Sunday, February 5, 2012

Formal Fetish Tea Service

So I'm working on a new project inspired to me by the little Tina who has come to me online to be my playmate.

I love Victorian roleplaying in the fetish world. I find it stimulating both mentally and erotically.
One thing I find most enjoyable is a formal tea.

I was thinking, how could a submissive or slave serve their Dom/me more fully during a formal tea?
I've posted this question on a few forums and chat rooms.

Now I did get a response on the FetLife Modern Victorian group from the Marquis de Valmont (who Sir and I greatly admire) and his response was:

"English High English High special protocols need be.
Proper service and protocols as such and FOR such service need not be altered in any way.
One must simply BE a good and well trained servant, have knowledge OF this daily ritual...and perform it."

I suppose that it might be a bit precocious of me to try and tweak decades, nay a century of protocol but...I thought it would be fun and anyone who knows me knows how precocious I can be ^_^

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  1. Enjoy your tea! High Tea simply means dinner is served with tea. It's not about the protocol but about the menu. The best thing about afternoon tea is dressing up, enjoying food treats and the 'art of conversation'