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B is for Beach

B is for Beach – a review

Malia Mallory’s ABC’s of Erotica continues with book two, B is for Beach.

If A is for Anal was a tempting treat, B is for Beach is a delicious appetizer.
Erica and Ben are meeting for the first time after many conversations, some not so vanilla, over the phone. Now, not only is her desire for seeing the face of her phone-lover fulfilled but Ben also satisfies Erica with completion of one of her fantasies – Sex on the Beach.

I love the scene where Erica and Ben undress each other. So many times I am annoyed by how authors write these sorts of scenes. They tend to either go into too much detail and take too long or they go to fast and you’re wondering how so-and-so suddenly doesn’t have pants on when, in the last sentence, they were buttoned and belted. Kudos to Mallory for getting this scene perfect! I especially like the way she writes Ben’s fondling Erica’s breasts underneath the “loosened cups” of her bra. For some reason, that small statement seemed so intimate to me along with his licking the line of her cleavage. –sighs-

My favorite part, however, isn’t teasing sentences but the concept of sand bondage! Packing someone in sand and telling them not to move is a kinky concept I never would have thought of. While I don’t enjoy the thought of sex in the sand (there are just too many places for sand to go and make things uncomfortable, in my opinion) this is tempting enough for at least some play before heading back to the hotel or bungalow.

Also, a little teaser for my happy readers, there is a little foot fetish scene in the beginning that involves sucking and soles and toes and breasts. If that doesn’t tempt you to grab this book, I don’t know what will.

I will say, for those grammar Nazis out there, you may find a few details in this book a little annoying as far as comma placement, sentence/paragraph structure and a few awkward sentences. However, if grammar isn’t your thing or you simply don’t care, please overlook this statement. ^_^

I give B is for Beach 4 happy hearts instead of 5.

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A is for Anal - a review

Malia Mallory is the author of the ABCs of Erotica series. The first book in the series is A is for Anal.

A is for Anal is about Grace, the prim and proper woman by day and naughty slut by night, and Michael who has the skill for bringing the kinkster out of his heroine. In the shower, while soaping and massaging Grace into complacency, Michael comes upon in a secret fetish of hers – Anal.

I was excited to get the first book of the ABCs of Erotica for free. From what I’ve read on Twitter and other websites, Mallory’s series is sure to be a feast for the erotic literature fan. A is for Anal was short, sweet and a seducing treat to lure the reader in and make them want more of this great writer.
I really enjoyed Mallory’s description without being overly vulgar. The little bit of dirty talk is so well used that it caused me to blush along with Grace.

My favorite part of the book is probably:
“He laughed. ‘How much do you want me?’ His voice vibrated with sensual promise. ‘Oh, so much, please don’t tease me.’ She rubbed herself against him. Her reserve was buried for the moment. All she could think about was his cock filling her.”
The ABCs of Erotica - A is for Anal (Kindle Locations 87-89). Malia Mallory. Kindle Edition.

The only thing I wasn’t a fan of is that there was only a teeny tiny glimpse of Grace and Michael’s back story. I’d like to have known more about how the hell they got together in that shower in the first place. I know A is supposed to be short, just a taste of what is to come, but curiosity is making me a lil pouty on that note. If you like to use your own imagination or like authors who don’t always tell all, then this may not be a downside for you.

I really hope you all enjoy A is for Anal as much as I did. The shower scene has inspired one of my own with Sir Phryxus.

I give the first installment of the ABCs of Erotica 4 out of 5 stars and look forward to the next 25 books!

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Wet - A Review

I recently bought the erotic book Wet by Noir Le Chat from a fellow FetLifer and my dear friend Aconita read it first. Here is her review. I'll try not to let it color my judgement too much. 

I have always believed that the worst thing you can do when you first pick up a book is to judge it by its cover. So, naturally, when I picked up 'Wet', that is exactly what I did - I thought it was gonna be good.

