Saturday, November 26, 2011

No Need for Foreplay

There's something to be said for skipping foreplay.
No fingering or stretching, no licking or sucking. Just push the panties aside, yank the bra down and ram in. Pound away until juices flow.
Left gasping for air and gripping the pillows while the body tries to understand what just happened. Pussying wet and dripping. Heart pounding.
Yes...there's a lot to be said for skipping foreplay...

Friday, November 25, 2011

All Things Kink

Stumbled across All Things Kink today.

They have 2 parts to their site it seems. The first is like a kinkster's ebay and the second is a BDSM dating site.

I set up an account with their dating site for me and Daddy as we are still seeking another woman to make our life complete.

Browsing through the toys n things on the shop site was fun and I saw a few things I'd love SantaDaddy to bring me this year ^_^

The 24kt Gold Pink Princess Glass Dildo  is absolutely adorable and supposedly Eco-friendly.

The Rose Flogger is beautiful!!! It comes in a few different colors too - torn between black with red roses or blue with dusty purple roses...decisions decisions heh

(sorry no pics, they save a php files and I dunno how to convert them)

Blurry Thanksgiving Photos

Yes, you

Sir Phryxus dancing with Candy

Sir teaching his cousin's wife to be a stripper

Sir giving me a dance

My Odd Thanksgiving

What a Thanksgiving! I visited with family, ate way too much, had amazing sex with my wonder Daddy Dom and watched WallE!
Then we got a text asking us where we were...
There was a party that a few people were supposed to invite us to but all assumed someone else had >.<
The local strip club, Fuzzy Holes, which we love. (see the website and visit the club to find out why ^_^)

It was a Thanksgiving/Black Friday party for the strippers and friends. We're friends of the owner, Anita, and the DJ, Lee. Sir Phryxus used to work there as a bouncer back in the day.
Sir's cousins were also there (but for the sake of privacy can I just call them Jason and Nora). They are regulars to the Hole and sort of kinksters as well (in a light way).

We played Kings - Hell House rules...I'll try and explain the rules as I remember:
Shuffle a deck of cards and leave them splayed out among the players. Each person picks a card and it goes on until all the cards are done.

Joker - you get to pick someone in the group to be your slave and they must do whatever you like until the game is over
King - guys drink
Queen - girls drink
Joker - truth or dare
10 - take 2 drinks
9 - Play You Drink (point at someone and say "You Drink" and they drink)
8 - Make a Rule (ex. Everyone must bless themselves before they drink, if they do not they must then bless themselves and take a second drink)
7 - Nose game (the last person who touches their nose has to take a drink)
6 - Never have I ever (everyone holds out 3 fingers and starting with the person who draws the card they say never have I ever (done something) and those who have done it must put down a finger. Person with no fingers left first must take a drink)
5 - Hands down (last person to put hands on the table takes a drink)
4 - Hands up (last person with hands up takes a drink)
3 - Catagories (ask a multiple choice question and it goes around where everyone must give an answer. If they take too long or don't have an answer, then that person must take a drink)
2 - take a drink
Ace - Everybody drinks

I might have gotten a few of those mixed up but whatever. Have fun.

By the end of the night, Sir was teaching Nora and a cross dresser how to dance on a pole (he's actually quite good at it...), Nora was down to her thong, one of the dancers was fondling my boobs, everyone LOVED my absinthe cupcakes, and I almost fell asleep on one of the dance couches haha.

It was a great night. I have pics but the red and black lighting didn't do enough so everyone looks like blobs.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Just some rambling

I just felt like rambling today...

Been baking Absinthe Cupcakes and getting things together for my Pumpkin Pie Pudding for Thanksgiving.
We've been so busy lately getting ready to move to Alaska in the spring, taking antiques to auction and getting ready for the upcoming holidays.

I've also been on a writing kick lately as I'm temporarily unemployed. Hope you all are enjoying that.

Sir Phryxus has been helping me with the stress by letting me, after the day's work is said and done, slip into little space and watch Disney movies or coloring in my Lisa Frank and Strawberry Shortcake color books. He even bought me a Minion plushie (from Despicable Me) today while he was out getting some work done.

