Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Dolly

I'm in Littles mode lately. I think its mostly due to emotional stress lately.
But to add to my Littles happiness I have a new toy, a dolly!!!

This is Erro, a Series 2 Little Apple Doll.
Her story is a sad story. A witch stole her heart, leaving a hole where it should be. Every night she wandered, looking for something but not remembering what it was. She wandered the woods and found the witch who gives her a little paper house, inside of which is a spell. The witch tells Erro that she has the little girls heart and has hidden it, but that she will always go to sleep and when she wakes up she will not remember what it is she is looking for.
The Little Red Apple finds Erro and has her place him where her heart should be instead. He then takes her to the Inbetween Place. There she will not wander and is out of the clutch of the witch...but she still does not have her heart.

I love this doll.
Its so beautiful with its pale, mouth-less face.
Its also beautiful in that...I know what it feels like to look for something even when you're not sure what it is you're looking for in the first'll just know when you find it.

Thank you Mistress Fenreya for such a lovely friend!

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