. I can't wait till we get the locations and the dates for the play parties worked out. There was also some discussion about "online" vs "real life" play and people...yes I got on my soap box, you know me well enough by now, reader. I was preaching to the choir though, thankfully.

Sir and I, after, stood outside freezing but smiling as we talked to huntertn, cuddlesrose, and cockmaster for some time with stories ranging from hospital visits to strip club tricks. Daddy even got me a toy out of the gumball machine.

I had such a great time, thank you Babylonia for hosting and all the locals for coming out and meeting us. We had a blast and can't wait for next time.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Benefits Show without the benefits...

Last night Sir phryxus and I went to a benefits show a Fuzzy Holes that was being held for the family of Siryn who died recently. The bands that played included Nightfalls and The Mad Divine.
I'll say right now that though I;m a large fan of the idea of benefits shows, communities coming together to help the family who has lost someone, that's great, I am not a fan of going to them nor am I a fan of the music played.

I went last night because Sir told me I had to...and I came up with a t-shirt idea because of it...
You know those shirt that say "I'd Rather Be Golfing" or the nerdy ones that say "I'd Rather Be Raiding"? well after the morning I had practicing my Domme side online I came up with "I'd Rather Be Pissing Down My Sub's Throat"...I sent it to Synn, he agrees I should have that shirt lol.

I got a lap dance (actually I got 2 because it was 2 for 1 and Sir was working the lights) from dancer Midnight who is adorable. She ended off by kissing my cheek and leaving a big red lipstick mark on it lol.
This would have made my night and let me go home with at least a sense that I had a good time...but...

2 women who were there with their husbands/boyfriends were there, presumably because it was a benefits show for someone they knew or something...one of the older men had been watching me get a lap dance and even the dancer, Midnight, was squicked out by him. He goes and sits with his presumably wife, and suddenly the three women at the table are doing something I have sadly seen often...
Women who go to strip clubs fall into 2 categories, in my opinion.
1 are women who are there to just enjoy it. Even if they aren't lesbian or bi they're still having fun just hanging out and maybe teasing their boyfriend or whatever, its no big deal because they know the dancers are just working.
2 are women who come to the strip club for whatever reason, and spend the whole time thinking they are better than every girl they see because they are not willing to take their clothes off in public. When they see a guy get a dance, they see it as cheating or a weakness and when they see a girl get a dance it pisses them off.

These three women that pissed me off....fall into the second category. They talked about me for the entirety of the Nightfalls segment, me and another girl who got a lap dance. I distinctly heard the word skank, and some other dirty looks and words were passed.
It pissed me off...so by the time Nightfalls was over and Sir was done working, I was ready to go. He wanted to have another beer and relax so I went and got a soda to cool off...and got hit on at the bar...which pissed Sir off, not because I'm not allowed to receive compliments but because the guy assumed that I was a dancer. Sigh you can kind of see a trend here.

So we left but didn't want to go home...so Sir called this girl we've been talking to for a while and asked if she wanted to hang out. We agreed, nothing big, just grab some coffee. I hadn't hung out with her in a while and have an uber crush on her...she's gorgeous! I spend a 45 minute car ride thinking about how I didn't dress up, I'm in a long sleeve t-shirt and jeans, a hat and no make up. At least I showered and shaved and ironically wearing some of my sexiest underwear...
We get to her town and need directions from the exit to her house...we called like 20 times over the next 45 minutes...nothing. I left 2 messages and a couple text messages...nothing...we got stood up...

Went home, feeling depressed, had sex, and Sir, I think partially to cheer me up, joined IMVU. So I showed him around and then passed out after giving out rain checks to the mistresses who approached me on there.
My IMVU account: MimiPhryxus
Daddy's IMVU account: SirPhryxus

So yea...I'd say it was a Benefits Show without the benefits...sigh.
And Now I have to get this stupid black mark on my hand that I got even though I didn't even drink last night...sigh...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Rant...

