Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Love Female Orgasm

I just received my copy of I (Love) Female Orgasm in the mail this morning. I saw the mail lady drive up to the house and thought, "no way...sure it wouldn't come this early..." I just ordered this book Tuesday and it was shipped out Wednesday (yesterday) so I'm in shock to get it so fast. Thank you Eden Fantasys!

The box it was shipped in was a regular USPS box and the return address was to "Web Merchants Inc." Very discreet.
Packing was minimal but I do wonder if it could have come in a smaller box or even one of those large brown envelopes...I feel like every time I get something in the mail I rant about how it could have used minimal packaging...sorry, I'm a stickler for that sort of thing.

I first heard about I <3 Female Orgasm from Mistress Fenreya about...2-3 years ago. She was reading it and recommended the book highly to me.

I was a little unsure at first because I have orgasms easily...sometimes too easily. In fact, whenever I looked at anything to do with female orgasm in the past, it was always about how to have one, how it was normal to have difficulty having one, made me feel awkward that I could have ate least one every time I masturbated or had sex...I thought something was wrong or maybe I really didn't know what an orgasm was. I've since learned that I'm normal too and that having a bunch of orgasms is just as ok as having one after hours of trying (if not better). I have a lot of friends who envy me for this as well (sorry, I can't help that you don't have a sensitive lil girl down there).

So I finally got the book when I had saved enough Eden Points (read here about their points program). I'm really excited to read it and have already read the Introduction even though I said I would save it for a roadtrip book next month (I can't help it...receiving books is like Christmas for me).

For more information about this book and other I Love Female Orgasm merch visit the website ^_^

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