Sunday, December 25, 2011

SlaveGirl Figure Boot Camp

I'm going to boot camp.
-giggles at the idea of me in BDUs-
I'm going to get fitter, healthier, cleaner.
I was inspired by ketpgirl aka Cindy and her group on FetLife the Slavegirl Figure Bootcamp.
I have had an interest in the raw food/vegan lifestyle for some time now and I could definitely lose some weight so I talked to Sir and I'm gonna do it!
I made the decision, invited a few local slavegirls to join me and off I go...
I even started a whole new blog to keep myself accountable on.
Check it out and watch as I shed the pounds, the clutter, the negativity and see the fresh new ^_^

Friday, December 23, 2011

Trying to figure out Me

So I am trying to figure out Me. Who I am. All the components that make up Me and how the hell do I work with all of them?

In no particular order, I am:

a submissive
an age-player
a wife
a daughter/daughter-in-law
a "sister"
a friend
a person who is into eco-friendly living
a person who is into eating organically
a person not happy with their weight but who has not done anything about it
a cupcake lover
a cat person
a furry
an anime and manga geek but not an otaku
a procrastinator
a horror movie fan
a body modification fan
a polyamorist
a bi-sexual
a student of herbalism
a student of spirituality

Goals for the coming year
Sort of my new years resolutions

I'd like to be healthier. Not necessarily to loose weight, though that would be nice, but to not have to worry about blood pressure or blood sugar or aches and pains that occur seemingly without reason. I don't want to think about the fact that most of the food I have been eating the last four months doesn't resemble anything natural.
I'd like to be further along in the steps it takes to have my own business including publishing my book.
I'd like to release my fear and get the body modifications I want.
I'd like to be happier with myself.

Flesh & Blood and mods I'd like

There's a point in the movie where one of the people interviewed said that if you seek pain and learn to deal with it, when pain comes to you unexpectedly, you can handle it better. I like to believe that.

The best part of the whole documentary was the in tandem suspension between Gomes and his partner. It was beautiful and romantic and
When it cam to Ashly being in a relationship with the other two I'm glad it showed just how difficult a poly relationship can be. Its hard. The same with Steve and Beki not lasting. I'm glad they were open and honest about that sort of thing.

I would love to do some suspension. Daddy definately wants to try it from a spiritual stand point. I am now also thinking of an idea of an implant that looks like rope around my wrist - that would be HAWT!

Thank you Panda's Property for recommending I watch this.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Modify was a decent documentary about body modification.
I liked that those interviewed brought up the fact that a simple hair cut or a trip to the tanning bed is technically body modification. Its all part of a spectrum from hair cut to piercing to tattooing to implants to amputation.
Speaking of amputations, its the only thing that was mentioned repeatedly in the documentary that wasn't shown.
I recommend it for anyone who is interested in body modification in the point of view of anthropology or research.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Birthday Pictures

My Happy Birthday ^_^

My birthday started midnight December 19th and went to 4 pm December 21st. I was born December 20th 1988 at 4:07 pm (after 12 hours of labor my mother will always comment).

I started getting amazing birthday wishes immediately - thanks everyone ^_^

I also started it off right, in my opinion, with amazing birthday sex with Sir Phryxus. He was wonderful and forceful and combined my kink for D/s, age play and plushies until I almost passed out from orgasmic bliss.
He then held me all night, to my knowledge. I did wake up around 2 or 3 AM to find hims till holding me close and it made me smile and get all warm in all the right places.

When I woke up with Sir that morning I was still happy, despite him having to go to work. He wished me happy birthday, gave me a kiss and out the door he went.
I checked my FetLife and FaceBook to find even more birthday well wishing then tried to go back to vain. So I took naughty piccies for Sir and sent them to him at work ^_^

After I woke up fully and had my first cup of coffee I opened the birthday presents my mom sent me. Her and I don't get along but they were still pretty good presents and I know she still loves me even after all the craziness of our relationship.
These 2 gifts along with the ceramic fairy from my in-laws were the only physical gifts I received and they were great.

I then made sure the overnight bag was packed. Clothes for Wednesday - check. 3 floggers - check. 1 crop - check. 2 clothespins - check. 250 ft of rope - check. Silk blindfold - check. Comfortable shoes - check.
All ready ^_^

Sir Phryxus came home early and we got ready quickly to go and meet my lil brother Synn who drove in from out of state just for me! We got to my friend Amy's house before Synn did so Sir started constructing my rope corset for the night there.
We then got Synn and grabbed pizza, which we ate in the parking lot of Fuzzy Holes.

