Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Normal

My Normal, the tale of Dominatrix Natalie, is a really good movie, in my opinion. Sure there are points that might make a member of the BDSM community cringe slightly and go "its not like that, really" but in all it was a good story.

Nicole Laliberte plays lesbian Pro-Dominatrix Natalie who is struggling with finding a balance in her life between her job in the adult-industry, her dreams of becoming a director-producer, and her desire for a loving relationship.

I think Laliberte did an amazing job. Not only is she HOT but she is able to move between that hard bitch expression to the soft, thoughtful and even funny expressions that are needed to transition from Dominatrix Natalie to Normal Natalie.

As far as portraying the BDSM lifestyle and community...the movie doesn't go much further than the professional scene. It does show play sessions between the Dommes and their paying slaves. It doesn't really touch on the scene outside of that, so no D/s lifestyling, no bondage clubs, etc. If that's what you like, then this movie might let you down.

There are some fun play scenes. There's a point where the girls are getting ready and a slave in a Dalmation dog mask is on all fours with a tray on his back as an ignored piece of furniture. There is also a scene when Natalie is smoking a blunt and looks off screen and says "ashtray" and the camera pans out to show a man in a mask who opens his mouth for her to flick ashes in.

Best scene is one that you don't quite understand at the beginning so...
*Spoiler Warning!*
Jim is a client Natalie keeps after she gets a job as an intern on a movie set and takes a break from the Dungeon.
She is his Domme Mistress of sorts and "blackmails" him with video of their sessions at the Dungeon. This leads to financial Domination and a scene outside of his office in which she makes him massage her feet after she's been shoe shopping with his credit card.
At first it feels like she might be doing this without his consent, as the viewer doesn't get much back story. After the foot massage scene they have a friend conversation and he thanks her for the session and gives her an extra tip in his payment.

Now, the movie does cover some of the issues that come along with working in the adult industry including relationships with vanilla lifestylers, drugs, and "growing up".

I say "growing up" because some people in the industry, whether its stripping, Pro-Dom, porn, whatever, there are those who work in the scene who make it clear that one day they will grow up and move on from this life to the "white picket fence" ideal.
Sonia, one of Natalie's co-workers, is one of these types of people. She wants a long-term girlfriend, a baby, a "normal life".
She ends up leaving the job and when she comes back into the scene she's pregnant and has the life she has wanted. She even makes one small jibe at Natalie that perhaps she too should 'grow up' and move on as well, despite Natalie's confirmation that she enjoys the life she's living.

The movie does show some drug use, which might irritate some viewers who are stead fast in the Safe, Sane and SOBER motto of the BDSM lifestyle. But, from what I remember, none of the drug use was during a session, so maybe that will make the difference to some viewers.
The drugs in use are marijuana and what I assume is ecstasy. The pot is a key point as character, Ty, is a pot dealer and is the one who jump starts Natalie into writing a screen-play with him and working on her dream of being in the movie industry.

And then there is the relationship drama that, in my opinion, is rampant no matter what lifestyle you belong to. Natalie and Sonia discuss at the beginning of the film that no matter who they date, their girlfriends will not understand or accept that they are Pro-Dommes. Natalie experiences this first hand with Jasmine, her girlfriend who she pics up at the club and falls in love with. Jasmine can't stand that Natalie is a Dominatrix and even has nightmares about it. She tries to get Natalie to leave the BDSM scene by acting like she has her girlfriend's best interest at heart and encouraging her to reach for her dreams to be in the movie industry.
Sadly, this doesn't work out for the very reason that you can't change people no matter how much you love them and want to. Natalie finally gets it across to Jasmine that she likes being a Dominatrix and no matter where she works or what she does, that is part of her.
(This is something I have seen happen again and again when people in the BDSM scene date people who are more vanilla lifestylers. I always recommend kinksters to date other kinksters).

In all, the only thing I had an issue with was Natalie's co-workers, 2 blonde Dommes who are very ditsy. One of them is a Domme-in-training and one scene shows her asking what mummification is and instead of them helping her with the safety of the client in mind the tell her to wrap him in plastic wrap and leave a coupe of holes for air. Little things like that make me cringe so...yea. It was really my only complaint.

I left a lot out of my review such as Natalie's relationship with her sister and mom, her interaction with her Director boss, and more. I just want to say that its on Netflix and you should watch it ^_^

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Poly Tees

Omigosh. Ever so often I'll run into a site I love and do a squeeling happy dance...I feel that this is perfectly normal ^_^

Poly Tees is a website that sells t-shirts for kinky, poly people or just people with a great sense of humor. I am such a sucker for t-shirts with funny sayings and I had to share my favorites with you all. Also, feel free to buy me any of these lol

When posting the pics, sometimes only the text shows but almost every saying and pic is available on a men's tee, a women's tee, a spaghettie strap tank, or a regular tank.

I wanna get this for my husband lol

Not only do they sell t-shirts and tanks but also baby bibs, pins, teddy bears, pillows, jewelry, water bottles, bumper stickers and more. Most of these are with the Heart and Eternity symbol or Dragon heart with eternity symbol, the Poly Formula, and the Purple Mobius (my favorite).

