Friday, December 9, 2011

Stranger Danger

So I belong to a few groups on FetLife that deal with AgePlay and I love it. The people I've met and spoken with have, for the most part, been wonderful.
However I have just had my first encounter with the dark side of fetish online - stranger danger. A woman contacted me on FetLife, wanting to talk about sexual AgePlay, which I am fine with. But...the more she talked about it the more she gave voice to the fact that she was open to and may have had sexual ageplay with a minor on more than 1 occasion and she may be related to them biologically.

I first wasn't sure that I was reading the posts right. I thought, there could be a chance she's talking about their Innerkid ages...then I realized she was talking about real minors and I immediately looked for a way to inform the FetLife admins.
I don't know what they have done with this information as of yet but the woman has yet to attempt to contact me again.

My advice to anyone else, if this happens to you
1) don't get discouraced about the community at large. AgePlay IS NOT ABOUT PEDOPHILIA! We do not condone sex with minors.
2) Report it to keep the community safe.


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