In the club we hung out with my friends Revrin, club owner Anita, Sir's cousins "Jason" and "Nora" and, of course, Sir and Synn. And the dancers of course.
We ate pink champagne cupcakes, cake truffles, and drank absinthe and rum and sake and Crown Royale.
Sir had a good time with his slave, Synn, who he showed off well - especially the fact that Synn was wearing pretty Strawberry Shortcake panties ^_^

From the club we went to Revrin's house where Sir and Synn had a short scene with rope, floggers and crop. Sir dropped Synn into sub-space fairly quickly, worked him through it then went into nurturing-Sir mode after to bring him out of it gradually. Synn ended up on the couch snuggling a braided length of rope and half-consciously smoking a cigarette. I had a super compersion moment at that point watching them together. It was so cute.

Sir and Revrin also played guitars and sang for a bit, which is always a treat. The four of us also played Kings Hell House Rules - I love that game ^_^ I ended up pulling the Joker and made Sir my slave...not that I acted on that, I wouldn't know what to do with a slave if I had one.

We then crashed splendedly. Synn said he didn't move the whole night and slept like a rock - I wonder if the sub space of the bottle of Crown Royale did it lol
It was hard to see Synn leave today. I will miss him but Sir and I are gonna try and have him down in the next month or so, at least by Sir's b-day in March.

I had a great birthday (will have pics up soon as I get them all from Synn). Thank you everyone for the happy wishes and blessings ^_^ I feel very loved.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Psychopathia Sexualis

I was directed towards the movie Psychopathia Sexualis by chained_angel on FetLife when I asked for more movies to review (as I had already watched Story of O, Fetishes and Kink).

The movie shows scenes described in the study Psychopathia Sexualis that was made during the Victorian Era. I have to be careful about watching movies like these or even reading books with similar material as insane asylums are one of my biggest phobias and it gives me nightmares.

Some of the scenes squicked me out (like urinating in the mouth of a whore at the brothel and lobotomy) and, of course, I didn't agree with most of the conjectures made by the author of this study...but it was made by a man in an era where women did not have the rights they have today.
At one point it was stated of male submission that they were stripped of their manhood and made low, in the place of a woman. It made me consider who author Masoch surely was viewed by his peers as being...sick, having something truly wrong with him. Today, I am glad there is a better understanding of this at least in the psychological world even if it isn't accepted by the general public.

The costumes were lovely - gotta love a woman in a corset ^_^
And I must say I was inspired by the scene of the whore beating the customer with roses.

I think the doctor's words toward the homosexual man with a fetish for mustaches sums of the general view of men that day towards homosexuals: its not unnatural to have those feelings but to act on them was perversion - meaning its ok to be a homosexual but not to have sex with the same gender. I sadly don't think this view has changed much today in the general public.

The shadow puppet art was weird and very pretty at the same time. I love the use of it like horror porn in the story. Just goes to show that people haven't changed much over time.

I must say I cannot help but wonder what the doctor's sex life was like lol

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kink (TV Show)

Sir Phryxus and I spent all day in bed watching Kink Season 1 (and 2 episodes of Season 2)

I really liked the show and am a lil sad it didn't continue. it would have been nice to see a show similar to this for different areas of the US as well.

I especially liked interviewees Fanny and Fogg. Fanny seemed so level headed and Fogg was hilarious. I'm sure their dynamic regularly is a lot of fun.
Fogg says at the very first episode, while in the shower, how can he show the world the D/s lifestyle when all they see if the violence. Its not all about the violence, its about the relationship. I love how he says that.
I also liked Elain - her first appearance saying she wanted a little house in the country with cats, the tea kettle always on and the dungeon always adorable.

I recommend checking this show out.

Season 2 sort of turned me off. I liked Candy Cane and Mistress Demonika. The suburban couple who were trying out the kinkster lifestyle sort of annoyed me. I don't like how the guy, Karel, talked about how Domanance wasn't fun at all, that the sub was the only one who seemed to have fun. I feel that if he isn't having fun as a Dom, he should try being a sub. There are plenty of sub couples and switch couples out there.
I do see why it would be a good idea to have someone in their shoes on the show to show other couples idea of how to experiment themselves.

Movie Night

Had an impromptu fetish movie night with Sir.
We watched Story of O (English dub) and Fetishes (a pro-domme documentary).

I have not read Story of O and had just heard about it after clicking on an ad on FetLife (the ad was for rings designed after Story of O). I decided to look and see if it was available to Watch Instantly on Netflix and it was. I was a little worried Sir wouldn't like it because it was a foreign film - I personally love foreign films and have brought Sir into this interest recently with Night Watch and the Millennium Trilogy.
The film was dubbed, which I was grateful for as I didn't feel like wearing my glasses and Sir would have probably lost interest with subtitles.
We enjoyed the film despite our lack of pleasure at the idea of Gorean-style BDSM and open sharing of partners. We liked the development of love, the submissive dominance, and the scenes of the girls beating each other (and the costumes at Madam...forget her name, the Dominatrix had a great Victorian-style dress).
We were happy with the movie at the end and I would really like to read the book.

