Saturday, January 21, 2012

January Munch

Just got back from the local BDSM Munch ^_^

It was awesome!
We met at 6 at the China Buffet (which actually was crappy but oh well, I wasn't there for the food) and there was 14 of us total.

We told stories, did a raffle (the prizes were a set of cuffs and a mini flogger), and got some group business done. I can't wait till we get the locations and the dates for the play parties worked out. There was also some discussion about "online" vs "real life" play and people...yes I got on my soap box, you know me well enough by now, reader. I was preaching to the choir though, thankfully.

Sir and I, after, stood outside freezing but smiling as we talked to huntertn, cuddlesrose, and cockmaster for some time with stories ranging from hospital visits to strip club tricks. Daddy even got me a toy out of the gumball machine.

I had such a great time, thank you Babylonia for hosting and all the locals for coming out and meeting us. We had a blast and can't wait for next time.


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