Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lolita and Fetishes

Ok, so I'm gonna rant a little...warning for those that live rant free...

I Am a little tired of people going on and on about how Lolita is not and kink or a fetish or sexual at all and shouldn't be lumped in with other fetishes and how they don't go together and blah blah blah!

Yes, Lolita Fashion was not started as a fetish nor was it meant for that originally.

HOWEVER, If someone has a fetish for Lolita fashion that is OK Damnit! I don't see how its any different than Sissy Fetish or Bathing suit fetish or shoe fetish etc etc.
I have a Lolita Fashion fetish.
I combine this with my AgePlay and Furry fetishes.
I don't see how that hurts anyone. I don't see it hurting the Lolita community. The only time I post about Lolita Fashion Fetish is on here or on the Kinky Lolita group on FetLife.

How is this a problem?

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