Friday, December 23, 2011

Trying to figure out Me

So I am trying to figure out Me. Who I am. All the components that make up Me and how the hell do I work with all of them?

In no particular order, I am:

a submissive
an age-player
a wife
a daughter/daughter-in-law
a "sister"
a friend
a person who is into eco-friendly living
a person who is into eating organically
a person not happy with their weight but who has not done anything about it
a cupcake lover
a cat person
a furry
an anime and manga geek but not an otaku
a procrastinator
a horror movie fan
a body modification fan
a polyamorist
a bi-sexual
a student of herbalism
a student of spirituality

Goals for the coming year
Sort of my new years resolutions

I'd like to be healthier. Not necessarily to loose weight, though that would be nice, but to not have to worry about blood pressure or blood sugar or aches and pains that occur seemingly without reason. I don't want to think about the fact that most of the food I have been eating the last four months doesn't resemble anything natural.
I'd like to be further along in the steps it takes to have my own business including publishing my book.
I'd like to release my fear and get the body modifications I want.
I'd like to be happier with myself.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Nekomimi,

    I should call you my angel. To keep it, we say, you must give it away. I'm happy for your inquiries and that I sense the true compelling of your spirit in reaching for vitality and greater health right now.

    2012 can truly be a time for lightening up your body and feeling better, having more energy, less aches and pains ... and yes, you probably will lose a little poundage in the process because it's the body's way!

    I have found that the body has much wisdom. And when given foods in the closest state to how earth produces it as possible, it will begin to shift the whole inner processes back to what nature had intended us to be.

    I, too, have goals for this year to simplify even more, to not use food as entertainment quite so much ~smiles~ and to move my body healthfully and beautifully--giving praise to Life itself by honoring this sacredness within me.

    I will be honored to walk this path with you this year and to share what I know. Within that process you will learn much firsthand and so when you talk about cleansing and how the body heals, you will speak of it as one who has experienced it. So no doubts can creep into your mind. You will always be of more help to others in that way.

    Love and Light for this coming year,
    and that our friendship would be long and prosperous,

    Rawprincess Studio
    Portland, OR