I'm thinking of getting some pins and stickers. I'd love to give a teddy with the mobius to someone special as well.

They also take custom designs ^_^ These teese are certainly on my gift shop list

Speaking of list I have a new Blog and Link list just for poly sites --->

Book Review: Nymph by Francesca Lia Block

The books description says that Nymph is "anything but conventional." I feel that this is an understatement.

Francesca Lia Block is known for her lyrical writing set in a world that is part Los Angelas, CA and partly a fantastical world of fairies, centaurs and mermaids. Her collection of erotic short stories is unlike any romance or erotica I've read before.

Each chapter is a tale of two lovers who connect in a way that leads the reader to believe there is more to each coupling than the physical; that there is a spiritual connection as well. The connection is strengthened because each character is interconnected either by past lovers, sibling or friendships. Block weaves an intricate web with the lives of her characters.

Not only is the telling unconventional but the characters are as well. Starting with Mer, the mermaid, who falls in love with a ex-pro-surfer, Tom Mac. The beautiful and seductive Plum, who helps her friends and loved ones find their soul mate even though it can break her heart. Then there is Coco who works at a strip club full of creatures that were once women but now are made to look like strange goddesses with wings or many arms or cat faces.

Block does a good job mixing romance and erotica with a bit of tragedy. She relieves each author with orgasm and happy endings. My only complaint might be that the one girl on girl tale involves one of the characters thinking of a guy the whole time, which, for a fan of lesbian romance, is a little disappointing.

I give this book a 5 out of 5 because it not only pulls at my heart strings and makes me hot and bothered but because I can read it to my husband and 1 chapter in, he's ready to go. I recommend it to anyone who likes erotica.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Left in a Jam: Door Jam Cuffs from Babeland

I was very excited about receiving the Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs as I was hoping to have some simple, easy-to-use restraints that my partners and I could grab and set up without much hassle. While these certainly promised that, I found they were completely unusable due to the fact that once they were set in place at the top of the door they were too high for me to be strapped into.

I received the cuffs from Babeland almost a week after a request for them was made, just as expected. The mailing package was a cardboard box with a return address under Mail Order for discretion, which was appreciated. The cardboard box was actually too large for the product turns out and the packing paper was sparse for the size. This all left it so that when I finally received the package, half of it was crushed. While this did no damage to the product, I would recommend that Babeland opt for smaller packages in the future, just in case.

The Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs package wasn't exactly discreet itself with a picture of a male and female couple in their underwear with the female in the cuffs. While the depicted couple aren't nude or overtly explicit, the picture certainly isn't discreet.

The package doesn't have much as far as information, only that they are adjustable and fit over or under any door. I had to look on the Babeland website to learn that the materials were fleece, velcro, nylon and plastic. There wasn't a note about phthalates but the plastic did not give off any offensive odor to suggest chemicals.

When we got the cuffs out of the package, they were ready to use. My husband and I both put a cuff on and found the velcro adjusted no matter the wrist size. The fleece cuff was very comfortable and soft enough to prevent chaffing and bruising. We then tugged hard on the nylon strap, as we can be pretty rough on restraints, but no give or damage showed, leaving us both impressed by the material.

My husband set the cuffs over our closet door, so we could use them in the privacy of our bedroom. My initial worry was whether or not the door itself could handle weight bearing on the top of it or any rough play we would decide to do. However, my worries were unfounded as we could use the cuffs there no longer than 5 minutes.

I am only 5 feet tall and my wrists barely make it to the straps at the top of the door. My husband attempted to adjust them but the nylon doesn't stretch or adjust. During the 5 minutes or so that I was restrained to the door my shoulders and arms quickly became uncomfortable. When I began to lose feeling in my hands and fingers I told my husband who immediately helped me out of them.

In the end I could not use the cuffs as they were intended for wrist restraints and being restrained by my ankles at the door does not hold much appeal to me.

After play, I looked at the cuffs with care and maintenance in mind. The plastic easily comes out of the nylon loop for washing and the nylon strap and attached metal D-ring can be wiped off with a damp rag if necessary. The fleece and velcro, however, do not lend themselves to easy cleaning. Wiping the fleece down might mat the furry fabric and velcro can be damaged with cleaning. In the end these would be difficult to clean or sanitize.

The cuffs are fairly small and can be easily tossed into my toy drawer. It would have been nice for them to have some sort of reusable case or bag for storage though.

Overall, despite liking the feel of the cuffs, I am unable to use them due to lack of adjustable strap and am not fond of the lack of being unable to clean them thoroughly.

FTC Statement: The Babeland Door Jam Cuffs were provided to Mimi by Babeland’s affiliate program as a review assignment. Links from Babeland’s Affiliate Program have been used. This has not affected the opinions within the review, and complies with FTC standards.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Poly Means Many

Poly Means Many: There are many aspects of polyamory. Each month six bloggers - Amanda Jones, An Open Book, One Sub's Mission, Polyamorous ParentingPost Modern Sleaze, and Rarely Wears Lipstick - will write about their views on one of them.

I'm very excited about reading their posts. They are ranging form monogamous to poly-open and each post is such a good view on the subject. Please read even if you're monogamous. 

