Friday, December 2, 2011

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 2

Story/Age you lost your virginity

I was 19 years old and it was on January 17th, 2009 with Sir Phryxus ^_^

I had always noticed boys and liked boys but by the time I knew what sex was (long after I had figured out masturbation...and been told I would go to hell for it) I had already been told about all the nasty things you could catch having sex (STDs, AIDS, and what my mother called K.I.D. lol). So I didn't have sex for the same reason I didn't do drugs - I just knew the first time I did it something terrible would happen.

Now, before I go on, I want to say that I was raped before this happened. It was date-rape with a boy I had been in love with for a number of years. So when Sir and I had sex, I wasn't medically a virgin (then again I prolly wasn't medically a virgin since I was eleven and started using tampons) but I still count it as my first time.

Sir and I had fooled around a few times but I was terrified by the actual act of coitus. He understood and was patient (a strange concept as he was what his mother calls a Slutpuppy before he met me). I ended up going out of state for Christmas that year and missed him sooooo much. Before I returned I made the decision that I was going to do it. I called him and told him so and he asked if I was sure and I said I was.

When I returned on January 16th I was too exhausted to do more than shower and pass out so Sir Phryxus and I just held each other all night.
The next night I made sure I was clean, shaved, and wearing the prettiest underwear I owned (not much then because I had yet learned the art of lingerie shopping). He was so gently and took things slowly. It hurt (because I was tiny) and I panicked when he entered me so he held me then until I was ready and whispered how much he loved me and how wonderful I was and so on in my ear.

I wont say it was amazing...or that the second time was. The third time was AWESOME and has been since ^_^

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