Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kobe Tai Anal Adventure Review

The Kobe Tai beginner’s anal adventure kit appealed to me because I am just that, a beginner. My husband has wanted me to try anal since we started having sex four years ago. I’ve tried but I can never seem to relax enough to accommodate any more than the tip of his finger. When I saw the kit on EdenFantasys, I loved the variety…and that it was purple, my favorite color.

I brought the idea of reviewing the kit up to my husband, as I was afraid of receiving the toys for review and then being unable to review them at all...due to past experiences of saying I was ready and not being able to have anal sex mostly due to what my husband calls "spazzing out at the good part." He assuaged my fears and I requested the kit.

Like any other EdenFantasys' product, the kit came in a discretely marked box but I was surprised at how huge it was. All of the toys are in a very long, plastic display case with a Taiwanese model, Kobe Tai, in a skimpy outfit on the front. I would say the packaging of the product is not discreet at all, nor would it close completely once opened. So, we disposed of it rather promptly, opting for our toy bag to keep the toys in.

Plugged In

The kit includes 2 butt-plugs, one of which I believe is more of a stretcher as it is slender and widens as it nears the base instead of bulges large enough to remain inside. The stretcher is made of rubber and the other, which is what I would normally call a plug as it is bulging and then tapers for the rectal muscles to close on and hold, is soft and made of pthalate-free jelly.

I tried the jelly plug first and wished I had opted for the rubber stretcher instead and recommend this to other users. The stretcher is easier for a beginner to start out with, as it is a gradual stretching of the opening rather than an abrupt filling, then a sort of “pop” as the sphincter closes over the bulge.
Once in, the plugs create a sensation that isn’t unpleasant, if a little alien. Eventually, I seemed to get used to it and it felt pleasurable, if not orgasm-inducing. I give the plugs by themselves a 3 out of 5 stars, as the fun mostly lies in my husband making my body relax enough to take the plug and not in wearing the plug itself.


Also included is a set of jelly anal beads that are surprisingly firm. I had thought, since they were made of jelly, the beads would be squishy like the plug. Instead, they were more akin to a hard plastic. The whole length is also ridged with seams around the beads, which are not aesthetically pleasing but not big enough to feel when in play. Also, I have been informed by another sex toy reviewer that the seams on the beads are unsafe due to the fact that they can cause minuscule tears on the rectum and anus.
The beads graduate in size, and the last four are quite large. I don’t recommend using the last three, as they make for a better handle than an insertion point. Once inside, I did have a bit of a giggle at the way the beads looked hanging out. At first, we likened it to a stubby tail but the more I looked at it, the more it made me think of an improperly placed antenna and I made the comment that I felt like I was being probed, which made my husband and I both giggle. 
My husband and girlfriend also learned that the beads make a great small impact toy. This was almost certainly not what the beads were initially intended for but we had a lot of fun implementing them in some light spank play. In all I give the beads a 2 out of 5 stars as I have seen beads that are a single piece of silicone without ridges that collect any sort of bacterial-creating matter and no threat of tearing. 

I wanted to add that, since the beads are made of pthalate-free jelly like the aforementioned butt plug, they are considered not as chemically safe as silicone. This should be taken into account if you are sensitive to this sort of thing. Silicone would be a better alternative. 

Sensual Roller Coaster

My favorite part of the kit was the 6 inch metal vibrator and its 2 sleeves. Ironically, I don’t enjoy vibration anally, but for those who do, this vibe is something I would recommend…if you like power. This is no wimpy bullet, but a strong buzz that even when I inserted vaginally, I felt through my vaginal walls to my tailbone and buzzed against the bed. Thankfully, it has a gradual setting change so the speeds can be adjusted by a swivel at the base of the vibrator, which is not black as seen in the below picture but clear plastic that shows purple beneath.

The sleeves are made of rubber, according to the kit papers. I also prefer them vaginally as they, with the vibrator, have quite a thick girth and not a lot of give or squish. Their ridges and bumps are amazing and they, with the vibe, have become one of my favorite toys, sensation wise. The longer sleeve with the rounded bumps was rather difficult to slide on the vibrator, however, and could have been made to fit better. As it is, this sleeve needs lube. 

I recommend the vibrator and sleeves for double penetration (vagina and anal) with your man (or woman, if you enjoy strap on play). Having him behind with the sleeved vibrator in front is a sensual roller-coaster…especially when he has control of the vibrator speed.

The kit comes with Doc Johnson anal lube as well as the toys. However, I sadly could not review the lube in action. I will say that the no-mess bottle was a great idea. It’s a pump action with a small spout that only gives a dollop of lube at a time, which is all that is needed during most play. The lube is thick and sticky, silicone-based, and condom-safe. I recommend it for those of you who don’t have allergies…like me.

If you’re wondering, yes, I did use lube, and I recommend that anyone interested in anal do so whether you’re a beginner or an anal academic or practically a pornographic expert. More on the kind of lube I used in a later review.

For all of the toys involved, I recommend using a condom for easy clean up after anal sex and if you plan on using the toys both anally and vaginally as the materials are porous and not safe to use that way otherwise. The condom also helps with the anal beads and not getting bits of "yuck" along the bead seams. I also recommend obtaining a container for them, even if it's a simple freezer bag that is later tossed in a larger toy bag or chest. Various toy bags and toy boxes can also be found on EdenFantasys

In total, I give the entire kit a whopping 4 out of 5 stars. In all I had a fabulous time reviewing these toys and I plan to make at least one or two of them a regular addition to my masturbatory practice and sex life. 

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