Door Jam Cuffs are in!

I just received my Door Jam Cuffs from Babeland!
Came in just as I got home from filing my taxes and was a welcome distraction. 

The package was very discreet being from Mail Order BUT it was crushed as the box was way too big for the item inside and there wasn't enough packing filler. I recommend Babeland adopt smaller packages. Heaven forbid you get something fragile in them.

Door Jam Cuffs are made by Sportsheets and include 2 wrist/ankle cuffs attaches to 2 door straps that have plastic posts attached to fit over or under any door. 

Package does not say what any of the materials are made out of. Babeland says they are "Fleece bondage cuffs with Velcro closures attach to sturdy black nylon straps that fit over any door. Short plastic tubes keep the straps in place and won't damage the door." The nylon and plastic don't give off any odor but I'm not sure if they have phthalates in them or not. 

The fleece cuffs are soft but not overly fuzzy so if you don't like that then these are fine but I love fuzz ^_^

Can't wait to use them, I'll let you all know. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sex Magick

For those of you who are not aware, I consider myself a type of Pagan. I'm not wiccan but I do participate in magick rites. I wanted to create a brief post about an area of magick I am very interested in and wanted to share.

Sex Magick, especially combined with BDSM is a great way for some people (those who are open to it) to achieve deep self exploration, attain connection with Higher Self and commune with the Divine.
Other terms that are used for this are Erotomancy, Sacred Kink, Quadashti BDSM, Sado-Erotic Ecstasy, Sado-shamanism, and more. I prefer the terms Erotomancy or simply Sex Magick (these, in many practitioner's opinions are not the same thing as one may connotate that BDSM is used while the other may suggest vanilla sex).

The basic idea behind Sex Magick is that Orgasmic Force = Life Force. This includes the achievement of Orgasm and the fluids involved (semen, vaginal fluid and even menstrual blood). Sex Magick practitioners focus this force towards their desired goal through meditation, spell, or the creation of talismans and potions.

Sex Magick can have 3 forms of participation:

Monofocal: Masturbation with the focus on 1 person. There can be one person involved or multiple people involved in helping the one person achieve this...focus. This is a good use of meditation for self exploration, the achievement of a trance or divination.

Dualfocal: The focus here is on 2 people. Many practitioners believe the 2 involved should love each other for this to work, but this love should not be confused with romantic love as 2 people joined in Sex Magick do not have to be romantic partners or significant others. This focus can be on the combining of opposites such as male and female, Dom and sub, Master and slave. The partners do not have to be male and female for this to work as any sexual orientation or gender can participate and use Sex Magick.
Some practitioners suggest that one person involved should focus on the meditative thought or goal while the other focus on pleasuring, but this, in my opinion, is still Monofocal despite the transition from masturbation to intercourse. It is perfectly possible for 2 people to focus on the goal whilst having sex if they had the meditative mindset

Multi or Polyfocal: Here the focus is on a group, but not an orgy. All involved would have to be able to focus on one goal. Some practitioners suggest the use of a group leader to guide the others during the act with chants, orders, etc. This person may or may not be participating in the sexual act.

I have read about Sex Magick being used for various reasons such as creating a gollum or familiar to do the bidding of the two people involved much like 2 people would create a child during sex. This is done by using the creative energy of sex and sexual fluids and directing them towards a goal of creation that is not a child but another being. I've also read about it being used to heal one of the participants. All that Orgasmic Force being sent to 1 body to heal it.

Sex Magick in Ritual can be used to heighten the experience of connecting to the Divine. In the Wiccan Great Rite, the High Priestess acts as the Goddess and the High Priest as the God. By adding Sex Magick to this they can move from joining the Deities together symbolically with Athame (a double-edged knife that represents the phallus) and Chalice (a sacred cup that represents the womb) to actuality with sex between the High Priestess and High Priest.


Sacred Kink by Lee Harrington
Kink Magic by Taylor Ellwood and Lupa

Raven Kaldera's site Pagan BDSM
The Arcane Archive has a few articles about Sex Magick and Thelemic Sex Magick
Into the Darkness has a good section about Sex Magick information.

There is also a group called Sex Magick on FetLife for those of you who are on there and want more information.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Formal Review: Onye Gallerie Petite Vibromasseur

This is the review I submitted to GoodVibes and BigTeazeToys

My first impression of the Onye Gallerie Petite was of just how pretty it was. I have seen many toys and vibrators online and in local shops but this is one of the prettiest ones. I love the little purple and yellow flowers with the ink-scroll design. I admit, I have a fondness for the color purple. This toy comes in three designs; purple flowers, a red dragon on a black background, and orange and black butterflies. 

I received the vibe in the mail after winning it in a Valentines Day Contest on The toy came with a few other goodies such as a Tantus sticker that says 'more orgasms, less work' and some LELO lube. The Onye Petite's packaging is discreet even though it shows the vibe fully. I assume that if a child were to see it they would not be able to tell that it was an "adult toy" but rather some sort of pretty pocket-size pen or lighter. There's nothing that screams 'sex' on the package and even the Big Teaze Toys logo is small and I only found it when I began reading closer to figure out the size battery the toy took. 

