Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rock Candy Whippersnapper

Last weekend was full of House Phryxus fun!

Sir Phryxus and I were able to see the whole house excepting 1 friend of the house, Aconita, from Friday to Monday.
Friday, Sir Phryxus, myself and Sinister Wolfy attended the Bike Wash and Boot Blacking at the Raven that was fund raising for International Ms. Leather. Wolfy and I aided by holding up signs and shaking our whole shivering bodies on the street corner in the cold wind and drizzle.
Later that night, the three of us met up with SmacksHerAss and DeviousKitty at Mad Myrna's to start off a weekend of slumber parties!

During my weekend with Smacks and Kitty, I had the joys of being Kitty's big sister and relaxing with best friends. I was able to do some paddling with Kitty's new lollipop paddle from The Kink Shop. I was also able to have my first lesson in who to use a single tail.

Sir Phryxus trained me in how to use a flogger and his training methods are similar in using a single tail or whip. A lot of it is correction in stance and movement followed by repetition until muscle memory is built as well as hand-eye coordination for aim.

Sir says I have a natural talent for this sort of thing and look hot doing it, Wolfy and the rest of the house agree lol.
I do know that I really enjoy learning how to use toys and become a better Domme under Sir's instruction. I think it is his favorite part of being my Dom is in making me into a Top he is proud of.

The rest of the weekend was taken up with Althena's graduation party - Congrats Althena!!!! - and a yummy steak dinner with Angela Abraxis. I don't know if I could have asked for a better weekend with House Phryxus.

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