Friday, May 10, 2013

Submissive Journal Prompt: Quiet or Playful Sub?

The Submissive Journal Prompt
Are you a quiet obedient submissive or is there an element of playful brattiness in your dynamic? How does your owner encourage or enhance who you are?

I am a quiet, sweet, timid little sub...ok, I can't even type that with a's right up there with saying I'm as innocent as the fresh fallen snow...sure, maybe with blood all over it!

I am loud and obnoxious and playful. Less so, maybe,with Sir Phryxus. However, even with him I've been known to come up behind him, tease a ticklish spot on him. I then enjoy a good chase around the apartment that ends up with me pinned down somewhere for tickles or a few swats on the bottom that leave me settled down and ready to beg for snuggles. 

I know of many Dom's that would see my playfulness as a sign of bad behavior but...
I relate it to our pet cat who is usually happy to snuggle and curl up and relax and do close to what he is told but will have his moments when he wants to run through the room like a mad-cat or bat at his owner's hand playfully but with claws. The owner doesn't give the cat up for bad behavior because of his playfulness but he might swat his paw or behind to get him to stop...worst case scenario, grab a water bottle.
For me, it's swats for playfulness and my water bottle could be corner-time or writing lines. 

I'm not sure if my playfulness and attitude are normal among submissives. I know that we seem to be a mixed bunch like a can of mixed nuts...I'd like to be a macadamia nut...they make good cookies...hmm

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