Saturday, February 11, 2012

Toy Review: Boxie the Fox

I know I've already reviewed Boxie but I felt he needed a little more attention and I wanted to post a more formal review. 

I thought my Fighting Foxes tank would be perfect for this ^_^
Size: One size Fits All
Hardness: Medium
Color: Black
Suction cup: Yes
Cumtube: No

Ordering and Shipping:
I did not order this toy, Mistress Fenreya Did. As far as I know she had no problems with ordering or shipping.

Toy Appearance:
Boxie is black all over, so nothing particularly special there. He does come in “natural” which is a black base and red knot and shaft. It would be pretty cool if there were other colors.
The texture is porous, which is very nice feeling.
The medium softness is perfect. It makes the toy super flexible and smushy (a technical term, I’m sure, haha).

This is as close to an In-Use pic as you are going to get ^_~

My last review was base don experience but I figured I’d try and explain a little better along with this new review.

In Use Oral:
The toy has great porous texture. It feels great on the tongue. It doesn’t do much for me sucking on toys but I figured I’d give it a shot for this review ^_^

In Use Anal:
I am not comfortable using my toys anally. Sorry.

In Use Vaginal:
Mmm yummy.
Is it weird that I describe things the feel good or that I think will feel good as yummy? Well Boxie is yummy feeling.

The little indention at the tip of Boxie is great for clitoral stimulation. It cups my clit perfectly and cradles it to orgasm. The texture feels good doing this too as the shaft strokes my labia.
The medium firmness is great and squishy on my insides and long and girthy enough to stimulate my g-spot (or internal clitoris, depending on what scientific study you are following). I do have to cum at least once before I can knot myself with it (this can be done with lube but I don’t use lube due to allergies).

When knotting, it’s wonderful! I don’t know why I waited so long to get a toy with a knot. It fills the area where my g-spot is and continues to push against that area as it contracts and pulses. While knotting, the base rubs against my clit and labia wonderfully. The whole sensation is one of fullness, tightness, and just perfection.

Boxie's suction cup works great. I have used him in the shower and he stick to wall and floor of the shower hard. Sadly my shower is too small for me to move around in for masturbation this way. If you have a bigger shower though, I encourage you to try it out. 

I have nick-named my lovley dildo Kitsu. This is a personal pun for me (and you might get it if you read a lot of manga and hentai. Kitsune is the word for fox in Japanese. Kitsu is a sexual term used in hentai and means tight. So you can sort of see why I call it that. 

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  1. i had already been considering the idea of purchasing one of these, but wanted to wait until i had read a review on it to decide one way or another. your review of it made me decide that yes, it is at the top of my "yes please" list ^_^ .