Fetishes (1996) is a Documentary by Nick Bromfield.

First thing I would like to say is that Sir Phryxus and I were put off by the fact that Nick was not a fetishist, had never been in a BDSM scene and had the tone of talking about people who participated in the scene as if they were...freaks? abnormal? You get what I mean.
We feel that if you are going to do a study of a fetish, you had better participate.

I loved the women in this film and I was introduced to the idea of Professional Submission! Wow...what an idea...
I also loved that they included infantilism.
The Dommes were hot...just saying
The only thing I could not bear was the scene where a guy was completely degraded and was put to the task of cleaning a much used toilet...with his tongue. I started gagging and had to look away until Daddy told me it was safe to turn around.

I love movie night ^_^
Any movie suggestions out there? If its not on Netflix we can stream it elsewhere I'm sure.
We love well made documentaries, films based in the scene (especially horror and romance), and I like time period films like The Libertine with Johnny Depp and Quills with Kate Winslet.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

All Tied Up

Sir Phryxus is working on creating a shibari rope corset for me for my birthday party on Tuesday.

Here is the work so far:

At this point we didn't have enough rope but the concept was good. I also like the feel of it around my rib cage. Daddy wanted to bring it down and between my legs but I had to explain that at some point in the night of drinking and frolicking I was gonna have to pee...its inevitable.

Now we have more than enough rope (I have a long tail not shown in the pics). The corset feels amazing even when I sit down. I like how the knotwork sort of looks like a spine (maybe I'm just morbid). Still hit a few snags such as the back being lower than the front and some of the cord overlapping in front but we know what to do for next time and will do another practice run either Sunday or Monday.
I already have my outfit picked out and its all designed around this corset ^_^

Thursday, December 15, 2011

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 14

Its the end of the challenge and I certainly had fun. Thank you Athena of In Praise Of for the Challenge.

What is your fantasy?

Hmm what a broad question. I have lots and lots of fantasies.

My most recent fantasy involves me and my DaddyDom and lil sissy Honey.
I fantasize about Honey and I in frilly dresses in the bedroom. Sliding each other's panties off and feeling each others "kitties". Slowly start exploring each other and eventually one of us begins to kiss and lick the other's little pussy.
Daddy walks in on us and punishes us with sever spankings for being dirty then slowly starts loving on both of us until we fall into a wonderful threesome.

Sorry its not very descriptive. ^_^

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 13

Favorite way to masturbate?

Watching my sweet lil sissy/girlfriend Honey masturbate ^_^
Usually using my purple wobbly dildo while watching

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tentacle and Doll Hentai

Here is a 2 part hentai. The first combines lesbianism and tentacles and the second part is about dolls. This was posted on a Dollification group on FetLife.

The Movie (sadly I don't know its name)

The first story made me think of the movie Dagon - if you've seen it, it makes me think of the mermaid who later turns out to have tentacle legs...I still thought she was super hot.

The second story, in my opinion, does a good job showing the sexuality and the creepiness of dolls.

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 12

How do you view sex?

I'm not particularly sure how to answer this.
I view sex as a pleasurable way for people to bond.

I don't feel people should be married before they have sex but I don't believe in casual sex. Spiritually, I feel that when you have sex you open your base chakra up and connect with another person that way. This gives that other person a direct connection to you spiritually. I wouldn't want to open myself up to someone who would abuse that connection.
That's probably how I will explain it to my children when I have them.

Monday, December 12, 2011

FetLife Stranger Danger Response

I reported the person who sent me a sort of Pedophilic message on FetLife that I posted about on here previously and I finally received a message back and I wanted to share it:

DEC 12, 2011  |  02:06PM EST
Hi Nekomimi Loli,

Thank you for writing to us! We appreciate the heads up, and please know you can always block anyone you don't wish to communicate with - blocking will not only stop any private messages from him, but will also prevent him from being able to view or comment on anything in your profile.

We appreciate your letting us know!

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 11

Sorry I missed yesterday, had a lot going on.

Day 11 is my Worst Sex Memory.

I have dealt with some abuse in my life but I decided not to describe those experiences on here.

My worst sex memory with Sir Phryxus was during a bad time with us. We were fighting about our ex, which I will call Kandy Kane. She was doing her best to drive a wedge between us so she could have Sir to herself. Even after we broke up she asked if she could just be friends with me and have sex with him, my response was pretty explicit and negative.

During this time we were fighting and still wanting to have sex and Sir ended up taking some aggression out on me after a fight. We were crying and yelling in the car on the way home and pulled off on the side of the road for sex (not uncommon for us mind you) and he came around to my side opened the door and attacked me. While it wasn't rape he was rough with me even when I told him he was hurting me.
It was a scary and sad time that hasn't repeated itself.