'Wet', by Noir Le Chat, is a collection of erotic stories. On the back cover, it reads "Author Noir Le Chat has put together one nightcap for each night of the week with a use of metaphors that are intellectually erotic and undeniably unique."

I was rather intrigued by the wording of "intellectually erotic" and "undeniably unique", so I started to read. The first thing that I realized was that Noir Le Chat was not kidding about the use of metaphors. When I read that, I was thinking there would be maybe one or two

metaphors, perhaps between a teacher and a naughty student (Hee hee), but alas, I was incorrect. What she meant is that every story was going to be written like a metaphor.

For example, the first story. "The Conversation" is about how this woman is incredibly turned on by this man's conversation and voice. 'Alright,' I thought to myself, 'this could get good.'

It didn't.

Ms. Le Chat proceeds to use the conversation bit throughout the story - when the woman begins oral sex on the man, she is described as using her "persuasive words" and that as his flavor "spoke back" to her, it let her know that "he understood and enjoyed her conversation".

His penis is then described as a "hardened story". As she deep throats him,  Ms. Le Chat describes it as "wanting to get her full point across." And when he finally cums - that is written as her tongue being overflowed with wet words. As the characters further their

conversation, his penis is yet again described as a "hardened story", and the female character is placed against the wall as they prepare for "his next topic of discussion." And when they finally do start to have sex, his strokes are not actual strokes, but rather "new

sentences." Her climax is not an actual climax either, but rather an applause to show him how much she enjoyed his narrative.

And then there is the fourth story to consider, "The best advice I ever received."


It starts out surprisingly normal. We are introduced to our female character, who is anxiously attempting to register for some form of placement test, and has contacted several school counselors concerning it. She finally gets in contact with one, meets with him,  and goes to

an orientation meeting about the test where he will be speaking. Surprise, surprise, this gentleman is not only described as being an "Adonis", but as having a "distinguished, sexy voice."

And then we get to the "erotic" part, aka the part that not only gave poor Aconita a headache but also made her want to puke. ):

As you have probably guessed by now, the particular metaphors used in this story are advice, counsel and orator. She enters his office wanting some further advice and counsel on speaking, which naturally leads them to getting it on.

He proceeds to go down on her, and that is where everything goes to hell.

His going down on her is described as a 'lecture' that truly deserved a 'standing ovation when all was said and done.'

And when she pulls down his pants and starts to perform oral on him, not only is his dick described as being 'advice and wisdom',  Ms. Le Chat writes the oral as 'I bent over swallowing every bit of his advice, hoping that he would be as pleased with my oral performance as I

was with his. He placed his hands on my head guiding me back and forth with the precise skillfulness and helped me choose just the right text. I wanted this to be a speech that he would never forget as I spoke into his microphone. The wet spoken flow I tasted coming from

his mic onto my tongue let me know he was proud of his student and that I was now schooling him.'

The advice continues, and they get ready to have intercourse. His penis is again described as advice, and every stroke as a lesson. Their climax is described as 'the ringing of the bell', 'passing the test' and 'class being let out', along with being 'his final point' and her being

an 'exceptional student.'

To make a long story short, this collection sucked. It is definitely unique, and the premise is interesting, but in my opinion, Ms. Le Chat takes the use of metaphors way too far. It is one thing to have a character use a metaphor a couple of times in the story, but to make

everything a metaphor is just too much. This collection might appeal to some people, but not me. I give 'Wet' a 1/5.

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2012 Top Sex Blogger

Rori at Between the Sheets does a Top 100 Sex Blogger List every year and this year it would really be amazing to be nominated for that list!.

How do you do it?

Simply leave a comment on the Nomination Post or e-mail Rori at
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Nominations close August 31st.

Once the 2012 list is given I will happily re-blog it here and more than happily celebrate with you, darling readers, if I'm on it.

So lets give it a try and show me some love, ok?

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Domestic Submission

Ever wonder how you could use something as mundane as house cleaning and turn it into something exciting and kinky?

Check out my new article on SexIs Magazine from EdenFantasys - Domestic Submission!