Its just my week for them...I'm not even gonna explain the situation, Ill fucking post it:

On BabyFur.me

Mimi: for those of you who do not read my blog...Daddy gave me permission last week to roleplay with girls online! So what other little girls...or Big Girls wanna play with lil me?
Aureus: only girls?
Mimi:  yea only girls. ^_^ sorry. Daddy's rules.
Aureus: your daddy is dumb ._.
Mimi: Dont call my daddy dumb, i wouldn't want to play with you anyways if you're that rude.
Aureus: your a dude, your daddy is made up an your lookin to get your rocks off. so i wouldn't want to play with you anyway.
Mimi: Um no...you're being ridiculous because I "hurt your feelings' by not playing with you. anyone who has spoken to me for more than a minute knows I'm a girl who is very open about my lifestyle on my blog and on social networks like here and FetLife. Why don't you go on and find someone who wants to deal with a bratty little boy? 
Aureus:  open? you did hurt my feelings being so closed minded.
Mimi: excuse me but how is saying no, i cannot play with you closed minded? really, you must have been the whiney-est kid on the play ground? Can't you find someone else to annoy

That's just whats been posted so far...but you get the point.
I know that this is a site to get your little on but do we have to be that childish? Really?
And if you really wanted to play with me, you would have looked into my profile, my blog, my links and its quite obvious I'm A GIRL!
Honestly I wouldn't be pissed if he hadn't called Daddy dumb...and said he wasn't real. 
I know I shouldn't feed the trolls but the  more he says the dumber he sounds and I can't resist it...-sighs-

This really must just be my week for dumbass people...its the only thing I can think of...-looks at her horoscope and shrugs- no warning whatsoever.

Submissive Rant Update

For those of you who would like to know the outcome of the rant I had yesterday...

After I wrote my rant and got my anger posted...I wrote a calmer e-mail to Mistress Allysa, the Mistress DecievingSmiles said I was cheating with, and explained what happened and that I was offended by the treatment of her house.
She wrote me back, glad that I had explained, that she understood well what happened and understood my side in it. She then invited me to play with her ^_^
I was very happy that she believed me but then I explained that I don't intend to be owned on IMVU just a plaything or pet, that the only person who really owns me is Sir Phryxus irl and I intended to play with multiple mistresses. She understood and now I am playing with her too ^_^ -stick tongue out at Allysa's meanie house people-

Allysa is a wonderful Domme who plays a futa online and is a participant in her offline BDSM community. She runs several markets on IMVU and is very good at it as far as I've seen, looking after slaves until a Master or Mistress comes to claim them.

Oh and thank you ChiChi for commenting on the rant, I most certainly never assumed that all or even many Domme's were like that, especially not you ^_~

RP Aftermath

I just had a really hot roleplay session with Mistress Silk and Miss Goregina that left me soaking wet, unable to type properly and spasming from orgasm aftermath...oh and the sheets are a lil damp as well.

Well...it all started last night.
I met Little Miss Angelina...er...Heidi...and her harem of ageplay cum-sluts and had a small orgy with them in which I also participated in treating miss kelly, our submissive governess as a cum slut...which turned me on more than I originally wanted to admit.

This morning I met kelly in Mistress Silk's domain and there, Mistress Silk and Miss Goregina decided to have their way with my character. I was handed Mistress Silk's black silk panties and licked the soaking wet crotch clean, which endeared me to the Domme and thus she made me a moderator. I was then given head for an hour by Miss Goregina until i was using my dildo on myself, barely inserting it and pretending it was her probing tongue until I came...hard.

I was then asked if I would send a pair of my wet creamy panties to Miss Goregina...I'll have to ask Sir ^_^

I'm thinking of writing some erotica based around these characters...its just too hot to keep to myself lol.

I <3 imvu="imvu" p="p">

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Submissive Rant

Sorry guys, I gotta rant...