Just spending the evenings trying to relax - even my personal cookbook says RELAX on the cover ^_^
I think tonight I'll cuddle Sir and my minion, watch a movie, and nom a cupcake.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I have soooo many story ideas lately!

I'm still working on Dolly and Deiter's story, how they met, different scenes from their life, and so on.

3-D is my main story at the moment. I'm hoping everyone is enjoying the different illustrated scenes I've done so far.


A Medieval style slave story called Damhnait
A werewolf story that should be pretty smutty
and another trinogamous/poly relationship story but this time with A Master - house boy - babygirl

I'm trying not to overload with a bunch of different stories on here and confuse everyone but I just have so many ideas!
I'll try and finish either this part of 3-D or how Dolly and Deiter Met before uploading a new story...

And of course there's always my fan fiction:
Descent into Darkness is still going strong

Coming soon to

Beetlejuice/Lydia pairing
Disney Princess fan fic...specifically Rapunzel, Belle, and Alice...not counting the Poll winner's story!

So there's my writing update, Hope everyone enjoyed my Wordless Wednesday picture, and is voting on the POLL on the right hand side of the page. I can't wait to see who wins!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gothic Lolita Movies

Some movies and some links to movies that depict some characters in EGL fashion.

Psycho Gothic Lolita I havent seen this one, I'm sure its a scream...of laughter I mean.

Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl I love this movie. its sooooo funny! I would love to cosplay as one of the girls. I also plan on having a Valentines Day Party themed with this movie (complete with raspberry"blood" filled chocolate truffles and broken glass cupcakes).

Kamikaze Girls show some very pretty Lolita fashion including clothes from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Gothic Lolita Rant

So I read this article on Morbid Outlook and wasn't impressed. Sure the facts about Visual Kei and some examples of EGL fashion were nifty but the auther couldn't make up their mind why Japanese youth dressed this way at all. Plus, lumping all Western youth into the category of immodestly dressed J-Lo fans was a little annoying...

I love the fight between articles of many authors and websites on whether or not EGL is sexual in any way. I think that depends on the person. I find EGL very aesthetically sexual but I'm also a Little that does Adult Age Play so...that might explain that.

The Wiki How-to article for EGL was pretty useless in my opinion with no real link on where to start, what clothes they recommend starting out purchasing, what bands to look into, etc. The most helpful comment was do your research and you don't have to change your whole wardrobe and personality to be EGL...

Another issue I have with some articles is they make the fashion out to be for teens only. Excuse me, but I am not a teenager, have not been now. I do look young for my age (its a miracle if I don't get carded at the bar) and the look works well with a young face but it doesn't mean that 20-30 yo can't wear this look.

I also hate that all the articles I browse just vomit the same information over and over again. Maybe this isn't the case with the articles and blogs in Japanese and the English ones are just taking forever to catch up.

So there's my rant. I try not to do too many of these...don't wanna ruin my sweet and innocent image lol

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shibari Trials 1

So I'm not brand new to Shibari but its been a long time since Sir Phryxus and I had a session.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

What Fetish Am I?

I took this Quiz that asked innocent questions and told you what fetish you are. 
I was...
Wax Play

You're an intense and colorful fetish, not for the faint of heart. 
You're potentially painful, especially combined with knife play. 
You attract those who have an unbelievably insatiable desire...

I actually have never tried wax play...or knife play for that matter. I have seen it done before at a fetish night at the local club that has hence shut down. It was done by my friend Revrin on a girl whos name I cannot remember. The overall aesthetic was lovely and inticing. I wouldn't mind trying it sometime with...different sheets.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Baking With Daddy

Daddy called me this morning and asked me what I had for breakfast. I told him leftover 'sghetti. He said that was not a good breakfast and he was coming straight home and making me pancakes lol. He was on his way home when he called, he just wanted to play.
We had a great impromptu day of intimacy, Scrabble, shibari and to end it all perfectly I made a cake!

Skelly Doll wanted to help

I already took a bite >.<

Songs from Littles Space

There are certain songs I enjoy listening to when I’m being little.

A lot of the music I listen to is techno so when I’m being little this is no different. I simply prefer a softer style like trance or some nightcore: For this I decided to share Come Home (Dream Trance style).