The Onye Petite comes with a black carrying case that is very discreet. It fits perfectly among the paraphernalia of my purse or on my nightstand and is equally tiny. Both the toy and its case are not much bigger than a basic lighter and certainly smaller than a cellphone or eyeglasses case. 

While the vibrator is a basic push-button bullet it packs a punch not only in looks but also in sensation. I would give this vibe a 3 out of 5 for noise and a 4 out of 5 for strength of vibration. Even though the Onye Petite just takes a single AAA battery its quite strong. I sat the toy, turned on, on a hard-top table and it rattled around like a jumping bean and made the sound of a small machine gun, much to the amusement of my husband. 

In Use Vaginally:
I recommend only using this vibrator topically; on nipples, clitoris or perineum. Using it internally in the vagina only caused me discomfort. 
Using the vibe solo I was pleased but I did have some issues with how strong the vibration was in my hand as my fingers quickly became numb. My husband was kind enough to take over for me so when my focus was entirely on the vibration on my clit and labia I was very much pleased. I will say I had one of the best clitoral orgasms I've ever had. 

Using the vibe with my knotted anthro dildo was fantastic. I took the knot faster than I ever had before due to being easily worked up with the vibe. I could feel the vibration lightly through the silicone and it added another pleasant sensation to the already amazing feel. 

Using the vibe during sex was amazing. It added a whole new dimension to sex with my husband. I had the longest orgasm I have ever had when using the Onye Petite during intercourse, pressing it against my clitoris and holding it there between our bodies. My husband was also pleased because with all the convulsing I was doing with this he was able to sit still and enjoy watching me. He did feel the vibrations as well but admits they didn't do much for him. 

In Use Anally:
I don't like using my toys anally. I did feel the vibrations around my rectal rim when playing with the Onye Petite solo. It wasn't unpleasant but I didn't really care if I felt it there or not. If you like anal play and all that comes with that, you might want to give it a try, but I wasn't too big on the idea myself. 

Clean Up:
The Onye Petite is waterproof so cleaning it just involves washing it with warm water and a gentle dish soap. I wouldn't recommend scrubbing as that might effect the art on the vibe. Just wash, rinse and store in its little carrying case until next use, which I'm sure won't be too distant in the future. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Onye Review Pt. 2

If it were not for Onye I wouldn't have experienced my first DP* today...

I used the Onye solo and with my anthro dildo today. I'm very happy my in-laws were not home because I made a hell of a lot of noise.
SirPhryxus helped a lot because I found that if I'm not in the right mindset the vibration in my hand becomes annoying. Once he got me worked up it was no problem for me to hold it and for him to work Kitsu (my fox dildo) into me.

The onye is wonderful solo. I put it in my panties and wore it for a little while today while I cooked lunch. It wasn't as orgasmic and using it with a dildo or during intercourse but still felt good. Also used it solo to work myself up before using the dildo.

With Dildo
This is a great addition to my knotted Boxie the Fox dildo. Wasn't long before I could knot myself as I was easily worked up and wet.

Today's session was amazing and long. I was quite worn out afterwards and simply laid there while SirPhryxus got a shower started for me to clean up.

The Onye is easily cleaned with a gentle dish soap and warm water. Dried it off and put it in its carrying case ^_^
Loving it.

Gonna write up a formal review tonight and try and post it to the websites tomorrow. I'll post it here as well with some new pics.

Lady Phryxus


So I'm Switching...
I have been a sub since I learned what BDSM is but for the last few months I've been playing around with the concept of being a Switch and letting my Dominant personality come forward.

I wasn't sure of this but I finally asked SirPhryxus to teach me how to be a Domme. He was a little surprised but not very. He agreed and I finally had my first lesson.

Daddy taught me how to use a flogger and a crop. Turns out I'm a natural at the flogger, must have learned more than I thought watching him use them on others.
At one point, I was using it lightly on Daddy to make sure I was doing my rhythm right and he looked up and back at me a little and without hesitating I said very sternly "Get Your Head Down" and whacked him low on the backside. I then stopped, surprised at myself and he laughed at me and said, "I knew you had it in you. Looks like you're getting the hang of being a Bitchy Domme."

That sort of set it in for me. I'm switching to Switch.

I already have an idea of what my Domme persona will be like - think of a bratty spoiled princess with a flogger in hand. Yea, that's me ^_^

Speaking of flogger, my sweet lil brother, Synn, just paid for me to have a custom flogger made by Sensuous Bliss. Its pink and light blue and purple with purple sparkly fur on it like their Mongoose floggers. They make a lot of cute but sinister items like their Bondage Buddy. They're also local and I love giving my business to my local kinksters.

Onye Review Pt. 1

I'm going to do this review in parts because I've yet to experiment with it enough to satisfy my satisfaction -giggles-

First, I want to be honest. This is my very first vibrator.
I had looked at them before, even had a few managers at different sex shops demonstrate them for me (on my hand, get your head out of the gutter tee hee) But they all seemed unpleasantly buzzy and I feared that I was just too sensitive to try them without discomfort.