I'm on IMVU (sn: MimiPhryxus) and I was playing around in some furry rooms looking for online Mistress to play with for a time. I had not realized how serious some people take this sadly -_-

I was taken in by a Mistress last night, DecievingSmile, on the basis that this was nothing serious, I wasn't "owned" by her or whatever, we were just trying things out. Anyways, she gave me permission in e-mail that I could play with other Mistresses since she planned to share me anyways, which I'm cool with online only.
I go to another room this morning and was taken in my Mistress Alyssa. Suddenly DS comes in and accuses me of leaving her and cheating or whatever you'd like to call it.
I explain that, no I had permission per our e-mails. She says I was lying and I got kicked out and she received an apology from the room!!!

I'm sorry but this is ridiculous.
I am not a liar. I would have said, sorry but I have a mistress if I had thought the situation serious.
Besides, to go and acuse someone and take another's side just because I'm a pet and she's a mistress is also stupid. I thought slaves were protected...maybe that's just IRL. -_- I'm not sure how much longer i'm going to stay on IMVU.

If anyone would like to friend me on there, feel free to do so...please don't mind the rant this is just fresh in my head and I'm pissed at being called a Liar.

On an added note, who the hell takes on a sub in 2 seconds of meeting them anyways? What sub would trust an online mistress enough to be "owned" after 1 conversation? How dumb is that?

Monday, January 16, 2012

New Experiences

I hate this feeling right before going for a new relationship.
Imagining the very best that could happen and getting excited then...turning around and thinking of the worst that could happen...which is usually based on my own insecurities and low self esteem...but that doesn't make me feel better...
here's hoping I'm just crazy lol.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

BDSM Comics

Came across these comics by shiniez on FetLife (thanks for posting them Jezerae)
Had to share some of them, they are sooooo hot!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Last night Sir and I had a fight

We're ok, don't freak out.
Before I can explain that let me start at the very beginning.
I am a roleplayer. I love to do text-based roleplay. I started on Gaia Online and have tried out several other websites since.
So after Sir and I got together, I stopped as I used to do romantic roleplays with guys.
Well, 2 years ago I started again, only with girls. This led me to meet my first girlfriend since Sir and I got married. That didn't work out...
Sir got a little jealous at the amount of time I spent roleplaying and we had a small fight, which ended up in a rule that I could not roleplay anymore.

No roleplaying is fine...for an amount of time. Then, usually when I'm unemployed with too much time on my hands, I want to roleplay again. I miss it...a lot.

So last night...I'm unemployed and having Sir home with me this week was awesome. But last night, he was in a bad mood and wanted to just play video games. Which is fine but I don't like his games...so I hung out on chat, FetLife, a few other places...and I really, really wanted to roleplay.
Finally I asked if I could roleplay if it was one on one with a girl.
He gave permission! o.o

We fought after that because I, without thinking or asking or anything, started to talk to a group about a roleplay...not what I was given permission for.
But we're better now...just have to remember not to do things I don't already have permission for.

So I can roleplay, with girls, one on one ^_^
If you're interested, let me know
I am also on Gaia Online again with a seeking thread.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My First Cowsona Experience

Last night was my first time roleplaying as a cow.
I would say that my mindset was calf-like, certainly no older than a young heifer.
I expressed my interest in a cow fursona to Sir Phryxus and he seemed to catch on to the idea quickly. e made me crawl around on hands and knees for a bit and "graze". I got into the mindset, imitating the calves we used to have on our land as best I could. Our cat even startled me into backing away and snorting like they do.

Later we had a shower and Sir "unharnessed" me from my bra and underwear and made me get into the bathtub on hands and knees. He proceeded to wash me with the shower head (its one of those long kinds that you can use to wash dogs and the like)...he was very Very thorough...-blushes-

Sir then got in the shower and cleaned up. I proceeded to "milk" Sir and was happy to have the desired response ^_^

I'd say my first experience as a cow was a wonderful one. I think Sir Phryxus had a lot of fun herding me around ^_^

-spazing out-

I Want these sooooooooooooo BAD!
I wonder how difficult they are to walk in...
These would so rock out a cow fursona outfit! Or a Sagittarius/centaur one!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Crimson Rose Part 2

Adam saw Maurice out of his office and sighed as he closed the door. He had spent the last forty minutes assuring Belle’s father that there was definitely some interest in his invention that would help the lumber min clear out some of the forest on his castle grounds for renovations. The lumbermen had been there earlier that morning begging him to make Maurice destroy his machine, or, at least, use it far away from any person it could harm.

