Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kink (TV Show)

Sir Phryxus and I spent all day in bed watching Kink Season 1 (and 2 episodes of Season 2)

I really liked the show and am a lil sad it didn't continue. it would have been nice to see a show similar to this for different areas of the US as well.

I especially liked interviewees Fanny and Fogg. Fanny seemed so level headed and Fogg was hilarious. I'm sure their dynamic regularly is a lot of fun.
Fogg says at the very first episode, while in the shower, how can he show the world the D/s lifestyle when all they see if the violence. Its not all about the violence, its about the relationship. I love how he says that.
I also liked Elain - her first appearance saying she wanted a little house in the country with cats, the tea kettle always on and the dungeon always adorable.

I recommend checking this show out.

Season 2 sort of turned me off. I liked Candy Cane and Mistress Demonika. The suburban couple who were trying out the kinkster lifestyle sort of annoyed me. I don't like how the guy, Karel, talked about how Domanance wasn't fun at all, that the sub was the only one who seemed to have fun. I feel that if he isn't having fun as a Dom, he should try being a sub. There are plenty of sub couples and switch couples out there.
I do see why it would be a good idea to have someone in their shoes on the show to show other couples idea of how to experiment themselves.

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