Kerli is one of my favorite artists and I love listening her to relax, chillout or be a little. She has a whimsical feel to her music and is just adorable all around. I love her songs Tea Party and Walking on Air!

I love remixes and covers of the songs I enjoyed when I was younger.
KatherinetheGreat did a full version of the song Come LittleChildren from Hocus Pocus

I also of course like the songs that I enjoyed when I was younger. It was the 80s/early 90s and I decided when I was 8 that I was going to marry Axel Rose…this was also the time I wanted to marry Keifer Sutherland –shrugs-
Sweet Child o’ Mine was apparently my song according to my aunt when my mom was preggers with me. 

I know this seams like a strange play list is what it is. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Essay on Discipline

CuddleBear also wrote an article about why punishment is just as important and reward in the age play scene.
I admit, I thought hard about not showing this article to my Daddy. There was even some discussion on the age^play chat about it. I eventually gave in and read the essay to Daddy and we agreed on its importance.

Daddy doesn’t punish me by spankings normally (unless we’re being kinky). My discipline comes in the form of corner time. I am my own worst disciplinarian (my years of criticism from my mother and my own high-strung personality punishes me in ways Daddy never could or would) so corner time makes me sit and think about what I have done and by the end of the allotted time I am practically screaming mea culpas.

CuddleBear explains why punishment is necessary in not only taking care of the little but also in developing trust and respect. He also explains that all punishable offenses should be known early in the relationship and what the punishments are – any parent knows to set boundaries. All children (adult or otherwise) will push boundaries but should know what will happen so there are no surprises or border-line abuse.

An important part of the article is that ignoring the little as a form of punishment can be detrimental not only to the little’s mental health but also to the relationship:
“It is only (semi)effective as a punishment because the mental anguish, love-loss, and abandonment it brings on are so devastating! But every time it is done it 1) decreases their feelings of self-worth (which you will then have to spend time building back up so hey, guess what…you're now putting in overtime and the "time ignored" is wiped off the clock anyhow.) 2) For littles with extreme abandonment issues, every time you do this it only increases their resolve to look for a happier place. Eventually well...guess what they will be doing for those "48 hours of punishment" when you are not there guiding and helping them? Yes, looking for a Parent who won't mess with their minds.”

The Point System

CuddleBear explains the system of reward and punishment he uses for online relationships:

“I now use (for online or long-distance relationships mostly) a system I call "good-girl points". Some nice prize (A pair of feety jammies or a special toy) will cost her 1,000 points. Points are then added - or subtracted - as needed. It is simply amazing how well behaved a girl will be once she passes 500 points! Once she earns her prize, I add a new prize and reset her score to zero again.]
For those who have asked for an example, here is the sort of thing I am talking about:

Saturday, Aug 27:
called me first thing in the morning +5 points
emailed me her diet for the day and current weight +20 points
failed to call at bedtime -5 points

Monday, Aug 29
Answered cell phone while driving -200 points

And lastly (Mostly for the Daddies) open and honest communication. ALWAYS!
As a Man I will be the first to admit that some of us bottle things up or just have a hard time expressing things. But you can never keep your pleasure or displeasure from your little one! Any [newly noticed] action that displeases you greatly will just have to be added to the Punishable List (but don't forget to add things which touch your heart…or other the Good-Girl List too).”

Essays and Ribbons and Dice

The second and third essays that CuddleBear shared were about the age of the little and different ways to handle Adult age play (meaning that there is sex or kinks involved).

Deciding How Old You Are

In my experience, which is quite limited, most littles have a set age. I however do not. My Daddy and I haven’t set an age due to our new-ness to the lifestyle and I don’t want to make Daddy feel pedophilic during sex-play. This is something we are handling with care and time. When we do platonic play I am usually 8-9 years of age.

CuddleBear says of this age-range: “Some girls want to be a preteen. Capable of independent thoughts and actions, curious about the world. Mostly happy and playful. Daddy worries about most of the real-life stuff but she also has chores and duties she must perform “or else.” Pubic hair is rarely seen.”

