Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Footsie Review LELO Lube

I received a packet of water-based LELO lube with my Onye Gallerie Petite vibe from Sex Toy Geek and as I'm not comfortable using unnatural lube during sex I decided to have some fun and make a little photo shoot for those loving foot fetishists in my life, especially lil Bro SynnfulMeeko.

Freshly pedicured piggies ^_^ in Honeymoon Red

Lelo water-based lube is slippery and slick without being gummy or too thick. It dripped out easily but was thick enough to be manageable even in this packet.

 Just the little bit covered both feet quickly. Would be perfect for a foot-job. Both top and bottom were completely slick.

I finished off with a shower and surprised that I didn't fall from having slick feet. The lube washed off easily. I'd say that if I wasn't afraid of having an allergic reaction or completely turned off by the artificial ingredients of this lube I'd be happy to try it during sex. If these things don't bother you, feel free to grab some ^_^

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