Oh how wrong I was.
I am so happy I won this vibrator or I might have gone forever without experiencing the amazing sex I had last night.

But first...

The Onye Gallerie Petite
It really is petite.

I compared the size with a lighter and my cellphone (and yes, I said previously that I love the color purple)

Sorry for the background being busy looking. Its the wedding ring pattern quilt on our bed

I think it looks like a pocket-size pen that I used to see my grandmother carry around when she was a nurse.

While small, this vibromasseur packs a big punch. It buzzes a little loudly so I wouldn't recommend using it outside some place private. But that loud buzzing produces a very pleasant sensation thats strong enough to feel through clothing.
We sat it on a hard surface turned on and it bounced around like a jumping bean and made the sound of machine gun fire, lol.

SirPhryxus used the vibromasseur on me rather teasingly.
All the teasing cumulated in pressing it between us on my clit while having sex.
I have NEVER has as long of an orgasm I had last night. It felt like I was cumming the whole time.
It literally was strong enough to not only buzz against my clit and labia but to vibrate through Sir's cock so that I could feel it inside of me as well.

Sir did try and insert the Onye inside of me but it was uncomfortable and didn't do much for me. So I will stick with using it topically ^_^

Coming next
Using it solo, with Ben Wa Balls and with my Boxie the Fox Dildo ^_^

I will be combining all of the experiences into 1 review for GoodVibes and BigTeazeToys.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Strawberry Milk Pin-up

Here is my cowsona, Strawberry Milk as a pin-up for Daddy.

Art tools: HB2 pencil, Sharpie pen, Crayola colored pencils, Crayola washable markers.

Just In: Onye Vibrator

I just got my Onye Gallerie Petite Vibromasseur in the mail today!

This little beauty was won in the Valentines Day contest on Lucid Obsession's site Sex Toy Geek.

It came with a lot of other free goodies: LELO 'personal moisturizer' and Lifestyles THYN condom. My favorite is the Tantus sticker that says 'more orgasms, less work.' ^_^

I'll do a review of it later but I did want to talk a little bit about the packaging before I'm overcome with thoughts of how the toy works >.<

There's minimal packaging, which is always environmentally friendly.
There's also nothing that cries out SEX TOY on it so it's somewhat discreet. If a child saw it...or, I should say, if I had seen it when I was a child I would have been more interested in the pretty flowers on it than anything and probably asked what it looks a lil like a pocket-size pen. Even the Big Teaze Toys logo is discreet looking and I only saw it after giving the package a better look over for what size battery it takes (AAA battery by the way).

The appearance of the toy itself is fabulous. Purple is my favorite color (despite all the pink you see). The flowers are super feminine and the balck ink on it makes me think of Japanese calligraphy or Chinese ink paintings.

There is also a discreet black case for the vibe that you can see on the back of the package. Nothing on it screams SEX TOY either, which is awesome. I could easily slip this into my purse or leave it lying on my bedside table and it would blend in with my eyeglasses case and other paraphernalia.

I can't open the toy until Daddy gets home...his rules. So I'm waiting until he gets here to play with it. I'll be sure to post a review soon ^_^

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day Artwork

Mistress Fenreya's Card
Her favorite scene from Ponyo is when Sosuke looks down in the bucket and shouts determinedly "I Will Love You!" She think's its super sweet so that was my inspiration.
All drawings are from looking at scenes on my computer and sketching them on blank paper with a HB 2 pencil.


My Little had a hand in coloring with her crayons.

Daddy's Cowgirl pin up
It's still not finished because I have lost my colored pencils. I tried coloring it in all marker...and I can't get her skin tone right with what I've got. She turns out either very pink or very orange. So the strawberry is in marker to make it pop and I'll finish Strawberry Milk in pencil when I get some.

Io Lupercalia

So yesterday, for most people, was Valentines Day. Daddy and I celebrated enthusiastically ^_^

At 1 am, February 14th Daddy took me to breakfast at Perkins, which is open 24 hours a day.
We had the whole restaurant to ourselves, it was very romantic.

After that we crashed and slept until well past noon. At that point we did wake up to get some packing done (we're moving the 1st of April and still so much to do).
I made Daddy dinner and we watched Spellbinding on Netflix...well...sort of. Mid way through we got distracted.

Daddy has been playing with his wolf fursona lately...which is interesting in contrast to my little cowsona. Last night we gave homage to our pagan roots and celebrated Lupercalia...the feral way.
We incorporated Kitsu, my knotted dildo. This was the first time I've had the knot deeper than the first set of kegel muscles. It was AMAZING! Longest orgasm I ever felt.
Daddy Used on me for quite some time. He loves to be mildly sadistic when it comes to orgasms.
Finally he released me from it and we had great sex with him as the Big Bad Wolf and me the poor little cow.

Afterwards we finished the movie, sweaty and exhausted. We had planned to go a second round but Daddy was pretty worn out. We just snuggled and he ate some chocolates off of me...and made a mess with them.

