Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Polyamory Question

Are humans designed to have multiple close relationships?

I just want to say I have a crush on Daniel Vitalis LOL and Sir knows this and rolls his eyes but I do want to point out that Sir and Daniel have a lot in common with their Modern Primative styles.
That being said I like his point of view on this. Its all along the SPECTRUM and there is NO RIGHT ANSWER!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Burlesque Boobies: A Review

Bijoux Burlesque Pasties from Babeland are a great way to add a spicy surprise under your clothes or to wear to a play party with sass. They stick without pulling skin or hair upon removal and can be re-worn!

Babeland describes these pasties as "Sophisticated and sexy satin Burlesque Pasties highlight your most stunning assets, leaving just enough to the imagination. Pair them with your favorite lingerie or showcase them all alone. The included pasty tape means you can comfortably re-use these glittery black pasties anytime. Packaged in an elegant gift box."

I received these beautiful danties in a discreet packed through UPS with the return address simply put as Mail Order. Excitedly, I opened the box and found yet another discreet package. The pasties are packed in a small black box with an image of the pasty on the from label and the item name in pretty script. I think that unless someone was looking close, the label would go easily unnoticed and the package could easily be packed away without worry of prying eyes if needed.

Both pasties are made of a hard card-board-like material covered in black glitter with a black satin bow. The back is also black and has a layer of sticky adhesive that adheres to skin easily. Over the sticky side is piece of plastic that prevents it from sticking to everything and prevents dust and hairs from blowing onto them.

I wore them for my husband and he thought they were adorable. Their comfort was enough that I could wear them for a long amount of time and would risk wearing them to a play party without worry that they would randomly fall off leaving me bare-nippled. I would not, however, be able to wear them under a thin garment without a heaver coat to sweater as the pasties do create a rather pointed look on breasts reminiscent of the 1940 and 50 Wonder Bra.

When I removed the pasties, there was no pulling on skin or hair and none of the adhesive was left on or around my nipple. I was very excited by this as I was a little worried it would hurt to remove and reminded of a past experience with black electrical tape for a play party (lets just say, those ladies who wear black Xs under fishnet tops on a regular basis at parties and clubs are brave souls).

In all I give these lovelies a 5 out of 5 for cuteness, wearability, and durability!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Thanks ^_^!
I'm on vacation and being a procrastinator and not posting the reviews that are admittedly overdue...-sighs- Sorry to CalExotics and Babeland >.<

I logged on to start on my review for Babeland and I see that I'm getting TONS of hits. Thinking I've been spammed again I look and see that someone has posted my blog on REDDIT and I'm getting hundreds of views from that link! WOW!

Thanks goes out to ThatGirlFae on Reddit for posting my blog post To Sir With Love 1
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