Tuesday, March 26, 2013

D is for Domination - a review

D is for Domination
The ABCs of Erotica
An Erotic Short Story
by Malia Mallory

Mistress Ven is a female Domme who pushes all the boundaries. As she tests the loyalty of her submissive, she exerts her will with both pleasure and pain. As he begs for more, Mistress Ven takes her sweet time with extensive anal play and nipple clamps to heighten the experience. Not permitted to climax until commanded by Ven, her sub is perched on the precipice of release. The wait is both excruciating and exquisite.

D is for Domination is a plethora of pleasures and fetishes from Femdom, male submission, impact play, nipple torture, cock-and-ball torture (CBT), and shoe fetish.

The BDSM and Domination was believable and intense. Again, Mallory doesn't spend too much time with burdening description and the reader can really sink into the story and lose themselves in the dialogue and steamy plot.
As a short story, it is 18 pages of erotic joy. I was left hot and bothered and craving more! It really turned on the Domme inside of me and gave me some great ideas for play and my own fantsies.

I found D is for Domination to be Delicious! I am in love with Mistress Ven and hope that Mallory writes about this seductive Domme and her wonderfully responsive subbie again soon.
I give the story 5 out of 5 stars!

D is for Domination is now available on Amazon Kindle

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