I'd say over all I had an amazing VDay ^_^

I'll post the card I made for Mistress Fenreya and Daddy's VDay present here in a bit.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Random Sex Bloggery

Hey Guys, there's no real theme to this post. Its just randomness I've thought up in between cleaning today...I really should be finishing up my VDay cards and Sir's VDay present but I'm usual

I recently came across Ducky Doolittle through a Twitter post about her video review of the Retro Rocket Vibe (its soooo CUTE! Gotta have one!). She's got this adorable way of talking and her blog is also a fun read.  I'm just now coming across her stuff so I don't have enough info about it all for a feature post but thought I would post it here anyways.

I also wanted to recommend a sex toy site that I DONT affiliate with lol.
Fun Factory USA is a great site not because of toys or affiliation programs but because of how their site is set up! When you go on their page there's a window in the middle talking about their news. Read that then close it out with red X button. To the left you'll see what looks like space knob thing that asks what your favorite color is and has a lil blob of each color around it. Click that and it will shoot sex toys of that color into the screen before you! Its soo cool! It might be the Little in me but I had so much fun with this.

I may not be blogging tomorrow. Its Valentines Day and I'm hoping to spend the day loving on Sir Phryxus.
I'll be sure to blog about any good times we have on Wednesday though ^_~

Speaking of VDay. For those that don't follow me on Twitter (and why not, I ask) you may not know that I won an Onye Gallery Petite vibrator from Sex Toy Geek Lucid Obsessions' Valentines Day Contest! Once I get it I'll do a review for you all who have been curious about these very pretty little buzzers.

I guess I should get those all important VDay cards done...laters


Oh I might get to see Mistress Fenreya tonight! -squees with excitement-

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Toy Review: Boxie the Fox

I know I've already reviewed Boxie but I felt he needed a little more attention and I wanted to post a more formal review. 

I thought my Fighting Foxes tank would be perfect for this ^_^
Size: One size Fits All
Hardness: Medium
Color: Black
Suction cup: Yes
Cumtube: No

Ordering and Shipping:
I did not order this toy, Mistress Fenreya Did. As far as I know she had no problems with ordering or shipping.

Toy Appearance:
Boxie is black all over, so nothing particularly special there. He does come in “natural” which is a black base and red knot and shaft. It would be pretty cool if there were other colors.
The texture is porous, which is very nice feeling.
The medium softness is perfect. It makes the toy super flexible and smushy (a technical term, I’m sure, haha).

This is as close to an In-Use pic as you are going to get ^_~

My last review was base don experience but I figured I’d try and explain a little better along with this new review.

In Use Oral:
The toy has great porous texture. It feels great on the tongue. It doesn’t do much for me sucking on toys but I figured I’d give it a shot for this review ^_^

In Use Anal:
I am not comfortable using my toys anally. Sorry.

In Use Vaginal:
Mmm yummy.
Is it weird that I describe things the feel good or that I think will feel good as yummy? Well Boxie is yummy feeling.

The little indention at the tip of Boxie is great for clitoral stimulation. It cups my clit perfectly and cradles it to orgasm. The texture feels good doing this too as the shaft strokes my labia.
The medium firmness is great and squishy on my insides and long and girthy enough to stimulate my g-spot (or internal clitoris, depending on what scientific study you are following). I do have to cum at least once before I can knot myself with it (this can be done with lube but I don’t use lube due to allergies).

When knotting, it’s wonderful! I don’t know why I waited so long to get a toy with a knot. It fills the area where my g-spot is and continues to push against that area as it contracts and pulses. While knotting, the base rubs against my clit and labia wonderfully. The whole sensation is one of fullness, tightness, and just perfection.

Boxie's suction cup works great. I have used him in the shower and he stick to wall and floor of the shower hard. Sadly my shower is too small for me to move around in for masturbation this way. If you have a bigger shower though, I encourage you to try it out. 

I have nick-named my lovley dildo Kitsu. This is a personal pun for me (and you might get it if you read a lot of manga and hentai. Kitsune is the word for fox in Japanese. Kitsu is a sexual term used in hentai and means tight. So you can sort of see why I call it that. 

Why Nerds...Response

In Response to Why Nerds Dont Get friend waifer bear sent me this picture ^_^

I just had to share it with you all. It was just too much fun. ^_^ Thank you waifer, I'm loving this!!!

Another Reason Why Nerds don't get Laid

Sir Phryxus loves blacksmithing (don't know if that's a word) and one of his blacksmith friends posted this on Facebook. His response "Oh that's hot!"
I looked and pointed out there is a hole (on the left hand side) for him to stick his penis in.
Sir: "Yes, yes there is."
I gave him a weird expression, "You'd fuck an anvil?"
Sir: "No, I just wanna beat on it...with a hammer...don't give me that look."

Friday, February 10, 2012

Submissive's Journal

I keep a submissive's journal for SirPhryxus.

Sometimes I write little letters to him about how happy he makes me. Sometimes I write for stress relief.
Sir has considered making me write for punishment but I have yet to do so...thankfully.

It was in this diary that I first expressed my attraction to another female in the BDSM community and here also that Sir and I started our talks about polyamory.

I haven't written in this journal lately and should do so again soon.

Do any of you, my fond readers, keep a journal that only your Master or Mistress may read?