CuddleBear explains later in Essay #5 regarding Non-sexual age play, that the choice of age is sometimes due to any abuse done to the person in child-hood. I realized while reading this article why I chose the 8-9 age range. Before I turned 8, I was in the somewhat constant care of my grandmother while my mother flitted from school (she was a young mother) to re-hab to military. 
When I was 8 she came home from over-seas military base and became my full-time care provider…and thus the years of emotional and mental abuse began until I turned 19. I chose 8 years because up until that time I had been happy and can, during platonic age play, regress to that time and pretend that the next 10-11 years never happened.

Ribbons and Dice

Now, for those age-play-ers who like to play different ages depending on their mood, CuddleBear developed a way to decide on an age. He took a 20-sided die and in the morning they would roll this and what number it landed upon would be his little-girl’s age for that day.
This may work well for many but I have issues with a few ages due to the years of mental abuse I endured in my teen years and issues with younger ages as I do not enjoy diaper-play or being fully-taken care of with many day-to-day aspects.

His third essay is about The Ribbon Code.

To prevent miscommunication between little and Guardian (Mommy, Daddy, etc) and the need for the little to stop age play and be “Big” and have a big-people’s discussion about their wants and needs, CuddleBear developed the Ribbon Code.

“Imagine this scenario: you are one of the people who do enjoy rape-roleplay. You have spent your day just daydreaming of fun new ways to tease and act slutty so that you will get a good one tonight. But when you come home, your Parent has had a difficult day and all they want is to cuddle with you. You can't both have your way and be happy. This is the sort of situation that The Ribbon Code can help with!
What you need to do is sit down with your Parent and make a list of 6 fetishes that you both enjoy. Then you assign a different color to each item on the list and you both memorize it. Now, first thing in the day, you can both see what sort of mood you are in and you will both have all day to get into the mindset...and anticipate.”

CuddleBear then goes on to describe how he and his little play this particular game. He will come home and find his little with a set color of ribbons in her hair and know, without having to say a word, that she is in the mood for one of the six fetishes.

He recommends white for platonic , No-Touch play and red for rape-play. I later learned he uses yellow for watersports, blue for consentual/grown up sex, and black for BDSM.
Another way to play with this is to paint the sides of a six-sides die the corresponding colors, roll it and play with that color for the day/evening.

Daddy and I discussed the Ribbon Code last night and have decided our colors and will be buying barrettes to match (my hair is too short for ribbons). We stuck with the white for No Touch/Platonic play, Black for BDSM (with emphasis on beating, spanking and restrainment) and it is understood that I will always be the sub in any circumstance.
The list of colors and correspondences is going in my subbie journal.

Why Platonic No Sex Play?

CuddleBear explains the white ribbon code:

“And if you wonder why on earth anyone would ever want their girl to have white ribbons in an adult age play relationship, let Me educate you; white ribbons are fantastic because they CAN NOT allow any form of adult contact. For all intents and purposes, she will be your real daughter. Now all you have to do is maybe walk around the house in a loose bathrobe, lift some weights (do the things that you KNOW get her hot), and let the sexual tension start to build. And she will also be doing things like sitting or bending over improperly to flash her panties or give peeks down her blouse.

And if she crosses a line say, “brushing against you", or saying something improper, then you take her over your knee, lift her skirt, and give that girl a thorough spanking and stern lecture for “...acting like a little whore!” But after that, she still has those ribbons in, so nothing else can happen! How much willpower do you have?

Enforce white ribbons in your house for an entire weekend and sweet play becomes what I like to call “sweet torture”. By Monday you will both be ripping those ribbons off of her! It is also a superb way to introduce a new slave to age play because she knows she will be safe. It's like a permanent visual safe word.”

Essays and Stranger Danger

I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting some great, loving, intelligent people in the littles and BDSM community. One of these people is CuddleBear in the age^play chat room on CuddleBear has set up a great place for littles to not only learn about the lifestyle but also to hang out among like-minded people without the fear of “Stranger Danger” or people attempting to force sexual role-play upon them.

CuddleBear has been in the community for a number of years now and has shared his expertise in a collection of essays. I read these and learned quite a bit from them and wanted to share them with you, my readers, as well as share what I gleaned from them.

He started off with a small disclaimer that his essays are covered under the Creative Commons and that they are written from his perspective in a heterosexual Adult age play relationship. 

