Friday, November 25, 2011

All Things Kink

Stumbled across All Things Kink today.

They have 2 parts to their site it seems. The first is like a kinkster's ebay and the second is a BDSM dating site.

I set up an account with their dating site for me and Daddy as we are still seeking another woman to make our life complete.

Browsing through the toys n things on the shop site was fun and I saw a few things I'd love SantaDaddy to bring me this year ^_^

The 24kt Gold Pink Princess Glass Dildo  is absolutely adorable and supposedly Eco-friendly.

The Rose Flogger is beautiful!!! It comes in a few different colors too - torn between black with red roses or blue with dusty purple roses...decisions decisions heh

(sorry no pics, they save a php files and I dunno how to convert them)

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