Monday, December 12, 2011

14 Day Sex Challenge: Day 11

Sorry I missed yesterday, had a lot going on.

Day 11 is my Worst Sex Memory.

I have dealt with some abuse in my life but I decided not to describe those experiences on here.

My worst sex memory with Sir Phryxus was during a bad time with us. We were fighting about our ex, which I will call Kandy Kane. She was doing her best to drive a wedge between us so she could have Sir to herself. Even after we broke up she asked if she could just be friends with me and have sex with him, my response was pretty explicit and negative.

During this time we were fighting and still wanting to have sex and Sir ended up taking some aggression out on me after a fight. We were crying and yelling in the car on the way home and pulled off on the side of the road for sex (not uncommon for us mind you) and he came around to my side opened the door and attacked me. While it wasn't rape he was rough with me even when I told him he was hurting me.
It was a scary and sad time that hasn't repeated itself.

I received a lot of after care and love when he realized how much he had scared me so don't leave this post thinking my Sir is a total sadist lolz.

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