Saturday, December 10, 2011

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 10

Best Sex Memory

Wow...huh...let me think...

Ok, I don't want to write this like I condone drugs but this story...memory involves the recreational use of a certain pain killer and this pill has an effect on Sir Phryxus that enables him to last for a long time without ejaculation.
We were watching the movie Strangeland, which, for some reason, really turns me on. So, Sir played the movie and lit a few candles and we had sex.
We ended up trying a new position, that I think is called the Leg Glider and it allows Sir to hit all my spots either with penis/vagina penetration or with his fingers while he's penetrating me. This position doesn't really allow for me to curl up and hide holes or curves or anything and I like that I can't do that (and I do sometimes if I feel shy or whatever).
It was great and lasted for hours until I literally passed out.

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