Thursday, December 22, 2011


Modify was a decent documentary about body modification.
I liked that those interviewed brought up the fact that a simple hair cut or a trip to the tanning bed is technically body modification. Its all part of a spectrum from hair cut to piercing to tattooing to implants to amputation.
Speaking of amputations, its the only thing that was mentioned repeatedly in the documentary that wasn't shown.
I recommend it for anyone who is interested in body modification in the point of view of anthropology or research.


  1. Cool! Thanks for posting this! I'll definitely have to look into it sometime. ^.^

  2. If you like body-mod documentaries, you might want to check out "Flesh and Blood", which is also on the Netflix watch instantly. It focuses a lot, towards the end, on hook suspension, but it's pretty interesting, and looks at some kink-aspects of it, too ^_^