Thursday, May 9, 2013

National Masturbation Month

While I'm a little late posting this, I have been thoroughly celebrating this month's theme

National Masturbation Month
Great Articles to Encourage Your Self- Pleasure

Erotic Toy Town - Why Have Sex with Sex Toys?

Sex Is: Masturbation: It is Perfectly Fine!

I <3 a="" female="" orgasm=""> is a fantastic book that explains a lot more than just where a clit is. 

Need Some Erotic Encouragement?

Pages of Pornography - a shameless pimp of my new erotica blog

Or try out one of the many books I've reviewed recently

I gave D is for Domination 5 stars!
4 of 5 stars for Daddy's Tails by Tasia Winters
5 of 5 stars for Nymph, a little bitty book with a lot of heat

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