I received a lot of after care and love when he realized how much he had scared me so don't leave this post thinking my Sir is a total sadist lolz.

More on Dark AgePlay Daddy and I experimented with Dark AgePlay, specifically the Consentual Non-consent and the corruption of innocence last night.
Ironically we didn't do anything different than normal. We used restraint (which I LOVE) and we used a few different positions that we normally use, and stretching and all of that which is something we've already been experimenting with.
But the difference was the mind set and the words. Daddy made me talk more about how things felt to me as I was in my Little mindset. And Daddy would say somethings that triggered strange feelings in me.
I grew shyer and shyer about how things felt, it also hurt more at the beginning which is different than normal.
Daddy, even when he was hurting me, spoke softly and sweetly to me and made the strange sensation of wanting to cling to him and pull away at the same time.
At one point he did hurt me and it scared me and that was out of the norm as well.

I don't know that we'll do it again as we weren't particularly comfortable with each other afterwards.
I do recommend that you have a safe word during the play as this play can bring up emotional and physical pain. I also recommend that you talk afterwards and do after care such as cuddling and soft talk and the like.
Bigs, reassure your little you love them after play like this. Littles, it might me a good idea to come out of the Little mind set after this and assure yourself that you are ok as well.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dark AgePlay

Just wanted to post a lil about DarkAgePlay

I am a Dark AgePlayer to an extent.
I like being tied up and spanked and having rough sex and yea...

The Big Little Podcast did a show on Dark AgePlay that was very informative and fun to listen to.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Polyamory Love

So I wanted to share 3 poly media links.

1 is the Big Little Podcast based around Age Play and Polyamory

2 involves one of the people involved in the podcast, Micah, who wrote an article for Fearless Press called Is Polyamory an Orientation or a Lifestyle Choice.

3 is another article by Micah for those who are Stalking the Unicorn

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 10

Best Sex Memory

Wow...huh...let me think...

Ok, I don't want to write this like I condone drugs but this story...memory involves the recreational use of a certain pain killer and this pill has an effect on Sir Phryxus that enables him to last for a long time without ejaculation.
We were watching the movie Strangeland, which, for some reason, really turns me on. So, Sir played the movie and lit a few candles and we had sex.
We ended up trying a new position, that I think is called the Leg Glider and it allows Sir to hit all my spots either with penis/vagina penetration or with his fingers while he's penetrating me. This position doesn't really allow for me to curl up and hide holes or curves or anything and I like that I can't do that (and I do sometimes if I feel shy or whatever).
It was great and lasted for hours until I literally passed out.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Stranger Danger

So I belong to a few groups on FetLife that deal with AgePlay and I love it. The people I've met and spoken with have, for the most part, been wonderful.
However I have just had my first encounter with the dark side of fetish online - stranger danger. A woman contacted me on FetLife, wanting to talk about sexual AgePlay, which I am fine with. But...the more she talked about it the more she gave voice to the fact that she was open to and may have had sexual ageplay with a minor on more than 1 occasion and she may be related to them biologically.

I first wasn't sure that I was reading the posts right. I thought, there could be a chance she's talking about their Innerkid ages...then I realized she was talking about real minors and I immediately looked for a way to inform the FetLife admins.
I don't know what they have done with this information as of yet but the woman has yet to attempt to contact me again.

My advice to anyone else, if this happens to you
1) don't get discouraced about the community at large. AgePlay IS NOT ABOUT PEDOPHILIA! We do not condone sex with minors.
2) Report it to keep the community safe.


Oooo Serious Littles Discussion

Ok so I'ma be serious today which is rare. I tend to either be super fun have a picture or sort of ranty so here's a new side to me that you all get to see.

I've been listening to the Big Little Podcast and I love that there is a show like this that I can listen to real people talk about being Little and I find such similarities to what they are talking about and my life. So...I wanted to share a few things I have associated myself with to the Littles community.

First, there is a Big ME and a Little ME. Let's call the Big ME LadyPhryxus (she's actually my real name which I will not divulge here) and my Little ME Mimi. Long before I knew what ageplay was or that other people were like this, I had a LadyPhryxus and a Mimi in my head. Mimi would come out when I was having fun being child-like or whatever and LadyPhryxus would appear when I had to take care of things maturely OR when she had to take care of Mimi. This last part is key. If my feelings were hurt or I was scared or whatever, Lady Phryxus would comfort Mimi. I always this a sign of split-personality disorder then I would say know because I know who my personalities are...then I would think I was crazy just for thinking that sentence lol.

