Thursday, January 26, 2012

To Sir With Love 1

So I just added Nic Buxom's comics to my Kinky Entertainment list --->

And read this one and thought of my loving Husband/Daddy/Dom/Master/Sir/ that last one.

to add to the list of reasons of why I have the bestest DaddyDom in the whole worlds
Last night we had sex ^_^
What? That's not enough you say?
Well how about I explain

I've had the shittiest 2 weeks in the world.
So to add to my despair I just got off my period...make that the second period I've had this month...yea I'm going to the clinic asap.
So, I haven't been having sex because I've been bleeding like a stuck pig and cramping like crazy. Normally, Sir Phryxus doesn't mind having sex with me on my period but we were both worried about my health so we didn't this time...which made me more stressed.
So last night we had sex ^_^ First time in little over a week and man did I need it! Oh and I want to add I had sex while sucking on my brand new pink paci ^_^

Also, Sir got me drunk last night.
Yup! We had drunken sex, which hasn't happened since our honeymoon lol.
I just want to thank him and the waiter at Amigos for my raspberry margarita and the people at Fridays for making bottled Mudslides that you just add ice all are wonderful people.

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