Sunday, December 25, 2011

SlaveGirl Figure Boot Camp

I'm going to boot camp.
-giggles at the idea of me in BDUs-
I'm going to get fitter, healthier, cleaner.
I was inspired by ketpgirl aka Cindy and her group on FetLife the Slavegirl Figure Bootcamp.
I have had an interest in the raw food/vegan lifestyle for some time now and I could definitely lose some weight so I talked to Sir and I'm gonna do it!
I made the decision, invited a few local slavegirls to join me and off I go...
I even started a whole new blog to keep myself accountable on.
Check it out and watch as I shed the pounds, the clutter, the negativity and see the fresh new ^_^


  1. Good for you, for realizing you need to make a change and taking steps in the right direction! I hope it works out for you! ^_^