Monday, September 1, 2014

Kink of the Week: Buttplugs

The voted and much appealing Kink of the Week is Butt Plugs, which, as Kink and Poly writer Jade says, is very apt as August is Anal August (I did not know this!).

This KOTW marks the end of a hiatus for Jade as well as for us here at HP! Hurrah!

Lets plug along, shall we? (pun pun pun)

I have used butt plugs rarely. Anal just isn't my thing. I have tried it, I have enjoyed it a little, Sir enjoys it (more than me). However, due to some past medical mania I have been through...we tend to tip-toe around anal at times.
The only anal plugs I have ever tried were the Kobe Tai Anal Adventure (review linked). This is no the best for discussing anal among others as neither plug is made from what most would consider body-safe material and...well...I've since given those plugs away.

This lack of practice and...material...does make for a somewhat boring post for a come-back. So, I figured I'd share a story that was once shared with me. I wasn't really given permission to share this so I will refrain from naming names unless they decide to announce themselves ^_^

I was told this story at a MaST (Masters and Slaves Together) meeting in Alaska. It was during a discussion of whether or not Master is ALWAYS eh?
Slave S decided to regale us with the tail of their butt plug experience that cause Master J to consider listening to his slave when she recommends something be done a little differently than he commanded.
The story goes...
Slave S had been wearing a butt plug all day. Master J cornered her in the bathroom, told her to bend over and pull out her plug. She requested that she pull the plug out over the toilet as she feared that there might be some...leakage...
Unwilling to be argued with, Master J made the command that his woman bend over and pull out the plug.
Unable to argue with him more, Slave S bent over and pulled out her plug.
Slave S described what happened after as "you know when you open a champagne bottle..."
Yea...the visual was pretty much set.
Master J and Slave S spent some time after the butt plug removal cleaning up the projectile mess.

While I got a good giggle out of that story, there is a moral there...

I hope you enjoyed this little post about butt plugs from my very meager perspective.

Much love

Lady Phryxus

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ex-Relationships and The Markings Left Behind

I have returned to my blog, re-read some of the posts, looked at my life now, and seen a number of changes in House Phryxus and with me.
I was tempted, as I re-read some past posts, to go back and edit out names of relationships that are no longer a part of my life. Make a clean slate of things as it were. The temptation was strong just like so many others who have loved and lost and wish they could erase the markings even after the ache in our hearts is gone. Much like a tattoo...this would require work.

I weighed things out and in the end I decided not to erase those names or delete those images here. Doing so would not eliminate the open space their absence has created. By switching names like PunkyPup (Pup) and Wolfy, who I am not longer with, to "my ex" or "my old girlfriend"...this only makes for more work and awkwardness in my life.

Erasing their names would also negate the lessons learned and impact they have had on me. By being in a relationship with all of my exes, not just those mentioned here, I have learned about myself, about my desires and boundaries, about where I want to be and who I want to be with. Considering that, I wouldn't change a thing about what has happened. By implementing this decision here, I hope that this blog will also grow, progress and evolve much like its writer.

Thank you, those of you who have touched my life and effected the House and this blog. May your name always be here.

Lady Phryxus

Friday, January 31, 2014

Sub Prompts: How did we meet?

Submissive Prompt is How did I meet the person I serve?

Sir Phryxus and I met sort of at a club sort of online. I'll explain.

Me at Dancing in the Dark Masquerade Nov. 2007
I was new in town, going to college, all virginal and shiny and newby. I talked some friends into going to a local goth night at a club called Rafters. They were having a Masquerade and I really wanted to check it out. So a group of guy friends and I went. As we were having our I.D.s checked and our hands stamped as too-young-to-imbibe a guy came out to check on the number of people they had and laughed about how here he was hosting this shindig and the only one without a mask...
Yep, that was Daddy. Sir Phryxus.

I saw him a few other times that night. I thought he was cute but always around girls so I assumed he had a girlfriend and didn't approach him. Besides, the guys I was with were like brothers and wouldn't leave me alone for one second.

Later, I was looking at the forum that the goth night had - Dancing in the Dark (which sadly no longer exists) and joined the message boards. It was new to me so when it asked for your name I used my real name and didn't think anything of it. I got a message not long after from a guy saying I had a really pretty name.
We got to chatting and decided to meet at the next goth night. I talked some girl friends into going this time, not feeling the need to have big brother watch over me.

As you might have guessed, the online guy was Sir Phryxus. I was happily surprised. We danced, kissed. He asked if I had a boyfriend. I said no. He said, "You want one?" Yea...he was smooth lol. So we've been together ever since.