Shops: Babeland

Babeland has one of the greatest varieties to be seen at online sex toy shops.

They have a great variety of eco-friendly toys including vibrators by Leaf and Jopen. They also have a decent collection of Bondage toys. I especially like their variety of sensation play products like their Incognito Blade, Wartenberg Pinwheel and Ostrich tickler.

One of Babeland's awesome programs is their Come for a Cause collection. A collection of 8 items including Sliquid lube and a Power to the Pink kit, which allows customers to buy great products AND give to a great cause - current causes include Breast Cancer Awareness and Immigration Equality. Click to learn more about Babeland's Fundraising Efforts.

Personals for Lubricant

My Newest Classifieds Ad reads:
Young white woman seeking Personal Lubricant
Must be hypo-allergenic, preferably natural and organic
It would be great if it smelled/tasted good too.
Please Apply...well...that might be TMI ^_^

Ok ok...I'm not very funny or ironic today but I still would love a good lube.
My issue with lube stems from the fact that I am allergic to the stuff at the local sex shop and KY makes me swollen and red in all the wrong places.

I found out about my allergy after breaking out in horrible red hives all over my vaginal (internally too). I thought for sure SirPhryxus had given me some sort of terrible STI, seeing as I had been a virgin before him and he had been a man-slut (^_^).
So I went to the doctor and she said I was fine and asked if I had been trying anything new, down there.
I told her that we had tried lube and she determined that I was allergic, to give up the lube and if the hives didn't go away, to call her back. They went away and we've shunned lube ever since.

But...I want lube! I have a knotted toy now I can only use if I'm worked up pretty good and wet to knot myself. And then there's anal! Well...we actually use coconut oil for anal. But still, I don't wanna use coconut oil vaginally because of the risk of yeast infection.

There are some products on EdenFantasys that are labeled hypoallergenic and organic. I'm a little worried about trying them and wish they had a sampler size. Their Sliquid organics does and I might get the sampler for it, but I really wanna try Good Clean Love as well.

I might be ordering the Sliquid sampler next week, I'll do a review of it and tell you all how it goes with my allergy.

I also ask you, dear readers, do you know of any good lubes I should try?

Oh, P.S. does anyone know if the Bad-Dragon cum lube is hypo allergenic? And if not is there any way I could test some of my friend's out on my body without putting it on my vagina? I had some on my hands and no reaction (it was fun to play with) but the KY also didn't have a reaction any other part of my body either...just down there.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why Nerds don't get laid

Alright, I now know why nerds don't get laid.

While Sir and I were participating in some manual foreplay he was being a little rough on my clit. I told him it wasn't a joy stick...and this was a queu for him to break into the Super Mario soundtrack and sound effects o.o
Yea I promptly told him Princess Peach was no longer interested in his toadstool play...

Now...before you judge Sir too quickly, this was sort of pay back.
While going down on him a while back I took the notion into my head and went "Rawr Rawr RAWR!"
He looked at me as if I was crazy and I explained by saying "Rawr Rawr RAWR Godzilla!"
This did not seem to explain well so I pointed to his erect penis and said "Tokyo Tower!"
He was not happy with my humor. ^_^

Reviewing for EdenFantasys

Yes, I am now also reviewing for EdenFantasys ^_^
I love EdenFantasys. They have a great selection of toys and many ways for their customers to get great bargains and participate in programs to get free stuff ^_^

I've already done one review for them on a pair of glass Ben Wa balls, which can also be seen here on my blog. The review I did for Eden Fantasys is a little more extensive than the one on here though, so I definitely recommend you read that one.

I will now be reviewing free toys from them as well as I receive them. Please be assured I will continue to be honest and fair in my reviews as I have been. I hope that not only will I enjoy testing them to review them but that you will enjoy reading my reviews and they will help you in your toy-buying experience.

Lady Phryxus

New Cal Exotics Sexpert!

Psst! I got some exciting news!
Look to the left of the screen...may have to scroll down just a little...
There's this label
Certified California Exotics Sexpert!

Yep, that's right! I'm their newest Sexpert!
This means that one time a month Cal Exotics will send me a new toy for me to try out at my leisure and give an unbiased review ^_^

I promise to you, my darling readers, that I will certainly give an unbiased review and I will continue to use my own tone and style of writing. I'll even share other reviews of the item if I can find them.

I can't wait until next month when I get my first toy to review -squees excitedly-

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

So It's turning into an Absinthe Valentines Day.

I gave Mistress Fenreya some absinthe shampoo and lip balm I created with Anise essential oil, an infused Hemp Oil (with dried hyssop and angelica), Fennel essential oil, and other natural and organic ingredients.

For my Husband DaddyDom I will be making my famous Absinthe Cupcakes ^_^ since he's been craving them and I haven't made them in months.

I find Absinthe intoxicating in more than just the alcoholic way. The scent of anise and fennel has a stimulating reaction with me. It wasn't until I did a little research that I learned that Anise is actually an aphrodisiac!
Its said that just sucking on teh seeds of star anise can give you a relaxed feeling that makes you want to have sex.
According to this article, the effects of anise are due to its estrogenic compounds.

