Sunday, December 18, 2011

Movie Night

Had an impromptu fetish movie night with Sir.
We watched Story of O (English dub) and Fetishes (a pro-domme documentary).

I have not read Story of O and had just heard about it after clicking on an ad on FetLife (the ad was for rings designed after Story of O). I decided to look and see if it was available to Watch Instantly on Netflix and it was. I was a little worried Sir wouldn't like it because it was a foreign film - I personally love foreign films and have brought Sir into this interest recently with Night Watch and the Millennium Trilogy.
The film was dubbed, which I was grateful for as I didn't feel like wearing my glasses and Sir would have probably lost interest with subtitles.
We enjoyed the film despite our lack of pleasure at the idea of Gorean-style BDSM and open sharing of partners. We liked the development of love, the submissive dominance, and the scenes of the girls beating each other (and the costumes at Madam...forget her name, the Dominatrix had a great Victorian-style dress).
We were happy with the movie at the end and I would really like to read the book.

Fetishes (1996) is a Documentary by Nick Bromfield.

First thing I would like to say is that Sir Phryxus and I were put off by the fact that Nick was not a fetishist, had never been in a BDSM scene and had the tone of talking about people who participated in the scene as if they were...freaks? abnormal? You get what I mean.
We feel that if you are going to do a study of a fetish, you had better participate.

I loved the women in this film and I was introduced to the idea of Professional Submission! Wow...what an idea...
I also loved that they included infantilism.
The Dommes were hot...just saying
The only thing I could not bear was the scene where a guy was completely degraded and was put to the task of cleaning a much used toilet...with his tongue. I started gagging and had to look away until Daddy told me it was safe to turn around.

I love movie night ^_^
Any movie suggestions out there? If its not on Netflix we can stream it elsewhere I'm sure.
We love well made documentaries, films based in the scene (especially horror and romance), and I like time period films like The Libertine with Johnny Depp and Quills with Kate Winslet.

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