Turns out I'm not the only one who does this and sees their Big ME as different not only in mentality but in appearance than their Little ME. Lady Phryxus, to me, is dominant and tall and womanly and, in some cases, unfeeling and blunt. I don't like being her all the time and she came out hugely when I was in my last years of high school. I had shut myself off from people around me because I had been hurt my my mother, by my boyfriend, by people who I had thought were my friends, and so on. So, Lady Phryxus came out to handle everything and had, in a way, shut off my emotions and closed Mimi and my hurt feelings up in a little box where they couldn't show themselves.

Then I went to college and the stress and hurt and all of that made Mimi so upset and Lady Phryxus so tired that everything flooded forth into what amounted to continual anxiety attacks and a total break down.
I eventually had to take time off from the world and Sir Phryxus helped me with this. He was my de facto therapist who helped me become strong enough to finally say No to people I needed to say no to, to overcome my fear of saying no and fear of sex and fear of being ME.

Now, I want to say that Lady Phryxus and Mimi are balanced but I gotta admit that Mimi sort of runs the show in my head and Lady Phryxus comes out when I have to got to job interviews and talk on the phone with bill collectors and tell people off at the store when they're not doing their job and they're making my day harder.

So, maybe I am crazy, but I have learned from the Big Little Podcast and Littles communities online, that this is somewhat normal for AgePlayers. We have a Big adult side who has to take care of the responsibilities that show up in life and we have our Little Innerkid that sometimes our Big side has to take care of.

Sometimes, I still have breakdowns. I'm still learning how to transition from Mimi to Lady Phryxus without being kicked out of LittleSpace. And sometimes I regress at the wrong time when I really need to suck it up and handle the problem at hand. I think this is just taking time and is a learning experience.

I'm also still learning to accept that I'm not a total freak, that there are others like myself. That's what this blog is really about. Accepting myself and showing it to the world in a safe way.

Thank you for being part of my growth.

Littles Pride

I just found some great sites for Age Play group and pride and fun ^_^

First there's a Littles Pride Symbol! Very exciting!
I love this pin and the symbol is super easy to draw!
You can buy the pins at the Little's Pride Store

Also, check out the Big Little Podcast! Very fun to have a radio show just for us AgePlayers. The people who run both of these sites it seems are part of The Ghidrah which is also a helpful site for ageplayers.

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 9

Favorite Place to have Sex

On the recliner...I know not very imaginative but the recliner allows for Sir Phryxus to relax and for me to climb on and hit all the right spots in either cow girl or reverse cow girl position.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 8

The Things I'm dying to do in bed...

Have sex with Lolita clothes on (gotta get the clothes lol)
Suspension (Sir wants to be suspended with piercings)
Sex with Sir in a fur suit (he's not up for it sadly)
Implement Bad Dragon or Exotic Erotic toys

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Legend Fan Fic Update

So...I updated my Legend fan fiction Descent into Darkness today with Chapter 10! Hope everyone enjoys.

If this aint sexy i dunno what is

I will be updating my other stories on here as well. Thank you everyone who has read them and given me great reviews. I really appreciate the feed back.

Hello Kitty Toys

Daddy took me out today when he ran some errands and got me a Happy Meal at McDonalds.
I hadn't had one in a long time and was very excited.
I got a hamburger, apples with caramel sauce, and Dr. Pepper AND
A Hello Kitty Toy!
I plan on going back and collecting the rest of them
all can be seen at your local MickeyD's and on Happy Meal website

Lolita and Fetishes

Ok, so I'm gonna rant a little...warning for those that live rant free...

I Am a little tired of people going on and on about how Lolita is not and kink or a fetish or sexual at all and shouldn't be lumped in with other fetishes and how they don't go together and blah blah blah!

Yes, Lolita Fashion was not started as a fetish nor was it meant for that originally.

HOWEVER, If someone has a fetish for Lolita fashion that is OK Damnit! I don't see how its any different than Sissy Fetish or Bathing suit fetish or shoe fetish etc etc.
I have a Lolita Fashion fetish.
I combine this with my AgePlay and Furry fetishes.
I don't see how that hurts anyone. I don't see it hurting the Lolita community. The only time I post about Lolita Fashion Fetish is on here or on the Kinky Lolita group on FetLife.

How is this a problem?

14 Day Sex Challenge Day 7

The Things I'd never ever do in bed...

Water sports, scat play
Rape play
Medical Play
Clit torture
Pretty much anything on my Turn offs list

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 6

Favorite Position

First I wanted to share this site as it has the different positions along with pics to explain ^_^

I have 2 fav positions right now

Reverse Cowgirl (its like having a clitoral, g-spot and anal orgasm all together.

The chart I posts calls the other position the Leg Glider and its a sure way for Daddy to give me multiple or on-going orgasms.

Here are 7 positions for threesomes (2 girls 1 guy) as well that I'd like to try

Guardian Island Album Page

I am currently waiting on my Residency request to be confirmed, thought I would share my Album (Profile) here while waiting.

