Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My First Cowsona Experience

Last night was my first time roleplaying as a cow.
I would say that my mindset was calf-like, certainly no older than a young heifer.
I expressed my interest in a cow fursona to Sir Phryxus and he seemed to catch on to the idea quickly. e made me crawl around on hands and knees for a bit and "graze". I got into the mindset, imitating the calves we used to have on our land as best I could. Our cat even startled me into backing away and snorting like they do.

Later we had a shower and Sir "unharnessed" me from my bra and underwear and made me get into the bathtub on hands and knees. He proceeded to wash me with the shower head (its one of those long kinds that you can use to wash dogs and the like)...he was very Very thorough...-blushes-

Sir then got in the shower and cleaned up. I proceeded to "milk" Sir and was happy to have the desired response ^_^

I'd say my first experience as a cow was a wonderful one. I think Sir Phryxus had a lot of fun herding me around ^_^

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  1. That sounds super hott. I do a Black Panther persona when I'm Dominant and a baby panther when I'm submissive.