Monday, November 7, 2011

Submissive with a capitol S

So I'm a Submissive and have been so for a number of years now.

Sadly this fact seems to make other Doms believe that not only am I public property but that I am also going to do as they say immediately, without comment or complaint, and that I should just enjoy the attention -queue annoying buzzer sound- Wrong! Being a Submissive is not like that at all!

Submissives, in my opinion, are an integral part of the D/s relationship and should be treated as such. They are the Dominant's partner in a scene. I also feel that the Submissive is actually the one in control. They have the right to use safe words, to say what they are comfortable with and not comfortable with, and the right to decide if a Dom is right, or wrong, for them.

Submissives have the right to feel safe, to feel loved and to be taken care of. Despite the stigma, they are people too! If a Dom attempts to control a Submissive without their consent, this is just as bad as a vanilla person trying to force another vanilla person into their bed.

So, in short, Do Not Dom a Sub without their Permission!

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