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kink of the Week: Flogging

Kink of the Week


So…have you been flogged, or flogged someone else? What do you think of it?
Is it an actual kink of yours – do you need it, want it, crave it? – or just something that you enjoy when it happens?
Is it used a a precursor to other kinds of play – a warm-up? Or is it an activity you enjoy in and of itself?
Are there certain types of floggers that you love (or love to hate?) A certain place to be flogged on your body, or a certain method that you like to flog someone?
What is it about flogging that “gets” you – or doesn’t?

Flogging is the way I popped my BDSM cherry. Sure I had been spanked and what not before but as far as what I felt to be actual D/s play or scening, flogging was it for me. This was with Sir Phryxus, and not long later with Mistress Fenreya at my first bondage club night.

I learned that I enjoy a steady, thumpy flogger with some weight to it. I enjoy being flogged on my upper back but really like to be flogged on my ass and thighs and in between.

When I am flogging, I tend to vary the impact between a variety of toys and floggers from a soft fuzzy flogger to a stingy paddle to a thumpy flogger to my hand and so on. This way I can spread the sensations out.

Flogging is one of mine and Sir's most participated fetishes and because of this we have more floggers than any other toys.

 Above is a flogger Sir Phryxus made one evening with strips of old leather he had laying in the shop.
ToolWorks Chicago Inc. floggers for Sir Phryxus and myself
My custom made Pink and Purple Loliflog

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kink of the Week: Marks

The Kink of the Week

This week we are talking about marks – specifically the marks left on your body – or the body of one you have been playing with – after you have been playing.

how do you feel about getting or giving marks? Do you treasure them, or can you take or leave them? Are the marks you get (or give) part of your kink, and have some deeper meaning, or just an outcome of what you do?

Or perhaps marks are something to be avoided or hidden, or that cause embarrassment. Or maybe you just don’t like them.

Do you consider yourself a “marks fetishist”?  Do you desire them, negotiate for scenes that will cause them, or are maybe even feel disappointed if you don’t get (or give) them? Are getting or causing marks, or the sight of marks on your body or the body of the person you play with, arousing to you?

Are marks sexy? Are they a badge of honor? Do you poke at them, sigh over them, look at them in the mirror, maybe even take pictures of them?

What about those of you with multiple relationships or play partners? Does that affect whether you give or get marks, or how, when or where?

Marks, for me, are fun, but are by no means "the point" of our play nor am I a marks fetishist. I can take em or leave em when it comes to play. When a submissive asks me for marks, I am always cautious and make sure they are sure and on placement - do they have to go to work? what sort of clothes will they be wearing after this? will they be going to a tanning bed in the near future? etc.

As for marking me and being poly. Our rule is that my husband can mark me as territory - usually a bite or hickey on the neck or breasts. Only a few of my past partners have been able to to do the same due to my desires or his.

As for marking people in other ways
Sir Phryxus loves the look of rope marks and I find them appealing as well:

before anyone gets up in arms (haha punny)
those red marks are not blood blisters, they were there prior to tying

harder to see this one sadly
And then there are the kinds of marks left by toys like a cupping set

And then there are marks left by knives like those mentioned in a previous KOTW post on Knife Play

Marks can be a lot of fun and I recommend playing around with it as long as you're sure of placement and who do you want to be able to see them?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Censorship Sucks

As many of you may know, Blogger has recently sent out a message to it's bloggers with adult content:

You are receiving this message because you are the admin of a blog hosted on Blogger which is identified to have Adult content.
Please be advised that on June 30th 2013, we will be updating our Content Policy to strictly prohibit the monetization of Adult content on Blogger. After June 30th 2013, we will be enforcing this policy and will remove blogs which are adult in nature and are displaying advertisements to adult websites.
If your adult blog currently has advertisements which are adult in nature, you should remove them as soon as possible as to avoid any potential Terms of Service violation and/or content removals.
The Blogger Team

In response, I have removed my ads to my affiliate you can see.
If I was in an affiliate program with you, I am sorry that your ad is removed, please send your aggravated remarks to Blogger/Google.

I know that I have options.
I could make House Phryxus a website, sadly the domain name House Phryxus .com is owned by my ex-girlfriend and I seriously doubt she'd give it back to me since we haven't spoken in over a month.
Also, that is a huge endeavor that is not free.

Another option is to move to a kink-friendly blog source that allows ads. Theses are few and far between and require a huge overhaul of the blog. I'm not saying the house blog isn't worth it but I currently do not have the time nor does any other member of House. If you want to volunteer your time for this, let me know, we will work something out in floggings.

My response to all of this, for now, is to simply take down the ads and keep writing. I hope you will keep reading. This does change my content in that I will no longer be doing free reviews for companies that require there be an ad for their company on my blog to send me a toy or book. I understand where they are coming from but can sadly not comply.  Other than that, there will be no other content changes.

Hope that this all works out in the end...

Lady Phryxus