Friday, December 23, 2011

Flesh & Blood and mods I'd like

There's a point in the movie where one of the people interviewed said that if you seek pain and learn to deal with it, when pain comes to you unexpectedly, you can handle it better. I like to believe that.

The best part of the whole documentary was the in tandem suspension between Gomes and his partner. It was beautiful and romantic and
When it cam to Ashly being in a relationship with the other two I'm glad it showed just how difficult a poly relationship can be. Its hard. The same with Steve and Beki not lasting. I'm glad they were open and honest about that sort of thing.

I would love to do some suspension. Daddy definately wants to try it from a spiritual stand point. I am now also thinking of an idea of an implant that looks like rope around my wrist - that would be HAWT!

Thank you Panda's Property for recommending I watch this.

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  1. Glad you liked it! ^_^

    I also really enjoyed the tandem suspension. I can only imagine how intimate and spiritual that must be...but I don't think I'd ever have the nerve to do hook suspension!