He sat at his desk and looked around the room. A long time ago, before the enchantress came, this had been his father’s office. When his family had fled the enchantment, and long since died, these rooms had been closed off. Now it was open, cleaned out and, for the most part, bare. Lumiere and Cogsworth were still arguing over decorating this part of the palace. Rumor was the two had tried to start in on Belle’s quarters with some sort of Neo-baroque d├ęcor and Mrs. Pots and Madame Armoire ran to the girl’s aid. As far as he knew, the room hadn’t changed since Belle came here…and he dearly wish he knew what it looked like inside now…knew what his beloved gazed upon during her day…the feel of her bed were she slept.

Adam pushed the thought away and sighed. He had barely seen Belle in two days. The last two nights he had hoped to see her at dinner, to reach across and grasp her hand, to feel warmth flood through him by a single glance of her large, doe-like eyes. But both nights he was disappointed. Mrs. Pots informed him Belle had dined in her room and retired early.
Maurice had tried to console the prince, told him Belle often desired to be alone, “the introverted young thing.”

Looking at the letters from foreign diplomats who had heard of the Prince’s return, Adam contemplated skipping dinner tonight himself. Hearing a knock at the door, Adam about shouted at whoever it was to go away but refrained lest it be Maurice again or Chip, who often came to bring news of Belle. “Come in.”
It was Mrs. Pots, to Adam’s surprise, looking somewhat agitated and not her usual, rosey self. “How can I help you, Mrs. Pots?”
The older woman looked Adam over. She was impressed by the prince, he was a handsome young man who had retained his youth despite the decades enchanted. Still, in his blue eyes and how he carried himself, there was still a hint of the Beast within, lurking. “My lord…its…” She faltered a bit, not wanting to give too much away about what the young lady upstairs was going through.

“What is it, Mrs. Pots?” Adam did his best to restrain his irritation but it came out in his tone, only angering the woman before him.
“It’s Belle.” She stated roughly.
At this Adam sat up, “What is it? What’s wrong with her? Is she sick?”
Mrs. Pots shook her head, “No, nothing like that.” She considered a way to say this, “Belle is…like most of us, thrown off by the changes going on at the palace.”

“Have Cogworth and Lumiere tried to redecorate her rooms again? I’ll have a word with them immediately.”
“No…well…yes but Belle set them in her place, she prefers a soft, Victorian look…but that is besides the point, My Lord. Belle is bothered by the changes she sees in you.” It was blunt, but Mrs. Pots saw that they would get nowhere without being up front with the prince.

This statement stopped Adam in his thought process. “Changes…in me?” He had wondered if Belle was avoiding him because of how different he looked now. He knew that before the enchantment he had several women seeking his attention and his looks had not changed much. Was he now, no longer her type? It had been a silly thought for surely a woman who could love a beast would not care about looks. But something had been wrong and he hadn’t felt ready to address it with her, especially as she hadn’t been near at hand for any sort of discussion.

“Sire…I know it is not my place…” Mrs. Pots ventured.
“You know that I hold your advice in high regard, Mrs. Pots,” Adam encouraged.
“I think…if you were to take some time alone with Belle…she could see that despite your outward appearance and the change of the castle, that things have not changed…in your heart.” She smiled at Adam as he thought this over. “She simply needs reassurance, Sire.”
Adam nodded and smiled, “Of course…and the sooner the better. Mrs. Pots. Do you think the kitchen staff could set up a private dinner for Belle and I? On the balcony?”
Smiling, Mrs. Pots liked his idea. “Of course, My Lord.”

