Sunday, July 29, 2012

Book Review: Daddy's Tails by Tasia Winters

I downloaded and read books 2, 7, 9, 12, and 14 for free from Amazon so I must warn that this review of the series in incomplete.
All five books catalogue scenes Tasia, a submissive girl to her DaddyDom Master Victor, experiences under her Daddy’s orders and training including being shared by multiple men and women.

Book 2, Autumn's Fuck Toy (Daddy's Tails) thankfully gives a little bit of an idea of how Tasia got into the situation she is in with some background on her character. Tasia is very pretty, and she knows it, so it’s the duty of her Master, Victor, and Mistress, Amber, to teach her some humility…and they do their job very well.
Lots of humiliation and exhibitionism in this tale along with some light puppy play. The only thing that could have made the puppy play better would but a butt-plug with a puppy tail coming out from under her skirt. Otherwise, I like the cruelty of Amber and her friend Lydia juxtaposed with Victor’s paternal kindness.

Book 7, Three Wet Holes (Daddy's Tails)
 gives readers a scene of Tasia being fucked by three men in a place called an “aviary” filled with artificial fog and blue lights.
There are several fetishes going on here, which is common in the Daddy’s Tails stories, including foursome, gangbang, black man on white woman, piercings, the act of being pierced, partial suspension, caning, Female/female Domination, bukkaku, and more.

Book 9, Fisting Kira's Cunt (Daddy's Tails)
 is a short telling of a scene between characters Master Victor, Tasia and Kira. Tasia has just been made Mistress of Kira and performs one of Kira’s fantasies at Master Victor’s request during their very hot threesome – Kira wants to be fisted.
I will warn that this book does involve some sexual acts I know a few readers might not be comfortable with including a female rimming a male and, of course, fisting.
I do like that Master Victor states that the mind will say that a fist cannot fit in my body but the body will want it and allow it. He encourages Tasia to get Kira so worked up that even though she’s unsure her body will encourage her to continue the session. This is actually pretty realistic a statement and I’ve heard that some submissives take all night to stretch enough for a fist because they can’t wrap their head around it…no pun intended.

Book 12, A Plaything for Daddy (Daddy's Tails)
 is a great short look into the mind of Tasia as she revels in subspace and to be used by Master Victor. It is also the book where the climax begins to get intriguing. Tasia and her submissive, Kira are being sent to pleasure one of Master Victor’s business partners, Simon, who will trade time with them for a club in Tijuana. Problem is, Simon is not to be trusted. Autumn, a Mistress who has it out for Tasia, will also be there to look after Victor’s interest…but will she have her own interest in mind?
There’s a point where you can see a beam of hope for Tasia when she’s being used and abused by Mistress Lydia but, after a long and hot orgasm, she dozes off and is never able to hear the advice Lydia had offered to give her.

Book 14, Simon's Pierced Cockslave (Daddy's Tails)
, is probably one of the most romantic stories in the book. It speaks to a Damsel in Distress fetish I have. Tasia is willing to suffer any pain or pleasure Autumn and Simon have for her as long as they don’t hurt Kira, Tasia’s submissive who is gentle and sweet and only wants to please.
I like that this book explains the difference between a true Dominant and someone who simply wants to hurt people to get their jollies. A true Dominant wants their submissive to grow and learn from their sessions and would never harm them (for example, threatening to cane someone until they can no longer walk while fisting their ass when they’re certainly not ready for it is not a good example of good Domination).
I also like how Winters focuses on the concept of subspace; how when a submissive goes through as much as Tasia has gone through, all she can think about is more. It’s true that once you get a sub so far into subspace you could practically flay them open and they wouldn’t mind until they came out…it’s when they come out of it that the difference between hurt and harm is truly realized.

I loved the five books I downloaded and would like to read the entire series through if I ever get the chance to. Tasia Winters is a truly kinky writer with a great imagination and a talent for telling stories that make me wet.
The only real issue I had with the books was that there were quite a few grammatical mistakes and, in a few cases, it looked like whole words were left out or words didn’t seem to fit the sentence. I might suggest, if these ever go to paperback, to do an edit.

I give the series 4 out of 5 stars.

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