Friday, February 17, 2012

Onye Review Pt. 1

I'm going to do this review in parts because I've yet to experiment with it enough to satisfy my satisfaction -giggles-

First, I want to be honest. This is my very first vibrator.
I had looked at them before, even had a few managers at different sex shops demonstrate them for me (on my hand, get your head out of the gutter tee hee) But they all seemed unpleasantly buzzy and I feared that I was just too sensitive to try them without discomfort.

Oh how wrong I was.
I am so happy I won this vibrator or I might have gone forever without experiencing the amazing sex I had last night.

But first...

The Onye Gallerie Petite
It really is petite.

I compared the size with a lighter and my cellphone (and yes, I said previously that I love the color purple)

Sorry for the background being busy looking. Its the wedding ring pattern quilt on our bed

I think it looks like a pocket-size pen that I used to see my grandmother carry around when she was a nurse.

While small, this vibromasseur packs a big punch. It buzzes a little loudly so I wouldn't recommend using it outside some place private. But that loud buzzing produces a very pleasant sensation thats strong enough to feel through clothing.
We sat it on a hard surface turned on and it bounced around like a jumping bean and made the sound of machine gun fire, lol.

SirPhryxus used the vibromasseur on me rather teasingly.
All the teasing cumulated in pressing it between us on my clit while having sex.
I have NEVER has as long of an orgasm I had last night. It felt like I was cumming the whole time.
It literally was strong enough to not only buzz against my clit and labia but to vibrate through Sir's cock so that I could feel it inside of me as well.

Sir did try and insert the Onye inside of me but it was uncomfortable and didn't do much for me. So I will stick with using it topically ^_^

Coming next
Using it solo, with Ben Wa Balls and with my Boxie the Fox Dildo ^_^

I will be combining all of the experiences into 1 review for GoodVibes and BigTeazeToys.

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