Friday, February 17, 2012


So I'm Switching...
I have been a sub since I learned what BDSM is but for the last few months I've been playing around with the concept of being a Switch and letting my Dominant personality come forward.

I wasn't sure of this but I finally asked SirPhryxus to teach me how to be a Domme. He was a little surprised but not very. He agreed and I finally had my first lesson.

Daddy taught me how to use a flogger and a crop. Turns out I'm a natural at the flogger, must have learned more than I thought watching him use them on others.
At one point, I was using it lightly on Daddy to make sure I was doing my rhythm right and he looked up and back at me a little and without hesitating I said very sternly "Get Your Head Down" and whacked him low on the backside. I then stopped, surprised at myself and he laughed at me and said, "I knew you had it in you. Looks like you're getting the hang of being a Bitchy Domme."

That sort of set it in for me. I'm switching to Switch.

I already have an idea of what my Domme persona will be like - think of a bratty spoiled princess with a flogger in hand. Yea, that's me ^_^

Speaking of flogger, my sweet lil brother, Synn, just paid for me to have a custom flogger made by Sensuous Bliss. Its pink and light blue and purple with purple sparkly fur on it like their Mongoose floggers. They make a lot of cute but sinister items like their Bondage Buddy. They're also local and I love giving my business to my local kinksters.

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