My GI Petname is nekomimiloli

My AgePlay Gender is Female

My Biological Gender is Female

My AgePlay role is InnerKid

My Current AgePlay Partner(s)
My Daddy, who is not on GI, is my RL husband and caretaker.

My Innkerkid Ages range to:
*Mostly Relate to: prepubescence
*Also Relate to: adolescence

Discipline in My AgePlay: half-n-half from my Daddy Only

Sexuality in My AgePlay: often and only with my Daddy

Disciplinary Limits on GI:
You may NOT spank or use physical discipline on me. You may NOT call me a bad girl or any derogatory names.
You MAY tell me No, or not to do something I should not be doing for my own safety or learning.
#3 Only non-physical discipline administered

Intimate Care Limits:
#2 Administered only with private permission

What Should You Know About Me
I am somewhat new to AgePlay and am testing the waters. I love being my Husband/Daddy/Dom’s little girl. I express my little mentality through Japanese Lolita Fashion, my favorite little activities (watching kids movies, coloring, playing with dolls), and simply snuggling with my Daddy. I also express myself with my blog that not only allows me to discuss being an Innerkid but also a Fur and a submissive. I am happy to have friend who are also Littles as they are a sort of support system telling me that I’m not crazy ^_^

What is AgePlay to you?

I'm applying for Provisional Residence on today and I was asked what AgePlay meant to is my answer

"Age play to me is letting me be the little girl I feel I am. It lets me not feel ashamed by my appearance as a girl who is 5 foot tall and on the chubby side who still gets offered kids menus at the restaurant even tho shes with her husband. It lets me gladly take that kids menu and crayons and color away while my Daddy/hubby orders for me. It lets me cry when my feelings are hurt even though I've been told not to when I was a biokid. It lets me dress and feel pretty when the girls around me think I'm "dramatic" or "strange". It lets me be who I have always been.
I don't know if this is what you meant for an answer when you asked but...this is what it is to me. "

Monday, December 5, 2011

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 5

Sexual experiences with members of the same sex

My first sexual experience was with a girl. From I lived across the street from Brittany - a tall brunette cheerleader who was used to getting her own way. One night, I was spending the night and she talked me into what she called "practice sex" so we would be ready for when we had sex with guys.
She talked me into it. We didn't stay friends long as she pretended she didn't know me when we were in school...I was later informed that her coercion technically constituted as child-on-child sexual abuse. It certainly didn't help my self esteem at the time.

My second sexual experience was after I was married. This was with my old college roommate and Sir Phryxus so it was my first threesome. It happened suddenly without much discussion and lead into a very bad and somewhat emotionally abusive relationship. We, too, are no longer friends.
The sex was great tho.

I've roleplayed online with other girls but my sexual experience with them IRL is limited.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 4

What are your biggest Turn Offs?

Doms (that aren't my Dom) who feel they can control me simply because I am a submissive
Mushrooms...the kind you get on pizza...they're just gross lol
Pants and shorts that say Juicy or any other nonsense on the ass

Rape scenes and play
Being called a puppy or a slutpuppy - I really don't like it...I'm a kitty damnit!
Being called slut or whore (Unless there's Daddy's Little in front of it and its coming from Daddy himself)
Watersports, scat, pony or puppy play, clit torture (too sensitive), medical play

Badly written erotic literature
People who don't listen to safewords
Wannabe Doms who think just because you're in a BDSM chat, you're there for play - nope, I'm there for chat

Saturday, December 3, 2011

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 3

What are your biggest Turn Ons

Oh what a list...this is in no specific order

Patchouli and Stetson on Sir Phryxus

A shaved pussy filled either a penis or cum (or lube that looks like cum)
Lingerie (specifically stockings, petticoats, bloomers, and lace)
When Sir calls me His good girl
Nekos with anthros
Formal attire or lolita clothing
Naked buffets

Shibari as an artform
The feel of a collar around my throat

The feel of Sir's hands around my throat
horror movies (Strangeland specifically)
certain songs (Change by Deftones, Cry Little Sister, and others)
Being protected
Letting Sir Phryxus lick icing off my fingers when I'm baking
Coloring in nothing but my underwear

and most importantly
That look Sir Phryxus gets sometimes that is both true love and deep, burning desire.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Lady FurLover's Bad Dragon Reviews

I love Lady FurLover aka Mistress Fenreya ^_^ She's gorgeous and writes some amazing reviews on Bad Dragon (I've also read some of her furotica and its HAWT!).

I had to share her reviews and some of my fav pics ^_~

Small Sea Dragon Sabreen Review

Umiko the Dolphin (this just made me want one more!!!)

