Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ben Wa Balls

Psst...I have my Ben Wa Balls in ^_^

I put them in first thing this morning (after my morning hygiene routine) and mmmm, heh
After making breakfast and watching Supernatural (mmm Dean) I then experimented with wiggling and kegels...and had an orgasm. Daddy watched and was greatly amused because it looks like I'm just spontaneous orgasming.

I texted Mistress Fenreya good morning and told her I had my Ben Wa Balls in. I'm sure she too is amused lol.

While the sensation is not at all what you expect it is nice once you get used to it.
I didn't feel the balls at first, just a slight pressure of being "full" as the balls weighed down on my opening when I stood and walked. Keeping them in seemed pretty easy at first until I started coughing and sneezing, which causes vaginal muscles to clench around the balls in a way that I almost felt like I was going to push them out and orgasm at the same time.
When I did orgasm on the couch, the balls felt like they were moving around to press against my g-spot for a brief moment, so I squeezed until they were back in that general area. I say this like I know what I'm doing but it does take a lot of guess work.
I then wore them down to storage to move some boxes. Had no issues keeping them in, did sneeze a few times, and that was stimulating, but no spontaneous orgasm again.
Now just relaxing with them and doing kegels.

The fun part is Daddy knowing I have them in so he keeps watching me when I move or sneeze with this curious look on his face, like he's expecting me to have an orgasmic seizure or something lol.

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  1. Lol orgasmic seizure. Sounds pretty cool! I've thought of investing in some myself, but until today, I never knew of anyone who had some. Sounds fun!