And...I couldn't resist


Just Joined Care4Baby
My screenname is nekomimi
come by and say Hai ^_^

Crimson Rose Part 1

Here is the Beauty and the Beast fan fic I promised as Belle won the Princess poll. 
It's based after the Beast changes but before the wedding and has to do with the culture shock Belle goes through as everyone has turned back into a human. 

Belle sat in her bedroom at her vanity and felt uncomfortable in the silence. The furniture was no longer alive, simply cold wood and stone. Her mirror would no longer tell her she was beautiful, her wardrobe never help her with her clothes. Yes, she had servants for that now, but could she ever call anyone a servant?
She thought about this in order to prevent her from thinking of what was really bothering her. The man. The man downstairs. The man talking with her father about the use of treasure and gold to repair damages to the castle, to clear the landscape, to buy carriages and horses and stable boys, and so on. The man who was a prince and no longer her Beast.
Belle wrapped her arms around herself and looked up into the mirror. Two nights ago, during the attack of the villagers…and Gaston…she had been a brave young woman. Now she felt like a lost little girl…as lost as she had felt the first night inside this…what once was an enchanted castle.

A knock at the door interrupted her reprieve. Belle took a beep breathe and tried to remember what she had been doing – the brush near her hand reminded her and she continued to brush out her hair. “Come in.”
Mrs. Pots opened the door and smiled at the girl at the vanity. Few people had seen Belle since the battle, since the change. Chip was one of the few that could elicit a smile from Belle these days, and the others…they were too preoccupied with their newfound humanity.
“Hello dear,” Mrs. Pots said softly as she closed the door behind her.
Belle smiled weakly up at the older woman as she set her brush down. “Hello Mrs. Pots.” She turned to face the woman fully and fidgeted a little with the hem of her sleeve, guessing that this discussion was inevitable.

Mrs. Pots stood before the girl and was reminded that, though a woman, Belle was still so very young. “We haven’t seen much of you lately. Lumere says you haven’t even been in the library.”
Blushing, Belle nodded, “I have quite a few books up here in my room to suit me for now,” she gestured to a stack beside her bed and another beside the window seat. It was a lame excuse but all Belle had.
Looking at the stacks of books Mrs. Pots nodded and went on, “And we’ve not seen you come down for dinner.”
“I’ve been very tired lately…” Belle looked down at her slippered feet.
“And the Prince has been asking about you.”
“Has he now…strange I thought he was very busy, what with the renovations and the diplomatic councils that have been coming and going.”
“Belle,” Mrs. Pots frowned and her tone grew stern. “What is going on in that pretty little head of yours? For a girl who is so very smart you sure aren’t acting like it.”

Bell felt tears sting her eyes. She knew she wasn’t acting maturely but she was frightened. That man downstairs was foreign to her…so terribly different from the Beast she remembered…and missed.
Seeing the tears, Mrs. Pots knelt down next to Belle’s vanity seat and pulled and handkerchief from her pocket and dabbed the girls cheeks. “Now, now dear. No need for that. Tell me, what is the matter.”

Through the tears, Belle poured out her heart and all the troubles she had been dwelling on in the past two days. How Adam was so different from Beast, how she had no idea how to act around him, how the shock of everything suddenly being so different…it was as if she was right back to where she started. How everyone expected her to be a princess now but Adam hadn’t even touched her since that night nor had he mentioned marrying her. How all of this was so overwhelming all she wanted to do was hide and read and not think about it.

Mrs. Pots listened and hugged the girl close. By the end of it the handkerchief was soaked and both women were sitting on the floor between the seat and the vanity. Patting Belle’s head, Mrs. Pots began to contemplate a plan. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I want Restriction

I fantasize about cruel but loving restriction.
Forced to wear posture collars
Trained into corsets and ballet flats

I'd love to tip toe for my Master Daddy Dom Husband
To wobble to his side and be made to sit quietly
Forced to sit up straight in silence beside him