Molto the Small Xenogen
Dragon Cum Lube ^_^

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 2

Story/Age you lost your virginity

I was 19 years old and it was on January 17th, 2009 with Sir Phryxus ^_^

I had always noticed boys and liked boys but by the time I knew what sex was (long after I had figured out masturbation...and been told I would go to hell for it) I had already been told about all the nasty things you could catch having sex (STDs, AIDS, and what my mother called K.I.D. lol). So I didn't have sex for the same reason I didn't do drugs - I just knew the first time I did it something terrible would happen.

Now, before I go on, I want to say that I was raped before this happened. It was date-rape with a boy I had been in love with for a number of years. So when Sir and I had sex, I wasn't medically a virgin (then again I prolly wasn't medically a virgin since I was eleven and started using tampons) but I still count it as my first time.

Sir and I had fooled around a few times but I was terrified by the actual act of coitus. He understood and was patient (a strange concept as he was what his mother calls a Slutpuppy before he met me). I ended up going out of state for Christmas that year and missed him sooooo much. Before I returned I made the decision that I was going to do it. I called him and told him so and he asked if I was sure and I said I was.

When I returned on January 16th I was too exhausted to do more than shower and pass out so Sir Phryxus and I just held each other all night.
The next night I made sure I was clean, shaved, and wearing the prettiest underwear I owned (not much then because I had yet learned the art of lingerie shopping). He was so gently and took things slowly. It hurt (because I was tiny) and I panicked when he entered me so he held me then until I was ready and whispered how much he loved me and how wonderful I was and so on in my ear.

I wont say it was amazing...or that the second time was. The third time was AWESOME and has been since ^_^

Thursday, December 1, 2011

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 1

Ran into this amazing blogger through FetLife Blogger Group and saw her 14 Day Sex Challenge. Fun! Maybe you call can learn something about me with this.

Day 1
My Relationship with my current sex partner...

My Daddy Hubby Dom Best Friend Life Mate Twin Flame Partner in Crime...yea...Him ^_^
We've been married a lil over a year (Sept 21st is our anni) and together for 4 years (Nov 30th)
We have sex often and when we don't get to...we get a lil cranky and pouty and clingy...

Neko Ears!!!!

I just got my white kitty ears in the mail today!!!!

E Shop Mania has the best price on cat ear clips!
How do I look?

(eh sorry about my hair, ran out of my normal shampoo from EcoGoth and had to borrow my mom's)

They even sent me a %10 off coupon for my next EShop Mania purchase! oooo what to order...
Maybe these gothy black and red ears for when I feel a lil less loli and a lil more black cat?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

No Need for Foreplay

There's something to be said for skipping foreplay.
No fingering or stretching, no licking or sucking. Just push the panties aside, yank the bra down and ram in. Pound away until juices flow.
Left gasping for air and gripping the pillows while the body tries to understand what just happened. Pussying wet and dripping. Heart pounding.
Yes...there's a lot to be said for skipping foreplay...

Friday, November 25, 2011

All Things Kink

Stumbled across All Things Kink today.

They have 2 parts to their site it seems. The first is like a kinkster's ebay and the second is a BDSM dating site.

I set up an account with their dating site for me and Daddy as we are still seeking another woman to make our life complete.

Browsing through the toys n things on the shop site was fun and I saw a few things I'd love SantaDaddy to bring me this year ^_^

The 24kt Gold Pink Princess Glass Dildo  is absolutely adorable and supposedly Eco-friendly.

The Rose Flogger is beautiful!!! It comes in a few different colors too - torn between black with red roses or blue with dusty purple roses...decisions decisions heh

(sorry no pics, they save a php files and I dunno how to convert them)

Blurry Thanksgiving Photos

Yes, you

Sir Phryxus dancing with Candy

Sir teaching his cousin's wife to be a stripper

Sir giving me a dance

My Odd Thanksgiving

What a Thanksgiving! I visited with family, ate way too much, had amazing sex with my wonder Daddy Dom and watched WallE!
Then we got a text asking us where we were...
There was a party that a few people were supposed to invite us to but all assumed someone else had >.<
The local strip club, Fuzzy Holes, which we love. (see the website and visit the club to find out why ^_^)

It was a Thanksgiving/Black Friday party for the strippers and friends. We're friends of the owner, Anita, and the DJ, Lee. Sir Phryxus used to work there as a bouncer back in the day.
Sir's cousins were also there (but for the sake of privacy can I just call them Jason and Nora). They are regulars to the Hole and sort of kinksters as well (in a light way).

We played Kings - Hell House rules...I'll try and explain the rules as I remember:
Shuffle a deck of cards and leave them splayed out among the players. Each person picks a card and it goes on until all the cards are done.