Stranger Danger

The first essay that CuddleBear posted was one is “StrangerDanger.” Every community has its…not so nice to dangerous people. In the age play community there is also the danger of pedophiles filtering in through link-to link-to link surfing online. This is not only a danger to the age play community but also to anyone in the community that has biological children. CuddleBear states that the best way to watch for this is to safeguard the community with knowledge – talk to others in the community and see who they have had problems with, search anyone you meet through the US databases that list pedophiles or others who have been imprisoned for sex-crimes, and, of course, always know the real name and address of anyone you meet off-line.

I love that CuddleBear offered this advice. There are so many people in the community looking for a thrill and not worried about the safety of who they meet and so-forth. I have had a few online relationships in the past and talked to friends who have had online relationships about what safety precautions are in place for meeting these people. It’s always good to let someone you know and trust know about the relationship, especially if you plan on meeting IRL.

This is one of the reasons why I show these safety precautions in my story about how Deiter and Dolly meet. Dolly keeps her friend Abby notified every hour of what is going on, where she is, who she is with. I would also, if I knew Dolly in-person, recommend giving Abby Deiter’s cell phone number and maybe even license plate number. You can never be too safe. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

My SissyKiss Profile

So I created a profile on SissyKiss. I think the site is adorable and enjoy hanging out on the chat. The forums are also a lot of fun and I've come across a few pics on there that I adore!

My Profile
Its a work in progress...

And here are some SissyKiss pics

They have a whole set of Disney Baby Princesses, I had to post Belle as she is my fav. I also like Rapunzel too but didn't find that they had AB'd her yet. I'll keep an eye out for it though ^_^

Submissive with a capitol S

So I'm a Submissive and have been so for a number of years now.

Sadly this fact seems to make other Doms believe that not only am I public property but that I am also going to do as they say immediately, without comment or complaint, and that I should just enjoy the attention -queue annoying buzzer sound- Wrong! Being a Submissive is not like that at all!

Submissives, in my opinion, are an integral part of the D/s relationship and should be treated as such. They are the Dominant's partner in a scene. I also feel that the Submissive is actually the one in control. They have the right to use safe words, to say what they are comfortable with and not comfortable with, and the right to decide if a Dom is right, or wrong, for them.

Submissives have the right to feel safe, to feel loved and to be taken care of. Despite the stigma, they are people too! If a Dom attempts to control a Submissive without their consent, this is just as bad as a vanilla person trying to force another vanilla person into their bed.

So, in short, Do Not Dom a Sub without their Permission!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I am

I am first a wife, then a sub, then a little...

But cat ears are available no matter what the occasion ^_^

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sissy Kiss

Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh!

I just found Sissy Kiss Boutique online and am in love with so many of their cutesy outfits!

I had a dress like this for Easter when I was about 8 or 9 and mommy curled my hair into ringlets - I looked like Shirley Temple ^_^
I'm already thinking of adding a few items to my list for SantaDaddy.

Fan Fiction: Legend

So I've written some fan fiction that's pretty steamy so far. Its based on Legend and is a Darkness/OC pairing. So far everyone that's read the first few chapters loves it. I'm hoping to keep them pleased ^_^

Descent into Darkness (Legend fan fic)

Girl Scout

So I used to be a girl scout and I loved it and recently I've been playing with the idea of Goth Scout Sash with quirky, kinky, gothy badges. Daddy said he would sew me one when I got the fabric I wanted.

Today I squealed with glee as I ran across the ad for this site on FetLife:

I particularly like the Collared badge and the Flogging badge.

I also wanted to share this for you other girl and boy scouts who are into the idea of being awarded with these fun badges. ^_^

A Little about Nekomimi


I'm Nekomimi or loli depending on where you met me. I am an owned and married sub and I'm into several aspects of the fetish and kinkster lifestyle but this blog focuses on littles, furries, and my erotic fiction.

I plan on posting daily if possible but I don't promise a large post every day. Of course my longer posts will be my fiction. Wednesday will be Wordless Wednesday where I will only be posting a picture I like online or that I did myself so that I have time to do all I need to do for that day (for some reason it tends to get pretty busy then).

I hope you enjoy my blog ^_^