Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fun Factory Share

The Fun Factory Share is a silicone, double-ended dildo that can be used without a harness. 
According to Eden Fantasys, the Share's unusual shape is made with customers, comfort and sexual bliss in mind. "A short, curved bulb is designed to be inserted into the vagina, while the curve below cradles the pubic bone and clitoral area. This enables the realistically shaped longer dildo to be maneuvered and thrust into a male or female partner."

Fun Factory USA lists the special features of the Share:
  • comfortable handling
  • good hold
  • vaginal and anal stimulation
  • easy to insert
  • pleasures the active and passive partner simultaneously
  • scooped base provides hold without reducing necessary freedom of movement 
  • strong, natural shape 
  • suitable for harnesses

Never would have thought I had penis envy...
but I certainly enjoy having one now that I got it
As a female using this for masturbation and for use with my girlfriend, I love the Share.

The silicone is firm yet flexible and has a soft, velvety texture. The only issue I found with the texture is that it picks up lint and cat hair easily so keeping clean it in a storage bag is necessary between uses.

The head of the dildo, though unassuming in its curve from the rest of the length, was large enough to stretch a both myself and my girlfriend. Once in though, it was a fantastic texture and sensation that we both enjoyed greatly.

As for the jelly-bean shape of the other end, it is quite large and not for the faint of heart...or for those who don't have strong kegel muscles. My girlfriend brags that I have fantastic kegel and thigh muscles, but even I had to work with the bulbed end before I was comfortable with it.
My recommendation is use lots of lube and go easy on yourself until you have it. Even then, make sure you can handle holding it comfortably before sharing with a partner.
Since the Share is silicone, a water-based lube is best used as silicone lube will damage the toy.

As for a masturbation toy, not only is the size of the dildo perfect for me, but the bulb on the end is a great handle. I think my fears of carpel-tunnel have been taken care of with this one, haha.

I have not used the Share anally on myself or on others, though I am sure using it while pegging would be satisfying for both partners involved. If you do use it anally, be sure to use a condom if you plan to use it vaginally after so as to prevent bacteria transfer. Other than that, a thorough cleaning and sanitizing should do the trick. Silicone is safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher, with soap (free of silicone ingredients) and water, or with a 10% solution of bleach. I usually clean my silicone toys in the dishwasher.

Share vs. Harness
Comparing the Share to a harness, I found the Share to be much easier to manipulate and use with another partner. I believe the ease of handling comes from how the Share sits once inserted. The way it cups the pubis easily, it sits in a way that a penis would naturally rise if the woman were indeed a man. A harness, however, takes more manipulation of the straps to bring it low enough, and even then, I have found that getting it to sit comfortably over the vagina is very difficult if impossible. Also, harnesses tend to chafe and cut into skin during longer play sessions.

5 Shimmering Stars
I give the Fun Factory Share 5 shimmering stars for its ability to give me a fantastic orgasm, the ease of use over that of a harness, and it comes in my favorite color - purple!

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