Joker - you get to pick someone in the group to be your slave and they must do whatever you like until the game is over
King - guys drink
Queen - girls drink
Joker - truth or dare
10 - take 2 drinks
9 - Play You Drink (point at someone and say "You Drink" and they drink)
8 - Make a Rule (ex. Everyone must bless themselves before they drink, if they do not they must then bless themselves and take a second drink)
7 - Nose game (the last person who touches their nose has to take a drink)
6 - Never have I ever (everyone holds out 3 fingers and starting with the person who draws the card they say never have I ever (done something) and those who have done it must put down a finger. Person with no fingers left first must take a drink)
5 - Hands down (last person to put hands on the table takes a drink)
4 - Hands up (last person with hands up takes a drink)
3 - Catagories (ask a multiple choice question and it goes around where everyone must give an answer. If they take too long or don't have an answer, then that person must take a drink)
2 - take a drink
Ace - Everybody drinks

I might have gotten a few of those mixed up but whatever. Have fun.

By the end of the night, Sir was teaching Nora and a cross dresser how to dance on a pole (he's actually quite good at it...), Nora was down to her thong, one of the dancers was fondling my boobs, everyone LOVED my absinthe cupcakes, and I almost fell asleep on one of the dance couches haha.

It was a great night. I have pics but the red and black lighting didn't do enough so everyone looks like blobs.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Just some rambling

I just felt like rambling today...

Been baking Absinthe Cupcakes and getting things together for my Pumpkin Pie Pudding for Thanksgiving.
We've been so busy lately getting ready to move to Alaska in the spring, taking antiques to auction and getting ready for the upcoming holidays.

I've also been on a writing kick lately as I'm temporarily unemployed. Hope you all are enjoying that.

Sir Phryxus has been helping me with the stress by letting me, after the day's work is said and done, slip into little space and watch Disney movies or coloring in my Lisa Frank and Strawberry Shortcake color books. He even bought me a Minion plushie (from Despicable Me) today while he was out getting some work done.

Just spending the evenings trying to relax - even my personal cookbook says RELAX on the cover ^_^
I think tonight I'll cuddle Sir and my minion, watch a movie, and nom a cupcake.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I have soooo many story ideas lately!

I'm still working on Dolly and Deiter's story, how they met, different scenes from their life, and so on.

3-D is my main story at the moment. I'm hoping everyone is enjoying the different illustrated scenes I've done so far.


A Medieval style slave story called Damhnait
A werewolf story that should be pretty smutty
and another trinogamous/poly relationship story but this time with A Master - house boy - babygirl

I'm trying not to overload with a bunch of different stories on here and confuse everyone but I just have so many ideas!
I'll try and finish either this part of 3-D or how Dolly and Deiter Met before uploading a new story...

And of course there's always my fan fiction:
Descent into Darkness is still going strong

Coming soon to

Beetlejuice/Lydia pairing
Disney Princess fan fic...specifically Rapunzel, Belle, and Alice...not counting the Poll winner's story!

So there's my writing update, Hope everyone enjoyed my Wordless Wednesday picture, and is voting on the POLL on the right hand side of the page. I can't wait to see who wins!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gothic Lolita Movies

Some movies and some links to movies that depict some characters in EGL fashion.

Psycho Gothic Lolita I havent seen this one, I'm sure its a scream...of laughter I mean.

Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl I love this movie. its sooooo funny! I would love to cosplay as one of the girls. I also plan on having a Valentines Day Party themed with this movie (complete with raspberry"blood" filled chocolate truffles and broken glass cupcakes).

Kamikaze Girls show some very pretty Lolita fashion including clothes from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Gothic Lolita Rant

So I read this article on Morbid Outlook and wasn't impressed. Sure the facts about Visual Kei and some examples of EGL fashion were nifty but the auther couldn't make up their mind why Japanese youth dressed this way at all. Plus, lumping all Western youth into the category of immodestly dressed J-Lo fans was a little annoying...

I love the fight between articles of many authors and websites on whether or not EGL is sexual in any way. I think that depends on the person. I find EGL very aesthetically sexual but I'm also a Little that does Adult Age Play so...that might explain that.

The Wiki How-to article for EGL was pretty useless in my opinion with no real link on where to start, what clothes they recommend starting out purchasing, what bands to look into, etc. The most helpful comment was do your research and you don't have to change your whole wardrobe and personality to be EGL...

Another issue I have with some articles is they make the fashion out to be for teens only. Excuse me, but I am not a teenager, have not been now. I do look young for my age (its a miracle if I don't get carded at the bar) and the look works well with a young face but it doesn't mean that 20-30 yo can't wear this look.

I also hate that all the articles I browse just vomit the same information over and over again. Maybe this isn't the case with the articles and blogs in Japanese and the English ones are just taking forever to catch up.

So there's my rant. I try not to do too many of these...don't wanna ruin my sweet and innocent image lol

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shibari Trials 1

So I'm not brand new to Shibari but its been a long time since Sir Phryxus and I had a session.