Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Happy Birthday ^_^

My birthday started midnight December 19th and went to 4 pm December 21st. I was born December 20th 1988 at 4:07 pm (after 12 hours of labor my mother will always comment).

I started getting amazing birthday wishes immediately - thanks everyone ^_^

I also started it off right, in my opinion, with amazing birthday sex with Sir Phryxus. He was wonderful and forceful and combined my kink for D/s, age play and plushies until I almost passed out from orgasmic bliss.
He then held me all night, to my knowledge. I did wake up around 2 or 3 AM to find hims till holding me close and it made me smile and get all warm in all the right places.

When I woke up with Sir that morning I was still happy, despite him having to go to work. He wished me happy birthday, gave me a kiss and out the door he went.
I checked my FetLife and FaceBook to find even more birthday well wishing then tried to go back to vain. So I took naughty piccies for Sir and sent them to him at work ^_^

After I woke up fully and had my first cup of coffee I opened the birthday presents my mom sent me. Her and I don't get along but they were still pretty good presents and I know she still loves me even after all the craziness of our relationship.
These 2 gifts along with the ceramic fairy from my in-laws were the only physical gifts I received and they were great.

I then made sure the overnight bag was packed. Clothes for Wednesday - check. 3 floggers - check. 1 crop - check. 2 clothespins - check. 250 ft of rope - check. Silk blindfold - check. Comfortable shoes - check.
All ready ^_^

Sir Phryxus came home early and we got ready quickly to go and meet my lil brother Synn who drove in from out of state just for me! We got to my friend Amy's house before Synn did so Sir started constructing my rope corset for the night there.
We then got Synn and grabbed pizza, which we ate in the parking lot of Fuzzy Holes.

In the club we hung out with my friends Revrin, club owner Anita, Sir's cousins "Jason" and "Nora" and, of course, Sir and Synn. And the dancers of course.
We ate pink champagne cupcakes, cake truffles, and drank absinthe and rum and sake and Crown Royale.
Sir had a good time with his slave, Synn, who he showed off well - especially the fact that Synn was wearing pretty Strawberry Shortcake panties ^_^

From the club we went to Revrin's house where Sir and Synn had a short scene with rope, floggers and crop. Sir dropped Synn into sub-space fairly quickly, worked him through it then went into nurturing-Sir mode after to bring him out of it gradually. Synn ended up on the couch snuggling a braided length of rope and half-consciously smoking a cigarette. I had a super compersion moment at that point watching them together. It was so cute.

Sir and Revrin also played guitars and sang for a bit, which is always a treat. The four of us also played Kings Hell House Rules - I love that game ^_^ I ended up pulling the Joker and made Sir my slave...not that I acted on that, I wouldn't know what to do with a slave if I had one.

We then crashed splendedly. Synn said he didn't move the whole night and slept like a rock - I wonder if the sub space of the bottle of Crown Royale did it lol
It was hard to see Synn leave today. I will miss him but Sir and I are gonna try and have him down in the next month or so, at least by Sir's b-day in March.

I had a great birthday (will have pics up soon as I get them all from Synn). Thank you everyone for the happy wishes and blessings ^_^ I feel very loved.

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