If you want to add a little anise aphrodisia to your V-day you too can make my awesome Absinteh cupcakes that have received rave reviews ^_^


While not a personal interest of mine, I do have some friends who are very interested in Sissification and wanted to do a blog post about it for them as well as for you, dear reader, should you be curious about this concept or maybe have never heard of it before.

A great article on the topic is by Chaos Fox, Feminization and Sissification on The Sexpert's Lounge. Chaos Fox explains the terms and the basic concepts of this fetish pretty thoroughly and without much confusion (I like that). I also like that the article explains that while the male participating in sissification is experimenting with gender roles, he is not necessarily switching or effecting his sexual orientation (translation: sissies aren't necessarily gay, they can be straight or bi as well).

From the Age Play point of view, The Big Little Podcast interviewed some Littles who participate in Sissification in Episode 51.
I personally would love to know if there are any Sissy Daddies or Uncles out there who become feminized for their Little's enjoyment.

When shopping for sissification clothes, which I love to do because their clothes are so over-the-top sometimes and I love that, I find that SissyKiss Boutique has a great selection!


It was asked in the FetLife Poly Fidelity group today why people decided to be in a closed poly relationship rather than an open one. I wanted to answer this but my response was a little broad so I decided to post it here.

I suppose my first reason is a health one.
Keeping the number of partners you're intimate with low keeps the chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease/infection low.

The second reason is more of a spiritual one.
When you have sex with a person, your sacral chakras connect. Those people with a strong connection with the sacral chakra can connect to your other chakras and effect the way you view yourself greatly.
For example Billy and Julie haven't had sex. Billy tells Julie she's fat and she ignores him. Billy and Julie have sex and then Billy tells her she's fat and it hits her at her core, effecting how she sees herself.
It could happen the other way as well. Billy could tell Julie she's the smartest person he's ever met and it boosts her self image.
If Julie only ever had sex with Billy, she would only have 2 people connected to her sacral chakra, Billy and her mother (by giving birth it creates that connection). So no two people could have as strong of an effect on Julie than those two.

My third reason for keeping relationships closed is due to my own personality.
I am a romantic and I fall in love sort of easily. I don't fall in love with many people but...I tend to fall in love with a few people quickly and strongly. This can cause some issues with my emotional health, as I'm sure you, my readers, can understand.
Having sex with someone I'm in love with only strengthens this and, if I were to be with someone that did not love me back,'s happened and it crushed me for about 3 months straight...I don't wanna do that again.

Closed poly relationships allow for security in health, a close spiritual connection, and a chance at emotional happiness.

The benefits of a poly relationship, especially a closed one are numerous. There have been articles and even a few books written on the financial benefits, the benefits in raising children with more than 2 people to help, and so on. Here are just 3 more of my own benefits added to the mix ^_^

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shops: The Intimacy Book

The Intimacy Book is a online shop with a variety of sex toys varying from candles and condoms to black light make up and instructional books and DVDs.

While you won't find anything kinkier than a rubber mini skirt or a bell that you can ring specifically for a blow job on this site, you can find novelty gifts for a bachelor/ette party or a cute outfit to wear to a play party. They are quite similar to sex shops in my local area or, more available across the states, a shop like Spencers.

I do love that they seem to carry some natural products as well as the commercial ones. It's always good to seem some natural, organic or eco-friendly product choices.

As far as products they carry that I personally like, my top picks would be:

  • The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage by Midori
  • The Lizette Shoe Wraps
  • KALAN Black Light Body Make-up powder in pink
  • Sinclair Institute Kegel Exerciser
  • The Risque and X-Rated Valentines Day candy

The Intimacy Book has great programs for its online shoppers such as the Affiliate program and coupons for bloggers who write about their shop, like I am doing now.
They also participate in give-a-ways, contests and raffles. Currently, you could win a $25 gift card for The Intimacy Book HERE.

Tentacle Dildos Compared

True Pleasures, like me, has a tentacle fetish.
She has reviewed quite a few of the tent toys I've had my eye on and her reviews are very well written.

Here she has combined those reviews and compared 5 of them.

The winner?
The Tentacle from Bad-Dragon!
She liked it so much she bought 1 in each size!

I found the comparison really helpful. I still want one of all the toys she reviewed but I'm still pretty determined to get the Bad Dragon Tentacle like before.

Valentines Day Post 1

Last night Sir and I went to see Mistress Fenreya. She's not been feeling up-to-par so I wanted to make her dinner to help her feel better.

I made my famous (sorta) beef and potatoes with vodka didn't turn out like it normally does. I'm not sure why but it wasn't as thick as normal...hmph. But Sir and Fen liked it lots they said.

Fen gave us our Valentine's Day cards last nigth as well since we probably won't get to see her on Valentines Day.

I think the paint is acrylic...can't remember. Sir's is on the left and mine is on the right. I put a moisture guard on them as soon as I got home, just in case.

"Happy Valentines Day. I'm so happy to have you in my life! -<3- fenreya="fenreya" p="p" s="s" she="she" so="so" sweet="sweet">
I felt bad that I didn't have my card ready for her. I'll post pics of it here after I get them all done.