Thursday, January 12, 2012


Last night Sir and I had a fight

We're ok, don't freak out.
Before I can explain that let me start at the very beginning.
I am a roleplayer. I love to do text-based roleplay. I started on Gaia Online and have tried out several other websites since.
So after Sir and I got together, I stopped as I used to do romantic roleplays with guys.
Well, 2 years ago I started again, only with girls. This led me to meet my first girlfriend since Sir and I got married. That didn't work out...
Sir got a little jealous at the amount of time I spent roleplaying and we had a small fight, which ended up in a rule that I could not roleplay anymore.

No roleplaying is fine...for an amount of time. Then, usually when I'm unemployed with too much time on my hands, I want to roleplay again. I miss it...a lot.

So last night...I'm unemployed and having Sir home with me this week was awesome. But last night, he was in a bad mood and wanted to just play video games. Which is fine but I don't like his I hung out on chat, FetLife, a few other places...and I really, really wanted to roleplay.
Finally I asked if I could roleplay if it was one on one with a girl.
He gave permission! o.o

We fought after that because I, without thinking or asking or anything, started to talk to a group about a roleplay...not what I was given permission for.
But we're better now...just have to remember not to do things I don't already have permission for.

So I can roleplay, with girls, one on one ^_^
If you're interested, let me know
I am also on Gaia Online again with a seeking thread.

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